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  1. There is no known instance of a poet unsuccessful on the stage in his own country and winning recognition in the theater after his death.

  2. He is not narrow; he is not western or eastern; he is American with a certain largeness and boldness and freedom and certainty that we like to think of as befitting a country so vast as ours and a people so independent.

  3. In any list of the ten greatest soldiers, prepared in any country in the world, these five names would surely appear, even tho the other names on the several lists might be those of merely national heroes.

  4. An artist without a country and with no roots in the soil of his nativity is not likely to bring forth flower and fruit.

  5. There is a never-fading enchantment in the story of their struggles, whatever the country where they lived and died, and whatever their station in society.

  6. But the wolf ran on, making straight for Moynat and Mildet, the two best shots in the country round.

  7. Thibault scratched his ear, which is what everybody does, in every country of the world, when plunged into awkward circumstances.

  8. Like all country priests, he knew, or thought he knew, something about doctoring; so he examined his old pupil’s wound.

  9. And from what part of the country do you come, Agnelette?

  10. Is not Monsieur Thibault a landowner, the proprietor of farms, living in his country house on the income from his estate of a hundred acres?

  11. Far from it; but my father was not ignorant of the superstitions of the people, and he knew that belief in spells was still wide-spread among the peasantry in the country districts.

  12. There are plenty of girls in the country round who would be glad to have you for their wooer.

  13. But yet it is not so, for Monsieur, for all his wickedness and infamous doings, still remains the handsomest gentleman in all the country round.

  14. And, yet, there is no one in all the country round who is so destitute as we two are.

  15. At last, at the end of the long path she had been traversing, arched over by the trees, she saw ahead of her, a vista of open country lying bathed in the soft silver light of the moon.

  16. While Lenz was journeying through the country in the deepest inward grief, Annele was alone at home with her thoughts.

  17. We are in a country where no thaw comes for many months when once the frost fairly sets in.

  18. In the whole country there were lamentations, for it was feared everyone would be ruined, and that now clocks would be made here, as they were in America, without a single stroke of a file, and entirely by the pressure of machinery.

  19. In the spring I said to my father, 'Give me a hundred gulden's worth of clocks, and I will take them about the country to sell.

  20. I wish you to marry, and hope to see you settle down and discharge the duties of your position in society as a country gentleman; you have ample means at your disposal now, as the whole of your late uncle's property is yours.

  21. The late advancing rates, consequent upon the high prices of country dealers, tend to check operations, which are quite of a consumptive character.

  22. God replied, "Whosoever acknowledges his country shall be buried therein, but whosoever does not acknowledge his country shall not be buried therein.

  23. But instead of giving this answer, he replied haughtily and boastfully, "They are come from a far country unto me, even from Babylon.

  24. In purely country districts cases of punctured foot are of far less frequent occurrence than in large towns.

  25. In country animals corns are comparatively rare, while in animals in town, almost constantly upon hard paving, they are common.

  26. It appears that Moorcraft left this country for India in 1808, having practised the operation in more or less obscurity for some six or seven years previous to that.

  27. We gather, however, from the writings of Percival and Liautard, that both in this country and on the Continent the operation was for several years largely in the stage of experiment.

  28. The man in country practice will also be well advised in carrying to every foot case a compact outfit, such as that carried by the smith.

  29. Other and minor predisposing causes are those mainly referring to an unnatural dryness of the hoof when animals reared in the country are put to work in large towns.

  30. And perhaps some subjects start it in their marches in mobs down country in Australia.

  31. From the yielding softness of the pasture he is called to spend the bulk of his time upon the hard macadamized tracks of our country roads, or the still more hard and more dangerous asphalt pavings or granite sets of our towns.

  32. The operation was first performed in this country in October, 1895, the subject being one of the out-patients at the Royal Veterinary College Free Clinique.

  33. It was nervous work: for determined though she was to release Yorke, Betty possessed a most sensitive and tender conscience, and love for her country and her people was as the air she breathed.

  34. I cannot leave until my mission is completed; we have almost certain news of an incursion by the British across the Kill von Kull, which will do much injury to the peaceful country folk of Elizabethtown and Newark.

  35. It is quite possible that you may need it even before you reach White Plains; there are many marauding parties who infest the country beyond us.

  36. The soldiers are uncouth farmer lads, yet they fight and die like heroes, and the country maids have the speech and air of court ladies.

  37. That is why we crowd into the towns and cities, and the country grows more and more deserted every year.

  38. There is lovely country round about it, too, if, after boating, you are fond of a walk, while the river itself is at its best here.

  39. Abingdon is a typical country town of the smaller order - quiet, eminently respectable, clean, and desperately dull.

  40. It was a country cousin that Harris took in.

  41. The reaches down to Pangbourne woo one for a sunny sail or for a moonlight row, and the country round about is full of beauty.

  42. And we walked miles upon miles out Birmingham way; but it was no use, the country was steeped in oil.

  43. Why it's so curious," murmured Harris, "but precisely that very same thing happened to MY father once at a country inn.

