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bloudshed; bloudy; blouse; bloused; blouses; blowe; blowed; blowen; blowens; blower
  1. He told me during the conversation that Gilmore was to take thirty men and he was to be one of them and blow up Back Creek bridge.

  2. Paradoxical as it may seem, therefore, the danger of the swift dirigible is to blow its tail out rather than its head in.

  3. I might have thrown out ballast and greatly diminished the fall, but then the wind would have time to blow me back on the Eiffel Tower.

  4. You may be so unpractised that you will fall off the bicycle or blow up the automobile.

  5. He could see the blow that he had striven to avert falling while he stood impotent.

  6. A blow on the head from the propeller of a tug completed a maze of circumstantial evidence which might have served as an excuse to most men for giving up the problem.

  7. A heavy blow on the face laid open his cheek, and he saw the little red-headed man who had slipped on his heavy brass knuckle-duster dodge back into the crowd.

  8. Do you object to me having a blow on the river?

  9. He paused long enough to blow down a speaking-tube and put a quick question.

  10. Sergeant, hitting himself an amazed blow on the chest with the pincers, "me?

  11. If you had but seen Sir Benjamin, poor, dear, good creature--he did so blow and pant!

  12. Reaching the wall he scaled it lightly, paused to sweep off his hat and to blow a kiss towards his sister's window, then dropped into the lane; followed it a little way and, turning aside into the fields set off at a smart pace.

  13. The wind continued to blow as though it meant never to stop.

  14. Mrs. Neifkins, too, came up to expectations in her peach-blow satin.

  15. She sat up suddenly and struck her breast as though the blow might somehow stop the pain there, and asked herself fiercely: "Must I live forever with this heartache?

  16. No one present could dream from his manner that he had that day received a shock, the violence of which could best be likened to a well-planted blow in the pit of the stomach.

  17. Unmoved by the blow he had dealt her, he continued: "You went to that dance against my wishes.

  18. The sheep woman had not met Mrs. Toomey since the day when the final blow had been given to her faith in human nature.

  19. He stepped to the washstand to blow out the candle, but before he did so he gave a final rapid survey of his work.

  20. Money's only to blow after you've got enough to eat.

  21. Oh, yes--the wind was beginning to blow from a new direction, undoubtedly.

  22. And I aim to blow the top of your head off ef you try it," Bowers said, breathing heavily.

  23. Mrs. Myron Neifkins, too, if report could be believed, was to be gowned in peach-blow satin worked in French knots.

  24. Hurry up and blow out your lights so I can git to my readin'.

  25. Though superior in strength to the greatest part of animals, they yet never attack them; and if attacked by others, they either disdain them as foes, and fly out of their way, or give a fatal blow with their heels.

  26. Pontopiddan asserts that those sheep which live in perfect liberty always sleep on that side of the island from whence the wind will blow the next day, and this is constantly attended to by the mariners.

  27. I shall also blow out the light in my lantern, having found you.

  28. But for such men as these, a blast of wind through the chinks and crannies of this old world, or the flapping of a conqueror's banner, would blow it out forever.

  29. And the little girls adorn themselves with chains and curls of dandelions; pull out the yellow leaves to see if the schoolboy loves them, and blow the down from the leafless stalk, to find out if their mothers want them at home.

  30. Ever and anon they sweep over the earth, and blow themselves out soon, and then there is quiet for a season, and the atmosphere of Truth seems more serene.

  31. Now bring the lips together gently, until they are in contact at all points and there are no places at which air can escape; remove from the flame, and blow slowly and very cautiously until the joint is expanded as shown in b, Fig.

  32. In adjusting the flame, care should be taken not to blow so hard as to produce a ragged and noisy cone of fire.

  33. One of these extensions is now broken off by means of a sharp blow with the edge of a file or other piece of metal, and the edges of the broken glass are rounded in the flame.

  34. In the case of a very small tube, it is sufficient to melt the end without previous sealing, rotate it in the flame until enough glass has collected, remove from the flame and blow while keeping the tube in rotation.

