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Example sentences for "conk"

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conjures; conjuring; conjuro; conjuror; conjurors; conna; connais; connaissance; connaissances; connait
  1. De Conk he hase (raise) de girl up, he go fo' five yeah.

  2. W'en de ooman see how de Conk hebe (raise) he pickin up, he begin fo' cry.

  3. De girl come, he duh boas', he no know de cunnie wey de Conk bin pull fo' beat um.

  4. They go up to fifty thousand feet, just to give their oxygen tanks a chance to conk out on them; then they barge around up there a while.

  5. The valves would stick and the engine'd conk out.

  6. Katuka siya sa martilyu, Conk him with a hammer.

  7. Paktúlan ku nang ímung úlu arun makasabut ka, I will conk you on the head so you can understand.

  8. I member the very day, on the 10th of May, old mistress blowed the conk and told us we was free.

  9. One day when they were in the field moulding corn, going round the corn hoeing it and putting a little hill around it, the conk sounded at about eleven o'clock, and they knew that the long expected time had come.

  10. Nay, they often came in the same manner, with conk shells blowing and French colours flying, close to the town of Roseau in the day-time, and in sight of the French soldiers.

  11. The conk nut is rather larger than a walnut, but grows from a vine, the blossoms of which are much like those of the water lemon.

  12. My pappy have a pass to visit my mammy and if he don't have one, the paddle roller conk him on the head.

  13. We has to be ready for the field by daylight and the conk was blowed, and massa call out, 'All hands ready for the field.

  14. He asked Conk in his pleasant German way for more spacious quarters, and Conk's answer was, 'Sure I can give ya more space.

  15. The hotel had a dining room; but Conk had given up serving meals therein, and had also as far as I could observe abandoned everything else in the way of service as well.

  16. If I have seemed in any wise severe in my treatment of Conk in this tribute to his memory, I am sorry.

  17. It was at this point that Conk and I parted company at the beginning of what I am inclined to think might have ripened into a lifelong friendship.

  18. An hour later we breakfasted on ham and eggs at a stand-up all-night lunch counter which we located after much wandering, and then, returning to the hotel, Brother Conk in all his muscular majesty dawned upon the horizon of my life.

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