  44. So John James passed on, pleased to learn that the country was now well governed.

  45. So he bought a large estate in the country, and lived the life of a good old English country gentleman.

  46. So John James went on his way, grieved that the country should be so badly served.

  47. No man in the high country knows when he is to be made a target--that you well understand.

  48. Business is done in this country; but business must halt everywhere with its means of communication, and in the Music Mountain country it still rests on the facilities of a stage line.

  49. This now lay to the northwest, and he knew he must be a long way from any country he was familiar with.

  50. I'm trying to get acquainted with your country to-day," returned de Spain, managing with his knee to keep his own horse moving alongside Nan as she edged away.

  51. What further perplexed him as he crossed a long divide, got another good view and saw no pursuit threatening in any direction, was to identify the country he was in.

  52. You are known from one end of the country to the other as a gunman.

  53. Mountain-men who happened in and out of Sleepy Cat during those three days remember how it seemed for that time as if the attention of every man and woman in the whole country was fixed on the new situation that balked de Spain.

  54. Men are shot down in this country that have no more idea of getting killed than I have--or you have.

  55. Meaning, that in this country you can't begin on a play like pulling Sassoon out from under his friends' noses without keeping up the pace--without a second and third act.

  56. It was north of Medicine Bend, on a ranch near the Peace River; that you never found out who killed him, and that one reason why you came up into this country was to keep an eye out for a clew.

  57. It is a narrow valley where valleys are more precious than water--for the mountain valley means water--and this in a country where water is much more precious than life.

  58. Thus was it that Cicero and Cato for a while saved the commonwealth, and checked the future Dictator in his first efforts to subvert the liberties of Rome, happy for him and for his country if it had been his last.

  59. For, when one envied the city mansion or the country farm, nay, but the plate or garment of another, he strove with all his energy to have him on the lists of the proscription.

  60. Every work published in this Country for Sale here, either at Wholesale or Retail.

  61. Those Senators, it seems to me, have descanted on the punishment of the men who have levied war against their country and their parents, against their healths and their altars.

  62. If thy country should thus, as I have said, parley with thee, should she not obtain what she demands, even if she lack force to compel it?

  63. The friends of their country were encouraged to shake off their apathy.

  64. And the country ain't goin' to even say 'thanks.

  65. Now, when I was a young buster chasin' cow-tails over the country I kind of thought the Forestry Service was a joke.

  66. The giant sheepman of the high country strode up, nodded, and took his check.

  67. The gringo gunman had killed the brother of Pedro Salazar down in the desert country years ago.

  68. Do you think I could look Lorry in the face when he knew that I sat idle while the man that murdered Pat was riding the country free?

  69. But if some clever politician happens to get hold of Shoop, there isn't a man in this mesa country that could win against him.

  70. I thought this high country might do her good.

  71. And while I'm waitin' I'll ride over some of that country up there and look around.

  72. Chapter XIV Bondsman's Decision Bud Shoop's homestead on the Blue Mesa lay in a wide level of grassland, round which the spruce of the high country swept in a great, blue-edged circle.

  73. The giant sheepman of the south country was known to every one on account of his great physique and his immense holdings in land and sheep.

  74. It's usin' your neighbors and your country right every day in the week, includin' Sunday.

  75. Riders from all over the country heard of Bud's piano, questioned its reality, and finally made it a point to jog over and see for themselves.

  76. Alice Weston, anticipating a real ride into the desert country and the hills, was too excited to sleep.

  77. The day of the gunman was past, but two such men as Pat and Waring would suppress by their mere presence in the country the petty rustling and law-breaking that had made Torrance's position difficult at times.

  78. A lot of the fellas up in the high country have enlisted in the regulars, and some have gone over to Canada to join the Foreign Legion.

  79. As Algernon had stated to Girty, the country was indeed roused to a sense of their danger.

  80. Where duty calls, Ella, there is my place; and if I fall in honorable action, in defence of my country and friends, perchance my life may atone for matters whereof you are not ignorant.

  81. In the same character, he now wandered over the native country of Philip and Philopoemen.

  82. I considered not in what way the justice of the country would affect me.

  83. And they who founded, in our land, The power that rules from sea to sea, Bled they in vain, or vainly planned To leave their country great and free?

  84. The bitter cup they mingled, strengthened thee For the great work to set thy country free.

  85. Chains are round our country pressed, And cowards have betrayed her, And we must make her bleeding breast The grave of the invader.

  86. These are suggested particularly by the ceremonies which accompany cremation in India--the country where this custom has continued to preserve an important cult significance down to the very present.

  87. It was not until relatively late that the highest cultural development of the mother country followed upon that of these outposts of Greek culture.

  88. Considering their characteristics as a whole, moreover, it is utterly impossible that they could have lacked language before coming into contact with the peoples who entered the country at a later period.

  89. The fact that the Greek colonies retained the language and customs of the mother country was itself a preparatory step.

  90. In so far, the democratic organization of North America later instituted by the Europeans, shows a trace of similarity to the free tribal alliances of the natives who had inhabited the country for centuries.

