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gnoo; gnoos; gnosis; gnothi; gnus; goa; goad; goaded; goading; goadings
  1. There is nothing in the world that so upsets me as having one of my plans go awry, and I certainly do not intend to have my equanimity disturbed for the insufficient reason that somebody else is busy.

  2. With this will go a complete set of my works with a few press notices of the same, and the prices they bring on all book-stands.

  3. I've had 'em explained to me many a time and oft, but they go out of one ear just as fast as they go in at the other.

  4. Dey go avay for a year or two every six months, undt dey come back mit plenty ohf money ohf one kind undt anodder, but I subbosed dey made it all oudt ohf butter undt eggs.

  5. If I go as a private citizen, well, I pay my own way.

  6. Come, let us go and purchase a furnished house somewhere.

  7. Of course we have grades of work, but the lower grades do not go out with the Lang mark upon them.

  8. I thought, when I built the house, that I could go to New York every morning and come back at night.

  9. My notion was correct, but I discovered afterwards that while I could go to New York by day and return by night, there was not more than five minutes between the trains I had to take to do it.

  10. I hope, next time I go to America, that I shall meet you.

  11. If so, let us go to the broad streets and beautiful parks of the Back Bay, the abode of the wealthy.

  12. I say four checkerboards, because from the Capitol three great streets go to the north, the south, and the east, while a broad park runs away to the west, thus dividing the city into four sections.

  13. There was only one way to know--to go and see.

  14. Day after day the brave miners go down into the mines, never sure that they will see the sunlight again, for many are the perils of mining.

  15. There is hardly a part of the world to which one can go where a Philadelphia-made locomotive is not to be seen.

  16. But at last the Half Moon could go no further.

  17. To understand the wonderful growth of this city we must go back to the days of the Revolution and see New York in those early times.

  18. In some cities rules are in force to which the majority of families conform, and they seem to answer very well.

  19. In this case a waitress does not have to stand with an empty stomach, passing food which makes her feel faint and ill, she scarcely knows why.

  20. However, there are some things which a little true tact and management might alter for the benefit of all concerned.

  21. When they are laid in a drawer, it is well to keep each one in its own simple case of heavy gray flannel.

  22. Dust should be taken up and shaken out of doors, not whisked again around a room.

  23. Except in case of an accident which she cannot remedy, she should not speak to the hostess, who should be left perfectly free to entertain her guests without a care about the food which they are eating.

  24. After a meat course, go to the right, holding your tray in your left hand near enough to let no particles of food fall upon the table.

  25. Think of our servants of the public--the clergy and the doctors.

  26. A carver must always be sharpened on its steel before it is offered for use, unless a contrary direction is given, and when necessary should be taken without delay to the shop of a careful workman to have the edge renewed.

  27. A little forethought will provide the vinegar or celery salt or whatever it may be, and no unnecessary interruption to the meal need be made.

  28. When the birds are smaller, serve one half of a bird to each person.

  29. How did he gain the entire confidence of the persons he serves?

  30. IV--Carvers must be treated with as much respect as if they were razors.

  31. Few of them could read and it hardly mattered to them that on one occasion a notice on the church door was posted upside down.

  32. On the heights, the battalion of Guienne was encamped on the Plains of Abraham to guard the Foulon.

  33. Francois, urged that to go was a matter of life and death.

  34. Those who did not appear were to forfeit their goods.

  35. The confidence of his Indian guides that the French would not dare to detain him was justified.

  36. Fishing vessels had hovered round the entrance to the Gulf of St. Lawrence for years before, in 1535, the French sailor, Jacques Cartier, advanced up the river as far as the foot of the torrential rapids where now stands the city of Montreal.

  37. He cherished, however, the Roman Catholic faith and the despotic ideals of his Bourbon mother.

  38. If discipline be perfect, disorder can be simulated; if truly bold, we can feign fear; if really strong, we can feign weakness.

