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Example sentences for "blouse"

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  1. I don't know," she said, "that I ever seen a girl that would look worse in a pink blouse than yourself.

  2. The face that's on you is the colour of a dish of mashed turnips, and the pink blouse will make it worse, if worse can be.

  3. Her gown was of dark blue serge, smartly made, and beneath her coat she wore a cream silk blouse with deep sailor collar open at the neck, and a soft flowing bow of turquoise blue.

  4. This, however, had been disarranged by the doctor in opening her blouse to listen to her breathing, and I saw that upon it was a small crimson stain.

  5. Then she drew a small chain purse from her blouse pocket, where it had been carefully pinned ever since she left home in the morning.

  6. The soul in that little body covered with alpaca knickerbockers and a sailor blouse seemed suddenly to have access to a storehouse of knowledge that must have taken centuries, rather than a few short years, to acquire.

  7. In her hands she carried the blouse she had taken away the night before.

  8. The governess had, for some reason she refused to explain, taken his blouse away with her.

  9. She had worn the blouse that same evening.

  10. I had to wear a 'dug-out' to-night, a blouse and skirt I wore in the desert.

  11. I was wearing a blouse and skirt which had been packed with the clothes I wore in the desert.

  12. He stepped close to her and jerked her blouse down from her shoulder.

  13. She was still dressed in street clothes as when she had left the theater, a blouse and skirt of dark gray, very plain.

  14. I expected to see that point of steel shoot, with a quick stab, into the scarlet blouse before me.

  15. Afterwhiles I drew my wet blouse over me and went asleep, shivering.

  16. He ripped my blouse at the shoulder, and, gods of war!

  17. He helped me take off my blouse and waistcoat, and then I rolled my sleeves to the elbow.

  18. It was an English officer leaning on his sword, a tall and handsome fellow of some forty years, in shiny top-hoots and scarlet blouse and gauntlets of brown kid.

  19. Then they took off my blouse and waistcoat.

  20. To-day, hot as it was, she was wearing a green plaid silk blouse and a black skirt.

  21. The attic was so hot she stayed there only long enough to yank the red silk blouse and other things out of the trunks.

  22. Jimmy twisted at his blouse pocket and produced an envelope.

  23. Mother has a blouse like that in the attic, only it’s even worse looking because it’s red.

  24. Why, Mother had a queer old silk blouse up in the attic, almost like that picture.

  25. There was his Angel, in her short khaki skirt, and the thin cambric blouse that would not button.

  26. Her blouse buttons up behind," Kate murmured, as one murmurs in a painful dream.

  27. But the jacket must be worn over a thin blouse; and she could not go out to breakfast with that blouse unbuttoned from neck to waist.

  28. So "do" the blouse he must, if the sky fell.

  29. In a strenuous quarter of an hour she had arrived at the blouse-fastening stage of her toilet; and, as luck would have it, the blouse concerned was one which did not approve of hurry, and tolerated no liberties.

  30. You might by favour purchase a solitary blouse or a dozen of buttons, but it was not with such casual purchasers the little shops wished to trade.

  31. I little thought when I come out this mornin' ter buy a blouse I should meet Mr. Tallenach in the shop.

  32. He stood first upon one bare foot then upon the other, and, with affectation of great haste, pulled a damaged little watch from his blouse and examined it critically.

  33. Almost at the same instant a guttural cry, resembling a call or a signal, was heard in the direction that the man in the blouse had first taken to join the two sailors.

  34. Still, you said I must, even if I didn't have a new blouse over it for eighteen months.

  35. Her long eyelashes lay like two little dark half-moons upon her cheeks and her white blouse fell and rose softly to her breathing.

  36. She slipped off her sticky pinafore; the white muslin blouse beneath it was fresh and pretty enough.

  37. The head of it was a clergyman's widow and the sort of lady who is never to be seen otherwise than wearing a neat delaine blouse of the Edwardian era, a gold curb tie-pin, a hairnet and a disapproving glance.

  38. But under the ready-made muslin blouse of that season's style there was ripening, all unsuspected, the dormant bud of Passion.

  39. One saw hundreds of French soldiers, of course, in all sorts of uniforms, from the new grey blue and visor to the traditional cloth blouse and kepi; once in a while a smart French officer.

  40. Janet compromised, wearing a blouse of china silk hitherto reserved for "best.

  41. The china silk blouse was slightly open at the neck, suggesting the fullness of her throat; it clung to the outline of her shoulders.

  42. With him came his wife, a comely young woman with her hair tied in a yellow kerchief, and their son, a little fellow of four, in a blouse and military kepi.

  43. The old gentleman in the blouse stole into the coach-house, and somewhat irrelevantly informed the Cigarette that he was the father of the three girls and four more: quite an exploit for a Frenchman.

  44. Betty pulled the letter from her blouse pocket and handed it to him.

  45. In the morning she was up and dressed before the rest, fortunately having a fresh blouse in her bag so that, although she had nothing but her suit skirt, she looked well-groomed and dainty.

  46. The loose white blouse vaunts a sailor collar, turned-back cuffs, and a cravat of striped material matching the skirt.

  47. The blouse and the teagown of to-day date their inception from the last century, but the beneficent law of evolution concedes them the grace of novelty, even while dogma tediously reiterates "There is nothing new under the sun.

  48. This great gathering en blouse ou en veste,[36] these faces browned by toil and want, bore an expression of nobility and gravity fully suitable to such an occasion.

  49. Through this vine, and the blouse that covered but did not hide them, the working of her supple shoulders could be seen.

  50. The chase they led him would have been a laughable sight, had he not looked so small and forlorn plodding along in his clumsy wooden shoes, and a peasant's blouse of blue cotton, several sizes too large for his thin little body.

  51. For an instant Joyce was startled; then seeing by his wooden shoes and old blue cotton blouse that he was only a little peasant watching the goats, she smiled at him with a pleasant good morning.

  52. He did not keep his arms quiet, but tapped his remarks into her blouse and her shoulder.

  53. She set her teeth to walk easily and straightly, but constantly the jog of his elbow on her shoulder or the swing of his hand against her blouse sent her ambling wretchedly arms-length from him.

  54. After answering the captain's questions and saluting, each candidate received her staff, neckerchief and knot from the patrol leader, while the badge was pinned on the blouse of the solemn-faced girls by the captain herself.

  55. The little grocery wagon did not have to delay for its passenger when next afternoon Prank, with a clean blouse and his cap at exactly the right tilt, called to deliver goods and "collect" Tessie.

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