  91. The people that finally formed the Greek race left the mountain country of Thrace and Thessaly in prehistoric times; wandering towards the sea, they fused with the original inhabitants of the regions into which they entered.

  92. Later, the colonies of southern Italy exercised a strong reaction on the mother country in science and art.

  93. When Schweinfurth arrived in the country of the Monbuttus, he was actually fortunate enough to gain sight of these pygmies.

  94. Alexander's expedition to India, a country which had up to that time been regarded as a marvellous fairyland, marked the culmination of the journeys to remote regions which had, at the outset, been undertaken by individuals.

  95. Why, I thought that every fool in every country had heard of the Holy Well of St. Francis, situated exactly two miles from our famous convent, and that every fool in the neighbourhood had seen it.

  96. This circumstance revived in me, at once, all my attachment to that personage, and hearing he was at his country house, within a few miles from town, I resolved the next morning to visit him.

  97. This we did not do so long as he could detain me in the country by assurances that I should ruin all by appearing before Isora until you had entirely deserted her.

  98. Should he be considered rich, it might attract cupidity; and there are enough bold hands and sharp knives in the country to place the wealthy and the unguarded in some peril.

  99. The country of the holy man is a mystery to us all.

  100. No," the country replies, "but each discovery is proof of another impossibility.

  101. A true love of country is likely to be so big that it will embrace the virtue one sees in other countries and, in the same breath, so to speak.

  102. They diminish and level down the country and constitute, in some manner, in the body politic, a lymph which infects it and renders it flabby.

  103. In no other country has life ever been more ardent or acute.

  104. Of women he knew just so much as a traveller knows of a country when he travels across it in haste from one inn to another.

  105. Mrs. Rosebrook suggests that such a business in a great and happy country should be consigned to its grave-digger and executioner, or made to pay a killing income tax.

  106. Many who had lived in affluence in their own country were compelled to wear osnaburgs, and go bare-foot through the year.

  107. People in my country would open their eyes with surprise.

  108. A quaint-faced, good-looking country deacon has bought them.

  109. These narrow confines were filled with living beings-beings with souls, souls sold according to the privileges of a free and happy country,--a country that fills us with admiration of its greatness.

  110. Tain't a free country where ye don't have the right to sell folks what don't provide for number one.

  111. It was this; and this only to the deep disgrace of the freest and happiest country on earth.

  112. A person having the appearance of a country gentleman, who has been some time watching the proceedings, is seen to approach Graspum: this dignitary whispers something in his ear, and he leaves the mart.

  113. But I must not let my thoughts run away with my pen, fascinating though such cross-country excursions may be.

  114. According to Loudon, it was introduced to this country in 1760, and it appears to have been planted both at Kew and Syon at about that date.

  115. In going through a country of wild animals one has a kindred feeling when the fire is lighted at nightfall.

  116. For myself I recollect very well that a vote of the representatives of the People had declared that Campbell-Bannerman had left the country open to destruction by his failure to provide an adequate supply of cordite.

  117. Let any one glance over the illustrated advertisements in Country Life and see how frequently the "old world gardens" are set forth as an irresistible attraction of "a desirable residence.

  118. Faust made money, however, and helped materially to promote the formation of the Company through which country clergymen and daily governesses in the provinces hoped to advance the British Drama and earn 20 per cent, dividends.

  119. The mild bustle of the High Street of a country town somehow imposes itself upon one, for the simple reason that you can hear it and observe it.

  120. A legitimate gamble that cost his country over fifty thousand lives!

  121. After formulating this indictment I opened my Country Life, and found in its pages a confirmation of my evidence by my friend F.

  122. But to make an adaptation of it is not enough to express what one feels on entering a walled garden from a street even of a country town.

  123. Long ago, in the days when there were real Emperors and Kings and Popes, it was an understood thing that a Royal Residence should be a depository of all the arts, and in every country except England, this assumption was nobly acted upon.

  124. By the hour of their arrival the whole country round about Pretoria knew of their coming, and a large and violent mob was gathered at the railroad station to receive them.

  125. I can only say, that in any other country you would not have a claim on their mercy.

  126. Weeping willows edge the streets, which are wide and as neglected as a country road.

  127. Johannesburg is quiet as ever was country town.

  128. All travellers coming into the country must submit to a rigorous personal search for firearms at Vereeniging.

  129. He made no reference or protest to the tribunal as constituted--a Court presided over by a Judge not a citizen of the country whose sovereignty had been offended by the treasonable acts charged.

  130. Country Pleasures: the Chronicle of a Year chiefly in a garden.

  131. Petitions come in from the country districts of the Transvaal.

  132. He said he was an old soldier who had served his country faithfully, and then been left to starve.

  133. His father acted as lawyer for him, a rough-looking elderly man, who had the appearance of a common country attorney rather than of a London solicitor.

  134. Being tired of foreign parts, and desirous of seeing the old country once again after thirty years' absence, I have decided to accept his invitation.

  135. The result sometimes being exceedingly unpleasant to the real grands seigneurs who honour this country at times with their visits," replied the man in the corner.

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