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Example sentences for "must have"

  • He must have stayed in the room some little time after the murder, for we found blood-stained water in the basin, where he had washed his hands, and marks on the sheets where he had deliberately wiped his knife.

  • It must have been a young man, and an active one, too, besides being an incomparable actor.

  • I remembered a German being found in New York with RACHE written up above him, and it was argued at the time in the newspapers that the secret societies must have done it.

  • On thinking the matter over, it must have occurred to him that it was possible that he had lost the ring in the road after leaving the house.

  • He must have left it behind," muttered my companion.

  • You'd think I must have a dash of Creole or Spanish or some warm blood in me somewhere, but I'm nothing on earth but a chilly mixture of English and Irish and Scotch.

  • He must have forgotten to put out the candle; anyway, the fire happened, and Sterry just escaped with his life.

  • I told you before that I must have a few months longer to make up my mind.

  • A pleasant, expansive, neebor-like man he must have been!

  • Later, when things have settled just a little, you and I must have a talk about you and me, but I want time to think about it first.

  • Louis, in fact, must have appeared to Charles primarily in the light of a kill-joy.

  • To live is sometimes very difficult, but it is never meritorious in itself; and we must have a reason to allege to our own conscience why we should continue to exist upon this crowded earth.

  • He has been all these days in possession; he had no cause to like me; he must have raged to see himself displaced; and he has not destroyed this document.

  • He cannot have been disposed of in so short a space, he must be still alive, he must have fled!

  • Surely, it must have been at no slight cost that he had thus fortified his soul with iron.

  • It was the happiest sigh I ever did heave; and it seems as if I must have drawn in a gulp of heavenly breath, to make it with.

  • At last I asked him warmly, what opinion he must have of my modesty, that he could suppose I should so much as entertain a thought of lying with two brothers, and assured him it could never be.

  • Then, I--must have taken a cold on the train.

  • When I read a story, I skip the explanations; yet the moment I begin to write one, I find that I must have an explanation.

  • He seemed almost dazed at the fierceness of my attack; otherwise I think he must have killed me.

  • How could he have made so rapid and complete a success in a town in which he must have been a complete stranger?

  • He must have a great deal of good in him, or he could not have won her love and confidence so completely.

  • Ever since man first scratched hieroglyphics upon an ostracon, or scribbled with sepia upon papyrus, he must have wondered, as we wonder to-day.

  • I fancy that it must have been a fortnight after my start, immediately after my breach with Cullingworth.

  • It must have been so much easier for the Elizabethans!

  • De Bracy, "he must have escaped in the monk's garments!

  • I must have news of Salisbury from the south; and of Beauchamp, in Warwickshire; and of Multon and Percy in the north.

  • She was sent back, however, in a moment by the entrance of Captain Wentworth himself, among a party of gentlemen and ladies, evidently his acquaintance, and whom he must have joined a little below Milsom Street.

  • His good looks and his rank had one fair claim on his attachment; since to them he must have owed a wife of very superior character to any thing deserved by his own.

  • Surely not; and it must have been a passing impulse only which had led him to address her so softly.

  • If it is my name I must have it, mustn't I?

  • We must have a long talk together--but not just now.

  • When you displayed the gold last night it drew my attention and I must have dreamed of it.

  • I think I must have dropped my pocketbook," she said.

  • I must have time to think, and time perhaps to get hold of the gold.

  • If they do--but I must have time to think the matter over.

  • I had it in my hand when I left the hotel, but I had something on my mind and I think I must have dropped it without noticing.

  • I must have a little more time," she whispered.

  • She had been told that she must have a green gauze dress, and where was it to come from?

  • He must have a lot of teaching, but not the kind he'll get from you!

  • If a deep river had been between us, I must have crossed it.

  • But you said you thought it must have been me always.

  • It must have been a very long time ago, upon one of his previous visits to the ranch.

  • Here, if ever, he must have a sense of her nearness.

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    must accept; must acknowledge; must allow; must become; must believe; must call; must endeavor; must have; must hold; must judge; must marry; must meet; must needs; must obey; must only; must read; must regard; must return; must think; must trust; must turn; must understand; must write; neither should; steam pressure; this poor