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Example sentences for "coming from"

  • This seed, too, coming from Vercelli, where the best rice is supposed to grow, is more to be depended on, than what may be sent me hereafter.

  • Many persons of different nations, coming from Madrid to Paris, all speak of him as in high esteem, and I think it certain that he has more of the Count de Florida Blanca's friendship, than any diplomatic character at that court.

  • You will consider this request as coming from Mr. Adams as well as myself, as it is by express authority from him, that I join him in it.

  • He will also show you some suggestions coming from some of the planters themselves.

  • Even an ordinary law argument, coming from him, seldom failed to produce the impression that he was profoundly convinced of the soundness of his position.

  • Yet, coming from him, that great med'cine hath With his tinct gilded thee.

  • Resolve me with all modest haste which way Thou mightst deserve or they impose this usage, Coming from us.

  • On April 8th, notes payable to order to the amount of seventy-eight thousand livres, were received by Monsieur de Lamotte's lawyer, as if coming from Madame de Lamotte.

  • Coming from a point well abaft the beam, but not directly astern; -- said of waves or any moving object.

  • Foreign; belonging to, or coming from, abroad.

  • In the railroad, coming from Bristol to Bath, I met Edward Romilly, a kind and pleasant acquaintance of mine.

  • Coming from a family uncertain even as to its nobility, he treated people of undoubted ancient families as if he were of incomparably better birth than they, people who were of undoubted wealth, as if he were wealthier than they.

  • Coming from a reduced family, I wished to gain distinction, I confess.

  • His strength was only deception, coming from lack of temptation.

  • Francis, coming from Heidelberg, thinks to meet his wife, but arrives too late: she has already departed.

  • Coming from Mentz, he now went back with us to Frankfort, and conversed with me of every thing that related to the internal arrangements of the city, and the public offices and places, on which he seemed to me to be very well informed.

  • Besides, coming from Jimmy's mother, he could not have been hurt.

  • They say he is coming from Corinth, and the fight will be in town.

  • I suppose you Pittsburg plunderers don't know where your next meal is coming from.

  • You'll admit it was a dazzling idea--coming from a rolling-mill boss.

  • Mine is coming from you, I hope, otherwise I'll be a public charge until banking-hours.

  • It is on your right hand, coming from Earlston to Carsphairn, after passing the little hill of Dundeuch.

  • Coming from a prelate who was so conspicuous as a champion of the papacy, who had saved the temporal power and justified the Syllabus, this declaration unexpectedly altered the situation at Rome.

  • Ruddy had never hunted wild things, but, coming from a race of hunting dogs, the feeling was there in his blood.

  • However, though Rick gave up sounding his signal call to his dog on coming from school, Ruddy seemed to know about the time to expect his boy master.

  • But that dog-call was the best thing he did, and he often fooled Ruddy by fluttering out to a bush in front of the house and giving the shrill whistle by which Rick used to summon his pet on coming from school.

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