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Example sentences for "goad"

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gnosis; gnothi; gnus; goa; goaded; goading; goadings; goads; goal
  1. He had blinded her with the blindness of ignorance, and goaded her with the goad of ignominy; but for all that, some way her bandaged eyes had sought and found the light, some way her numbed hide had thrilled and swerved beneath the barb.

  2. He beheld, shouted, kindled, carried thence with him the madness which should goad him to return not only with them who first drew him thither, but also before them, yea and to draw in others.

  3. His character was tried besides, not only with the bait of covetousness, but with the goad of fear.

  4. Even the hideous threat against Carmena could not goad his flaccid muscles to renewed efforts.

  5. Only the most merciless of rowelling could goad the jaded beast out of a jog except for short spurts.

  6. A kind of goad or stick with a point of iron.

  7. Church feared it might goad such Indians as were still at large to acts of desperation.

  8. It affected to explain, with a politeness of terms and a calculated insolence of tone; whilst in fact it could only serve to stimulate and goad a man of M.

  9. The contempt he did not trouble to dissemble served but to goad them on.

  10. Well, said Interpreter, keep all things so in thy mind that they may be a goad in thy sides; and may faith guide thee!

  11. There were to be seen the rod of Moses, the nail with which Jail slew Sisera, the lamps with which Gideon put to flight the host of Midian, and the ox goad with which Shamgar slew his foes.

  12. There is no greater test of the quality of a man's fibre than the way in which he stands the goad of mental pain.

  13. It was one thing to goad and guide people into the right path, another to split open their heads with a sledgehammer.

  14. Do not forget my words, and whenever you feel inclined to do anything wrong, think of the little watchman inside you with his goad and his disagreeable voice.

  15. And the little watchman has a small goad in his hand, and when he wakes up he keeps on pricking us with it, so that we have not a moment's peace.

  16. I plied the goad with one hand; with the other, so steep was the ascent, I had to hold on the pack-saddle.

  17. I HAVE A GOAD The auberge of Bouchet St. Nicholas was among the least pretentious I have ever visited; but I saw many more of the like upon my journey.

  18. And each succeeding age in which we are born Will have more peril for us than the last; Will goad our senses with a sharper spur, Will fret our minds to an intenser play, Will make ourselves harder to be discern'd.

  19. Because the goad causes the ox to draw the furrow straight, and the straight furrow brings forth a plenty of good food for the life of man.

  20. Where the road was smooth, the cattle proceeded at a rapid rate, urged on by the relentless goad of our hombre.

  21. When our hombre desired to enliven the pair that were yoked to the pole, he was obliged to shorten his goad stick by thrusting it behind him into the cart, to the serious discomfiture of Texas and Ohio.

  22. December, 1847, at which the goad is still, and the voice soothingly says, "So!

  23. Each after each, these maddening thoughts seemed to goad and sicken him, like successive stabs, when their current was suddenly arrested by a light step on his chamber-floor, the faint rustle of a garment at his side.

  24. Then they shewed him the Oxes goad wherewith Shamger slew six hundred men.

  25. Well, keep all things so in thy mind that they may be as a Goad in thy sides, to prick thee forward in the way thou must go.

  26. Pr̆emysl therefore sets free his oxen, telling them to go whence they came, and strikes his goad into the ground.

  27. The oxen vanish from sight, and the goad puts forth leaves and fruits.

  28. The artillery duels by which it was sought to goad Leslie into an engagement were under his direction, and it was he who took the castles of Colinton and Redhall during Cromwell's attempt to turn the Scotch position before Edinburgh.

  29. Had this newcomer from across the Virginia border been his peer in marksmanship, he reasoned, he would not have let the exploit rest there without contest, and his own competitive spirit prompted him to goad the obviously inferior stranger.

  30. Yet the present reprieve would for a few moments endure, since the assassin would hesitate to goad his victim to any appeal for help.

  31. The people then goad him with pointed canes, till they force him into a narrow stall, in which he is securely fastened with strong ropes about his body and legs, and is left there for three or four days without food or drink.

  32. Burbank cast a quick glance of apprehension at me--again that hidden conviction of my vanity, this time shown in dread lest it should goad me into hating him.

  33. When one lacks the courage boldly to advance along the perilous course his intelligence counsels, he is lucky if he can and will goad some one into kicking him along it past the point where retreat is possible.

  34. See the ploughman strutting home, his goad in his hand, his plough on his shoulder, as if he had done his duty.

  35. Here, the ploughman comes, carrying his long plough and goad on his shoulder, and with him his wife lugging the yoke and his boy leading the oxen.

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