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Example sentences for "aerate"

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  1. Now, however, many plants were imported not only from Guiana but from India and Africa, cultivated in the Royal Botanic Garden, and thence distributed.

  2. In preparing wholemeal bread the use of this combination has the advantage that the acid acting rapidly on the sodium bicarbonate soon produces enough carbon dioxide to aerate the dough, and thus hasten its entry into the oven.

  3. Two helical blades, which also form part of the mechanism, serve to draw out and aerate the dough, as effectively, it is claimed, as can be done by the most skilled operative.

  4. The kneading blades were variously shaped, but generally were more or less straight, and were designed to both mix and aerate the dough.

  5. Generally the kneader was geared to two speeds, the fast motion being most suitable for sponge setting, and the earlier stages of dough-making, while the slower motion was intended to draw out and thoroughly aerate the dough.

  6. Their chunkiness and stiff mechanical properties help aerate a heap.

  7. Whole cobs will aerate compost heaps but are slow to decompose.

  8. But it should be poured backwards and forwards from one jug to another several times, in order to aerate it.

  9. Put into a basin a pint of cold water, and beat it for a few minutes in order to aerate it as much as possible.

  10. Footnote 75: Kept in a close vessel, milk soon becomes foul; and after being thus enclosed requires considerable stirring to aerate it, when it again acquires its normal flavor.

  11. Its burrows drain and aerate the soil, while the earth which has passed through its body is finely divided and constantly being brought to the surface from lower levels.

  12. See that it is perfectly dry, and pass several times through a fine sieve to aerate and loosen it.

  13. Aerate by pouring from one vessel to another several times, or by whipping up with a spoon or spatula.

  14. Shake well after the final sterilisation, to aerate the medium.

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