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  1. The fighting was mostly artillery duels and skirmishes by separate units.

  2. For the next two weeks artillery duels alternated with trench fighting and skirmishing.

  3. In one of his duels he killed his man, and had to fly to England.

  4. Charles Dovalle, who was shot in one of the miserable duels between journalists so common in France, at the age of twenty-two, would probably have done remarkable work had he lived.

  5. Duels and lawsuits succeed each other in his story, and by some means or other he was able to assume the title of Seigneur de Vasteville.

  6. A Parisian, who could not brook contradiction, fought fourteen duels by way of maintaining his opinion that Dante was a greater poet than Petrarch.

  7. Bouteville, Count de, his duels and his execution, I.

  8. In later times one of the most extraordinary duels of the eighteenth century took place on Wimbledon Common, between the Duke of York and Colonel Lennox, afterwards Duke of Richmond and Viceroy of Ireland.

  9. Duels were fought about them, and bets were made about them and their future.

  10. Countless duels now occur, many lives are lost, and sundry miracles are performed.

  11. Among the brilliant duels fought, mention must be made of one between Pallas and Turnus, where notwithstanding his courage the Trojan prince succumbs.

  12. Thanks to his efforts, its gates are battered in, and the Trojans pour into the Greek camp, where many duels occur, and where countless warriors are slain on both sides.

  13. The spirit of 1812 was not dead, in him, but he knew that the brilliant naval duels of Hull and Decatur’s time decided rather the spirit of our sailors than the naval ability of the United States.

  14. Where the Grande Roue turns, on the ground now bright with flower-beds and grassy lawns, duels were fought erewhile.

  15. Tradition says the law-duels known as jugements de Dieu took place there.

  16. Arche Marion, duels were wont to be fought in olden days.

  17. All this is quite true to life in Italy, where duels with the sabre or rapier are still of daily occurrence, and are resorted to after any insult, and after a mere difference of opinion or trivial impoliteness.

  18. Duels were common among the political leaders at Washington.

  19. Duels and pitched battles in the air were of daily occurrence on the western front.

  20. In Lorraine, constant artillery duels raged in the sectors of Reillon and the forest of Parroy.

  21. During the first three weeks in September, 1915, the Royal Flying Corps, with the British army in the field, was very active, and there were forty air duels in eighteen days.

  22. Beyond occasional artillery duels in the Dixmude-Ypres district, nothing of importance happened on the Belgian front.

  23. Operations in the west resumed for the time a normal state of activity, in which artillery duels were the main features.

  24. But it would be wearisome to enter into the minute detail of all the duels of modern times.

  25. Among the earliest duels upon record, is a very singular one that took place in the reign of Louis II.

  26. An edict was also published at Munich, in 1773, according to which both principals and seconds, even in duels where no one was either killed or wounded, should be hanged, and their bodies buried at the foot of the gallows.

  27. Voltaire says such duels were frequent, and the compiler of the Dictionnaire d'Anecdotes informs us that the number of seconds was not fixed.

  28. The list of duels that have sprung from the most degrading causes might be stretched out to an almost indefinite extent.

  29. They added also, that princes who connived at duels should be deprived of all temporal power, jurisdiction, and dominion over the places where they had permitted them to be fought.

  30. Notwithstanding this threatened severity, the number of duels did not diminish, and the wise Sully had still to lament the prevalence of an evil which menaced society with utter disorganisation.

  31. The men of the Commonwealth encouraged no practice of the kind, and the subdued aristocracy carried their habits and prejudices elsewhere, and fought their duels at foreign courts.

  32. She said impatiently: "There are far too many army duels now.

  33. Duels had sprung from less provocation than had been given by Colonel Sheldon.

  34. These were our last days of waiting and wondering whether the Boche would attack; of the artillery duels and the minor raids by which each side sought to feel and test the other's strength.

  35. A mile to the north-east machine-gun duels were in progress.

  36. Never were duels so detached or so intense.

  37. Troubles followed, difficulties with the Censorship, duels and rumors of duels, and the whole romantic upheaval which accompanied the Revolution of 1830.

  38. He should have known that, having had two duels to talk about within the previous fortnight, and having, moreover, found out that neither of these encounters had taken place, they would lose all interest in duels real or imaginary.

  39. Mr. Garrick, duels was the topic of five minutes ago, and time at Bath is precious.

  40. Thus the long and bloody struggle for the possession of Verdun apparently ended, although artillery duels of varying intensity continued at intervals, and the laurels of the prolonged campaign rested with the French.

  41. Daily duels of artillery and daily assaults here and there along the battle fronts proved unavailing, so far as any change in general conditions was concerned.

  42. II Some Famous American Duels We are accustomed to regard our country as peculiarly law-abiding and peaceful.

  43. With this little preliminary, I shall briefly review a few of the most noted duels in our history.

  44. The Bismarcks had been fighting men from time immemorial, and the combatant nature of the great scion of their race displayed itself in frequent duels during his university career at Göttingen.

  45. The people were horror-struck, for in a little town where blows with fists and sticks are given and taken the coldbloodedness, formality, and gravity of duels inspire horror and terror.

  46. He knew better than their own relations the biography of all the great duelists and fencers in Paris, and he could give a detailed and minute description of all the duels that had taken place, with their accompanying wounds.

  47. They fought seven more duels over the next day and a half.

  48. As the duels became more dangerous, and the artificially-amplified hallucinations began to end in blood and death, Leoh found himself winning more and more frequently.

  49. On most civilized worlds, the results of properly-monitored duels were accepted as legally binding.

  50. Leoh explained the circumstances of Odal's duels with the Acquatainian prime minister and Szarno Industrialist.

  51. You have fought many duels in the machines.

  52. I lasted twice as long in this afternoon's two duels as I did in the ones this morning.

  53. I know the duels are normally private and you would be within your legal rights to refuse the request.

  54. It seems that just as there are women, you know, for whom people fight duels there's also another class across whom, as it were, you shake hands.

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