  39. And don't you worry about my getting away with it.

  40. He could not manage to stay in one place; the torrent literally buffeted him about the room.

  41. The news was staggering--but it solved a mystery.

  42. He found it necessary to reach for her hand, and when he had possessed himself of it he discovered that it was trembling.

  43. But if I'd told you the truth you'd have tried to stop me.

  44. So you will understand that I had a purely business interest in the matter, Mr. Marshall.

  45. But I want to do it as a special favor to Pete," urged Bill.

  46. Of course, there was no doubt as to the identity of the second person, even though the street lights were dim and there was no lamp-post within a hundred feet of the boarding-house.

  47. She was chewing her lip as she walked out of the room and did not even nod to him.

  48. You don't mean that valet who brought you home from the party?

  49. That was her own secret and she intended to guard it at all costs.

  50. Ninety-nine out of a hundred men who talked thus she would have classed as hypocrites, but Pete did not seem to her to be exactly that.

  51. Henry Smith" was not returning to the place beyond the side door, but was passing through the swinging gate that led to the space reserved for benches.

  52. Bill towered importantly in the center of the room.

  53. But I do not know the answer to your question and you had better go and ask the Buddha.

  54. Indian thought does not really go much further in pessimism than Christianity, but its pessimism is intellectual rather than emotional.

  55. Pilgrims go from Badrinath to Ramesvaram: the Vaishnavism of Trichinopoly, Muttra and Bengal does not differ in essentials, the worship of the linga can be seen almost anywhere.

  56. Judging from the route adopted his intention was to go ultimately to Sâvatthî.

  57. The Vishnuism and Śivaism of the south go back to the early centuries of our era, but the chronology is difficult.

  58. To us it seems more natural to say that certain people are born again as men and that others go to heaven or hell.

  59. Pilgrims go their rounds in small bands and kneeling together before the images sing the praises of the Jinas.

  60. Or he is stopping in a wood outside a Brahman village and the people go out to him.

  61. Yet the Buddha bade them go among men and preach "for the gain and welfare of many" and they continued their benevolent activity although it could add nothing to the reward which they had already won.

  62. The Hinayanists are like those Protestant sects which still profess not to go beyond the Bible.

  63. He cannot even go to school without an escort of ten thousand children and a hundred thousand maidens and astonishes the good man who proposes to teach him the alphabet by suggesting sixty-four systems of writing.

  64. What views—if any—he may have held or implied about them we shall gather as we go on.

  65. I'll give you a case in point: At Wilmington, N.

  66. Yes; the news reached me yesterday; I read it in the newspaper.

  67. In the crisis which these tidings announced, he saw hope for his race.

  68. You have all had proof that I am neither poor nor parsimonious; but neither am I extravagant.

  69. Of all school-method, this we conceive to be the true end and consummation.

  70. That is just the point; but I don't want you to turn ten pennies to my one.

  71. Hence, the table is often the scene of animated and very interesting conversations, provided love is there.

  72. During this time his proficiency was excellent, and his conduct always most exemplary.

  73. But really it rests on a totally different foundation; it is a conclusion deduced by a process of reasoning from certain assumed premises.

  74. Yet if any one of them is true, it certainly has not commanded universal assent.

  75. Below them the observer finds the strata of the magnesian limestone formation, for nearly 400 feet, resting on the great coal formations of vast depth.

  76. But hold: we had better first go down towards that Wilderness, and take a View of the Lake.

  77. Stephen was determined that Hugh should go—and go now.

  78. I dare say I shall find a way to persuade her to let me go on as I have.

  79. But, if Hugh would not go in that way, why, then he should go in another.

  80. It didn’t take long—getting married doesn’t take long, if you go about it the right way.

  81. Go back to town and have everything go on as if nothing had happened.

  82. I’ll go hurry up Latham; the sooner you are away from here now the better.

  83. You must go back at once,” Stephen ordered.

  84. Latham, watching in the hall, heard them, but he did not go to the girl; nor let any one else do so.

  85. You go along now, dear, and I’ll follow you.

  86. I’ll go to town to-morrow and see his Colonel myself, if necessary—Latham willing or no.

  87. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go and have some tea.

