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Example sentences for "blowed"

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blouse; bloused; blouses; blow; blowe; blowen; blowens; blower; blowers; blowes
  1. The conch shell blowed afore daylight and all hands better git out for roll call or Solomon bust the door down and git them out.

  2. A slave blowed de horn and dere no danger of you not wakin' up when dat blowed long and loud.

  3. That old lady's ghost blowed out the lamp and slapped the pitcher out my hand.

  4. I as Pa's head came up and he blowed out the water.

  5. He wasn't actually killed in that tornado, but blowed off somers an' got a hit in the skull and was fixed so that his remembrance played tricks on him.

  6. Yes; Hank Bradley come home, and told how Dick was blowed away in the awful tornado that destroyed that new town in Oklahoma.

  7. No wind ever blowed that didn't blow profit to him.

  8. I cal'late the critter thinks that last cyclone must have blowed me sky high, and he's waitin' to see where I light.

  9. What's the use of wastin' strength pumpin' up words when they're blowed back down your throat fast enough to choke you?

  10. An' blowed if I 'adn't been an' found quite a decent religion; it suited me down to the ground.

  11. Blowed if we haven't had two good nights' work on it, Tony.

  12. I'm blowed if I don't like this here resurrection business better than cracking cribs.

  13. Tom the Cracksman and me was going to do a pannie in a neat little crib up by Clapton, that time when he blowed his hand nearly off, larking with his ben-culls.

  14. The art of doctoring a dying horse so that he looks as lively and sound as possible to any one which ain't wery knowing in them matters, is come to sich a pitch, that I'm blowed if the wisest ain't taken in at times.

  15. I've brought you enough grub for three days, as I shan't come here too often till the business has blowed over a little.

  16. But to be penned up in that infernal hole for a fortnit or three weeks, till the storm's blowed over, is horrible to think on," said Bill.

  17. Another groan runs from that end to this, the whole lot on us tries hard, and kicks their neighbours to turn, an' be blowed if I knowed but I was buried in a churchyard, with the blasted worms all acrawl about me.

  18. I'm blowed if I don't floor some on 'em again as I did in the wault!

  19. I'm blowed if we pads don't teach more vartey than a bench of bishops.

  20. I'm blowed if he gets a drop more out of my canteen.

  21. Look at the bloke at Greenwich, 'ow 'is things was blowed away.

  22. Old man Rivers, as was as mad as any hatter a minute before, was blowed back to his proper senses.

  23. We ain't forgot that Joe, with Jacob to help him, had blowed some ten of them to pieces.

  24. Still, one or two of 'em was careless, and got blowed sky high.

  25. When the machine swelled out like it was blowed up, and it kind of wheezed, like it was ready to cough up, and was only waiting for an excuse, I put a cough lozenger about the size of a nickel in the slot and turned the diaphram.

  26. Aw'm blowed if it isn't trying to tawk, did ta hear it, Mary?

  27. I member the very day, on the 10th of May, old mistress blowed the conk and told us we was free.

  28. They made the quills and blowed 'em to beat the band.

  29. The man who had washed it out of a Birch Creek placer, and "blowed it in fur the girl"--up on the hillside he sleeps sound.

  30. In his thick Canadian accent Charlie was saying: "I blowed out a lot o' dust for dat girl.

  31. You see this ground is sandy, and last year the wind blowed awful hard and all the grain blowed out, so we didn't have no chance to raise chickens.

  32. Come much easier to be blowed up when one didn't expect it.

  33. Only I don't want you if we are blowed to bits to pull yourself together afterwards, and come and blame me.

  34. Two years ago last Christmas your uncle Silas was coming up from Newrleans on the old Lally Rook, and she blowed out a cylinder-head and crippled a man.

  35. And I explained all about how we blowed out a cylinder-head at the mouth of White River, and it took us three days to fix it.

  36. And they can be blowed for all me," replied the old filibuster.

  37. I'll be hully, bloomin' blowed if there wasn't a feller with a nightshirt on up there in that joint.

  38. The horn to git up blowed 'bout four o'clock and if we didn't fall out right now, the overseer was in after us.

  39. Fust dey is all blowed full of air and tied tight and dry.

  40. Ere, Maria, blowed if I can stand this 'ere game any longer.

  41. Blowed if I ain't got some other party's legs on!

  42. Blowed if this ain't the 'ottest January as I've known for years.

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