  35. When such joints are made it is desirable to blow them as thin as possible, and to avoid the junction of unlike glasses in any complex joint, such as an internal seal.

  36. In order to blow bulbs large enough to make a useful condenser, it will be convenient to employ the multiple-jet blowpipe described on page 4.

  37. This defeat was a severe blow to Cornwallis, for it deprived him of the best part of his light troops, which were specially necessary for his march through a wooded and thinly populated country where much foraging had to be done.

  38. This was a serious blow to the government, and was the first occasion on which a minister had been defeated on a money-bill since the revolution.

  39. His alliance with Chatham made it certain that he could not retain the chancellorship, yet he would not resign it, because he could inflict a harder blow on the ministry as a member of it than he could when out of office.

  40. About the same time England dealt Spain a heavy blow on the other side of the world.

  41. Some of them, and especially the New England colonies, already had a substantial grievance in the heavy blow dealt to their prosperity by the repression of their contraband trade.

  42. Fresh plans were made for descents on Ireland and Scotland in concert with a French expedition; but the hopes of the United Irishmen received a further blow in the death of Hoche.

  43. His system of personal government through ministers supported by his influence in parliament received its death-blow from the ill-success of the American war.

  44. When they had rested them, and taken breath, they both fell to it again; and Mr. Great-heart with a blow fetched the giant down to the ground.

  45. Were it not that I hope that thou mayest do me more service, I would strike thee now at one blow to the ground.

  46. With this blow he also broke his helmet, and with the next he cut off an arm.

  47. And, with that, he struck me another deadly blow on the breast, and beat me down backwards; so I lay at his feet as dead as before.

  48. I shall blow a tempest that these men may not land on my coast.

  49. But I paddle up to the rock and touch it with the tip of my paddle-blade, and, no matter which way I want to go, the wind will blow free for me, if I wait a little while.

  50. Your life from this day shall be for the good of man, for when the fisherman's sails are idle and his lodge is leagues away you shall fill those sails and blow his craft free, in whatever direction he desires.

  51. Fair the fight be reckoned; As king, the first blow belongs to thee, Mind thou, mine's the second.

  52. So saying, be severed at one fell blow The gold shield of Helge which hung on a bough.

  53. A blow from his javelin of iron Cleft the huge bolts and strong locks.

  54. Cleft at one blow the hideous goblin, and rescued the maiden.

  55. But the next instant the snake gave him a powerful blow on the chest that knocked him down.

  56. Suddenly the wind began to blow more and more, while the loud roaring increased so rapidly that they began to feel uneasy.

  57. The wind continued to blow with violence and the weather was still cloudy, but there was neither rain nor snow.

  58. This was the first serious opposition the enemy met with, and I am satisfied was the fatal blow to all his expectations.

  59. I cannot leave a detachment to hold it, therefore shall burn it, blow it up with gunpowder, and then with rams knock down its walls.

  60. The blow was a terrible one to us all, so sudden and so unexpected, that I could not help reproaching myself for having consented to his visit in that sickly region in the summer-time.

  61. This was now dispelled by the successful march we had made in Lee's rear; and the discomfiture of Stuart at Yellow Tavern had inflicted a blow from which entire recovery was impossible.

  62. Since the war it is known that the result, as it was, was a crushing blow to the enemy, and felt by him much more than it was appreciated at the North.

  63. He informed me at one time things looked so critical that he had made up his mind to blow up the gunboats, and to escape with his men through the swamp to the Mississippi River.

  64. The former started for Charlottesville the next morning early, followed by Devin with but two brigades, Gibbs having been left behind to blow up the iron railroad bridge across South River.

  65. Mr. Snell, across the field, said he'd give him his board to help him take care of his cattle, and I heard they were wanting a boy to blow the organ in church.

  66. Hualcoyotl was staggered as by a blow when he heard the name of Cacami fall from Itlza's lips.

  67. This was a heavy blow to the prince and Ixtlilchoatl; for, of all the army, he was the man whom they would have had join them in rejoicing over their victory.