  88. Mr. Toosypegs saw her many years ago, when he was in England.

  89. All I felt at that moment must have been revealed in my face, for her eyes fell beneath mine, and the hot blood mounted to her very brow.

  90. I'll be very good," pleaded Erminie, her face growing whiter and whiter.

  91. Leave the room this very minute, hand never let me see your hugly, black face hagain!

  92. Where I came from, no such conduct was ever heerd tell on.

  93. When the dusky paint was off, the deadly pallor of his face seemed in such striking contrast, that she barely repressed a cry of passionate grief.

  94. Just listen to that, now," said Ranty, appealing to society in general.

  95. Pretty corpse you'll make, hall hover with mud, hand looks has much like dying has I do.

  96. Yes, we joined them; I was reckless and so was he; we did not care a fillip whether we cruised under the black flag or the red cross of St. George.

  97. Mustard-seed and snapping-turtle," muttered Pet, as she prepared to follow Garnet.

  98. The man lifted the child in his arms, and followed the countess to the hall, where she gave orders to have the little foundling properly dressed and cared for, before presenting her to the earl.

  99. The years go by, and, but the tuft of grass More reverent than we, tells o'er our dust its rosary, in deep green scroll.

  100. I can never love Xamarillo-- He can fetter the hand of Malinche, But her heart will go over the ocean And will smite at your breast when you proffer Your hand to some delicate Dona.

  101. Let me, myself, go down upon the coast, And with our ready painters bring you back A full account of what we look upon.

  102. Raleigh was the first Englishman to think how splendid it would be if some of his countrymen would go to America and make homes for themselves there, and so build up a greater England beyond the seas.

  103. After many years he tried to persuade King James to let him cross the Atlantic and sail up the Orinoco to find a gold-mine he had heard of there; he said if only he might go and open it up, it would bring great wealth to the King.

  104. For the beginning of our second charity we must go far away from London to the little town of Assisi in Italy.

  105. Now you must go to the Zoological Gardens {56} to see wild animals; there are none in the Tower; they were all sent away to the Zoo not long before Queen Victoria began to reign.

  106. Slowly--and this also was with an effort--he opened his eyes.

  107. From that time his mind seemed to lapse into the same state--a state of complete blank.

  108. But Mary noticed nothing of her surroundings as the vehicle turned into Pall Mall.

  109. His own face, bearded, changed, and moulded by his illness, altered entirely.

  110. The sun was still shining, and it fell upon the Teacher's face and form, lighting them up with almost Eastern definiteness and distinctness.

  111. I have not often met with it, at any rate, on my way through the world.

  112. Death has been defined as the cessation from correspondence with environment--a logical and scientific statement which, while it is perfectly accurate, still leaves room for every article of the Christian faith.

  113. And, Mary darling, you mustn't be mixed up in anything of this sort.

  114. Then had come a ten minutes' descent, by an easier path on the other side of the principal cone, till the house of the Teacher was reached.

  115. You go back to the dogmatism of the pre-Socratic philosophers or voice the drab materialism of the modern animal man who thinks with his skin.

  116. Sir Augustus was talking eagerly to Joseph, opening his heart in a way to which he had long been a stranger, when there was a sudden loud report in the air above them.

  117. But then their property could go to their heirs.

  118. One half of each fine shall go to the person who discovers and prosecutes the offender, and the other half shall go to the poor.

  119. There be some things in him that answer for his waggeries: he will come when you call him, go when you bid him, and shut the door after him; he is faithful and stout, and a lover of his master.

  120. All ships coming from places infected with the plague had to be quarantined and any person leaving a quarantined ship had to return and later forfeit 20 pounds, of which 1/3 could go to the informer, the rest to the poor.

  121. Half the forfeiture was to go to the suer.

  122. All persons must go to the established church on Sundays and holy days.

  123. One-half of the forfeiture will go to the informer.

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