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  1. It demanded that Congress should deport to their own countries those aliens who refused to join the colors at the outbreak of the war, and pleaded their citizenship in other countries to escape the draft.

  2. He said that America alone could save Europe and that its aid must be extended to all countries equally.

  3. If a natural universal religion was to arise, and a special revealed one to be developed from it, the countries in which our imagination has hitherto lingered, the mode of life, the race of men, were the fittest for the purpose.

  4. Nurse: Ah, sure in those countries they are without religion or belief.

  5. All acting rights, both professional and amateur, are reserved in the United States, Great Britain, and all countries of the Copyright Union, by the author.

  6. There are several species of "jacana" in South America, and also some species in the tropical countries of the East.

  7. He who journeys through the tame scenery of European countries can form but little idea of the wild and dangerous highways of the Andes.

  8. That was already hanging over a fire outside the house; for in these hot countries it is often more convenient to do the cooking out-of-doors.

  9. You will remember that these countries were then governed by viceroys, who represented the King of Spain, but who in reality were quite as absolute as that monarch himself.

  10. This species is more dreaded by the inhabitants of those countries than the other; and it is said always to attack man wherever it may encounter him.

  11. The vultures of most countries are respected by the people, because they perform a valuable service in clearing away carrion; and in many parts these birds are protected by statute.

  12. Because, that, in the economy of the life of those Indians who inhabit the countries of the Andes mountains, this curious plant plays a most important part.

  13. The blue rivers of the Amazon valley are those with clear transparent waters, and the courses of these lie through rocky countries where there is little or no alluvium to render them turbid.

  14. The jaguar is found throughout all the tropical countries of Spanish America, and is oftener called tiger (tigre) than jaguar.

  15. The other leading countries are Japan, Chile, Mexico, Spain, and Canada.

  16. In order of importance the greatest quicksilver producing countries in 1916 were Italy, United States, Austria, and Spain.

  17. The leading other countries are in order--Spain, Germany, Mexico, and Australia.

  18. Cleopatra, the governors of her son the young King of Egypt claimed Phoenicia and Coelosyria from him as her dowry; and to recover those countries raised a great army.

  19. Hence arose a various war between Antiochus and Epiphanes, each of them seizing Phoenicia and Coelosyria by turns; whereby those countries were much afflicted by both parties.

  20. It comprehended the countries now called Transylvania, Moldavia, and Wallachia, and the eastern part of the upper Hungary.

  21. Happy are those times and countries in which morality and custom are still one.

  22. This type of natural beauty was therefore established by custom even in countries where it was not indigenous.

  23. The amount of paper circulation in these countries was calculated on the average of the preceding year, and the issue restricted accordingly.

  24. Both of these were poorer countries than England, and had been unable either to dispense with the smaller one-pound note circulation, or to provide gold, the most expensive and cumbrous representative of property.

  25. In the year 1850 a copper wire, insulated with gutta-percha, was submerged between England and France, and that connecting link between the two greatest countries of Europe was the first considerable success of its kind.

  26. How highly they are esteemed in some countries is shown by the fact that some years ago they cost in St. Petersburg a paper rouble, or about a shilling each; in Stockholm, fivepence each.

  27. Sulu boats and goods may go to Spanish countries without any objection, in the same manner as if they belonged to that country.

  28. Her Majesty, feeling assured that conquests in themselves, and later their maintenance, absorb the profits which accrue from the countries already acquired, prefers to any conquest advantageous trade and commerce.

  29. The suburbs of Pera, Jophana, and Galata, are collections of strangers from all countries of the universe.

  30. The baggage of the expedition consisted of ten bales of cloth and two bags of beads, which were to serve as the currency by which they would be enabled to purchase the necessaries of life in the countries the Doctor intended to visit.

  31. While beads stand for copper coins in Africa, cloth measures for silver; wire is reckoned as gold in the countries beyond the Tan-ga-ni-ka.

  32. Ruwenga comprises the countries of Ruwenga and Mugihewa; Usige, the countries of Usumbura, Mukanigi, and Mugere.

  33. These countries are also very rich in ivory.

  34. Over and over again he traversed the several countries watered by the several rivers of the complicated water system, like an uneasy spirit.

  35. Look at the face of the Prussian in "Raemaekers' Cartoons" and you will understand why Germans in America, Holland, and other neutral countries are now talking pacifism and exuding humanitarian sentiment.

  36. It is one of the most potent means of that "peaceful penetration" of all other countries which was nothing but a preparation for war.