  68. In the meantime he is seized with an irresistible desire to blow his nose, but recollects that his handkerchief is in the other room.

  69. A word for temperance at this time is the strongest blow against the kingdom of Satan and for the cause of our Lord and Master.

  70. Now, with one blow goeth this Princess who was most solemnly committed to your charge, and with her your good name.

  71. Robin guessed wisely that the mortal blow had been given by one of those two traitors in Will's own camp.

  72. Robin was too quick for him, however, and caught the blow upon the edge of his own trusty blade.

  73. With a savage snort of rage the beast had rushed at this easy victim, and with a side blow of its antlers had stretched her upon the ground.

  74. This is a little man who will receive the buffets; and though I seem a priest, yet am I willing to take the blow instead.

  75. But first we will dispose of you;" and he made a fierce blow at Little John.

  76. He turned up the sleeve of his cassock still further, and smote the false abbot such a blow as would have felled an ox.

  77. Robin sparred with him for a little, and then, making a sudden feint, bestowed such a blow on Master Bland that the blood ran down his cheek from his broken pate.

  78. But Robin had had time to blow his horn in urgent summons of Stuteley and Little John.

  79. The blow which W--received was severe, breaking through the flesh and bruising and lacerating his ear badly.

  80. Several times he came in intoxicated, and once, while in that state, he struck her a severe blow on the head, which caused an illness of several weeks.

  81. A smart blow upon the nose from an open door, that had insinuated itself between his hands, brought him up again, and caused him, involuntarily, to dash aside the door which shut with a heavy slam.

  82. Before the blow could be repeated, for Kitty, ejaculating her "murtherin' thafe of a villain!

  83. In a moment after, a heavy blow was given just at their door, and some one fell with a groan against it.

  84. Kitty, who did not recognize the voice, and taking a surer aim this time with her pole, brought him a tremendous blow alongside of the head, which knocked him senseless.

  85. Thus, without a moment's warning, the dreaded blow fell upon her.

  86. The knowledge of such a sentence was a dreadful blow to Mrs. Warburton.

  87. Guard that,' he cried, dealing his adversary a blow that would have floored an ox.

  88. There, having for a short time inhaled the mephitic vapour, he felt as if he had received a sudden blow on the head, and sank down insensible.

  89. Sometimes it is only a venticello, sometimes a temporale, sometimes an orogano terribile, but it is always sufficient to blow away the mosquitoes and the bandits.

  90. Blow after blow he struck until he had levelled it with the street.

  91. A blow or two of Curdie's mattock drove the shattered lock clean from it, and telling Lina to wait there till he came back, and let no one in, he walked out into the silent street, and drew the door to behind them.

  92. With the first blow Curdie struck him through the brain and the brute fell dead at his feet.

  93. He felt where the lock was, and dealt it a tremendous blow with his mattock.

  94. Meantime Curdie had, with a second sharp blow from the hammer of his mattock, disabled the cook, so that he yielded the spit with a groan.

  95. But, instead of answering, Curdie went up to the bump on the street which had repeated itself on the baker's head, and turning the hammer end of his mattock, struck it such a blow that it flew wide in pieces.

  96. What was the reason the blow was given to the gunner?

  97. And William Moore lay sick a great while before this blow was given, and the doctor said when he visited him, that this blow was not the cause of his death.

  98. It was the deadliest blow ever dealt the mighty commerce of Spain during those centuries when her ruthless grasp was squeezing the New World of its riches.

  99. They are our friends,' and with that I went off the deck, and I understood afterwards the blow was given, but how I cannot tell.

  100. The constant concussions had caused the gear of the derrick to stretch, and every blow from the sea caused it to swing and buckle to an alarming degree.

  101. Someone rushed in at Temple, who met him savagely with a short, chopping blow to his jaw.

  102. He parried Temple's quick blow with his left hand, crossing his own right fist to Temple's face and almost ending the fight as quickly as it had started.

  103. It is a great blow that Letitia's health will not allow her to stay through these months.

  104. Anyhow, it went all to bits with the first blow of the chisel.

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