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Example sentences for "aerating"

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  1. One advantage claimed for flour sifters, besides removing the impurities, is that by thoroughly aerating flour they cause it to become more "lively," in which condition it kneads more readily.

  2. But they enter so far into the class of unvesiculated bread that they are generally prepared without the aid of any such aerating agent as carbon dioxide.

  3. An undoubted advantage of the aerating process of bread-making is adaptability for utilizing flour with unstable gluten, which can thus be made into an excellent quality of bread.

  4. Thus it is usually necessary to adopt some means of mechanically aerating the water; but, for the present, we shall consider the sea-weeds only, leaving the mechanical methods of aerating the water for a later portion of this chapter.

  5. H, H, condenser for aerating the soda-water.

  6. Numerous perforations in the distal part of the tube allow air to enter from other bronchi when the tube-mouth is inserted into one whose aerating function may be impaired.

  7. This may produce sudden death by blocking the only aerating organ.

  8. This is usually imitated by strongly aerating a solution of 2 dr.

  9. To produce a superior article of soda water, the possession of a powerful aerating and bottling machine is absolutely necessary.

  10. A very common mode of aerating bread in America is by the effervescence of an acid and an alkali in the flour.

  11. Aerating Water in a Small Tank [241] A simple way of producing air pressure sufficient to aerate water is by the use of a siphon as shown in Fig.

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