  37. The recent German professions of zeal for peace fell in neutral countries on deaf or impatient ears.

  38. It will be similarly destroyed--and that in no very great space of time--in all neutral countries as well.

  39. But the common people of all countries have always known it.

  40. Those of the plaine Countries are taller of bodie, and better shapen, then those of the Mountaines.

  41. He told him, that they were the Cacique of Naguatex, and of Amaye, and another of a prouince called Hacanac, a Lord of great Countries and many subiects: and that the Cacique of Naguatex came for Captaine and chiefest of them all.

  42. Mr. Mills takes the ground that if raw material comes here free of duty, then we can manufacture that raw material and compete with other countries in the markets of the world--that is to say, under his bill.

  43. Those countries that are the most religious are the most immoral.

  44. There is no possible way of putting ourselves on an equality with other countries in the markets of the world, except by putting American labor on an equality with the other labor of the world.

  45. It will be abolished when the poor people of Germany, of France, of Spain, of England, and other countries find that they have no interest in war.

  46. And there are only two ways to overcome this difficulty--either the price of labor must go up in the other countries or must go down in this.

  47. All civilized nations have delighted in the theatre, and the greatest minds in many countries have been devoted to the drama, and, without doubt, the greatest man about whom we know anything devoted his life to the production of plays.

  48. Catholic countries do not use as much alcohol as Protestant.

  49. The more dusky races of mankind are the aboriginal inhabitants of those countries and latitudes, and they constitute the normal industrial agencies thereof.

  50. And further, the normal products of the different countries and climates are most suitable for the industries, health and happiness of the inhabitants thereof.

  51. Then here, again, are New Zealand and Australia, facing South America and the teeming countries of Eastern Asia; surely it is in relation to these vast proximities that their economic future lies.

  52. The two-party system which holds all the English-speaking countries to-day in its grip would certainly be broken up by Proportional Representation.

  53. In the newer countries the Normal Social Life does not appear to establish itself at all rapidly.

  54. It is surely wrong, Miss Wyllys, to let all kinds of strangers from foreign countries into our families, without knowing anything about them.

  55. Against her we could not strike a blow that would not be as severely felt in London as in America, so identified were the two countries by commercial intercourse.

  56. The verse touching Africa will be fulfilled “when African countries shall no longer make it a common trade to sell away their people.

  57. A very great proportion of men in all the countries of the world are without property, and generally are subject to governments of which they have no participation, and over whom they have no control.

  58. The Congress have already proclaimed this, and that no other qualification or name is necessary but to become settlers, without distinction of countries or persons.

  59. To avoid giving them any uneasiness, and to prevent all dispute in the future, have the courage to abandon to them all the neighboring countries which have not yet shaken off your yoke.

  60. The two best customers of our Atlantic fisheries are Hayti and Cuba, Catholic countries under a southern sun.

  61. The fishermen of Massachusetts began at an early day to send cod to Portugal, Spain, and Italy, all Catholic countries under a southern sun.

  62. It is the will of Heaven that the two countries should be sundered forever.

  63. Destruction in every form, most shocking to morals or humanity, has depopulated the countries of the Loire; and republican Pizarro's and Almagro's seem to have rivalled each other in the invention and perpetration of crimes.

  64. The revolted countries are to be enlightened by the doctrines of liberty, fanaticism is to be exposed, and a love of the republic to succeed the prejudices in favour of Kings and Nobles.

  65. But France was glutted before the war; and all speculations entered into on a presumption of a demand equal to that of the first years of the treaty, must have failed in a certain degree, though the two countries had remained at peace.

  66. Hence, in countries where the olive is extensively cultivated, the scenery is of a dull character, from this colour of the foliage.

  67. Foxes of various colours are also common in the fur countries of North America, and a rare and valuable variety is the black or silver fox.

  68. The succulent pulp which the pod contains is sometimes employed in those countries instead of sugar and honey, and is often used in preserving other fruits.

  69. We resided much in France and much in Italy: some short time, too, was passed in Spain; but those visits were in early years; and I have since seen more of various countries while serving with our troops under Turenne.

  70. Many parts of these islands are as clear and sunny as any of the inland countries of the Continent.

  71. That the cavaliers were rude and brutal means nothing; the upper classes generally were rude and brutal in all countries at that time; but ours added to a barbarous brutality, a more than French dissoluteness of morals.

  72. In this respect, the peculiarities of the countries and their geographical position cannot be too highly estimated.

  73. Is their climate more genial; their soil more fertile than those of the countries we and others live in?

  74. If those countries had interfered, the contest for the principles of constitutionalism might have been prolonged to this very day, or perhaps royalty would have been killed outright on the English battle-fields.

  75. But, it is to be hoped, that the phrase will be flung back again, whenever they shall take it into their heads once more to sound the trumpet of alarm to the countries of Europe.

  76. Many kingdoms have a less population than London has, and many countries furnish not half the amount of matter for journalism which London supplies.

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