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callant; callants; callate; callated; calld; calledst; callen; caller; callers; calles
  1. Besides these, from each sixth, thirty citizens were chosen, who, with the Credenza and the twelve Buono Uomini, were called the General Council.

  2. He was the first who felt the importance of spiritual weapons; for the pope called a council at Rome, and deprived Henry of both the empire and the kingdom.

  3. Finding the danger so pressing, they called together the colleagues and those citizens who with the syndics of the arts were endeavoring to effect the union of the city.

  4. The ancient nobility, called the GREAT, could not bear to be deprived of public honors; for the recovery of which they used their utmost exertions, and earnestly desired that authority might be restored to the Capitani di Parte.

  5. He thought that what could not easily be attended by pernicious consequences might be esteemed useful, but he could not imagine how an enterprise should be called advantageous in which the evils were certain and the utility doubtful.

  6. The Venetian garrison of the Old Citadel hearing an uproar, when the guards of the New were slaughtered, and again when the gate was forced, being now aware of the presence of enemies, raised an alarm, and called the people to arms.

  7. The necessities of the kingdom compelling the Count Giordano to return to Naples, he left at Florence as regal vicar the Count Guido Novallo, lord of Casentino, who called a council of Ghibellines at Empoli.

  8. Then one evening when he came home from a neighbour's house he was told that a man who had called to see him some time earlier was in the library.

  9. He was, however, called upon to help in dragging the sledge over an obstacle, and the difficulties of the way afterwards occupied his attention.

  10. Then a secret loses its value when people find it out, and it's perhaps news to you that a man from Canada called upon my uncle not long since with a story very like yours.

  11. His companions suspected that they were wasting time, but they followed him down hill, until Benson, who was a short distance to one side of them, called out.

  12. Blake's companion, the man I've mentioned, a former Indian officer called Benson.

  13. I suppose she couldn't have come down independently and called on him, because it would have excited remark; but that's not the question.

  14. On landing, he took the first train to Shropshire, but before going on to Sandymere called at Hazlehurst, where he had learned that Mrs. Keith was staying.

  15. It was difficult to see the print of Benson's shoes and Harding could not move a step alone, but they called out at intervals as Blake slowly helped him along, and at length a shadowy object loomed in front of them.

  16. By and by a deep baying broke out and swelled into a burst of thrilling sound, the horn called sharply, somebody shouted, and there was a rush of well-mounted riders towards a corner of the gorse.

  17. One afternoon a day or two before Blake's departure she called Millicent into her room and asked her abruptly: "Have you ever thought about your future?

  18. Richard Grenville, who did not utterly remove all vestiges of the original structure when building the present noble house called Buckland Abbey.

  19. Its clergy also were attached to the monasteries, built on monastic land, served by monastic clergy, and called after the saint by whom the monastery was founded.

  20. Of this magnificent priory (incorrectly called abbey) very little is left standing.

  21. As far as politics were concerned, the abbey was by far the most important in Scotland; indeed, so much was it used as a house of government that a new apartment had to be built called “Parliament Hall.

  22. The limestone rocks which surround it are called the Eliseg Mountains, and it is supposed by some authorities that they are named from a church which stood in a meadow below, still known as “the meadow of the church.

  23. I am Isis," and the clairvoyant or astrologer or whatever she called herself, looked at her client closely.

  24. I have not called Madame Isis a clairvoyant.

  25. I've only just begun on this case, and I wish I'd been called sooner.

  26. Fancy my going to a clairvoyant, or seer or whatever she called her!

  27. They say a Dago woman called up headquarters and told the story.

  28. He called up headquarters and asked Inspector Collins if that were the music he heard before.

  29. But as I was called to Philadelphia today on an important matter, I wrote him that I would come here to this house to see him this evening, and give him the report he wanted.

  30. You are prepared to swear it all as a witness, if called on?

  31. The situation was too grave to allow of what Avice called "striking out"!

  32. For one thing, the worst point against Landon is that person who telephoned and called Mr. Trowbridge 'uncle'.

  33. Illustration] [Illustration] He shook his reins, and called his steed To bear him swiftly on.

  34. It was called "The Challenge," or "Coming Events cast their Shadows before Them.

  35. The other (so like her sister that only her mother could distinguish them) was called Anne, and married a Comte de Bois something.

  36. He stopped at the restaurant and called for a glass of white wine, and rising in his stirrups, shouted gayly for Monsieur et Madame Grigoux.

  37. He called it 'dreaming true,' and by long practice, he told me, he had brought the art of doing this to perfection.

  38. I could now evoke her at will; and, with her, many buried memories were called out of nothingness into life.

  39. God spake to him by wealth; the world outpoured 5 Its treasures at his feet, and called him lord; Van Elsen's heart grew fat And proud thereat.

  40. We must know whether the question is asked for information, or whether its purpose is to give information; that is, whether it is only another way of making an assertion--what is sometimes called a question of appeal.

  41. By the unsearchable counsels of the Disposer of Events he has been called suddenly, and without warning, to his account.

  42. Of a notable prince, that was called king John; And he ruled England with maine and with might, For he did great wrong, and maintein'd little right.

  43. Even the blind can now see whether the patriot or the so-called "practical man" did most for Scotland's advantage.

  44. Yet, somehow, Captain Brown made himself respected in Cranford, and was called upon, in spite of all resolutions to the contrary.

  45. This is called initial or radical stress (>).

  46. This is called thorough stress: If every ducat in six thousand ducats Were in six parts, and every part a ducat, I would not draw them; I would have my bond.

  47. And he called one of the servants, and asked what these things meant.

  48. If this be, as I think it is, the one distinctive feature of his character, it seems to explain away what are called the inconsistencies of his life.

  49. The man called Lee slung the rifle and began to dump the ashes from his pipe.

  50. The man called Richard Lee began to refill his pipe methodically.

  51. He glanced at the indicator-screen to make sure he was getting the indoctrination he called for, and then sat down in the chair and lowered the helmet over his head, inserting the ear plugs and fastening the chin strap.

  52. The grass was wet as Verkan Vall--who reminded himself that here he was called Richard Lee--crossed the yard from the farmhouse to the ramshackle barn, in the early autumn darkness.

  53. There was a sliding door at one side of this; the man called Richard Lee opened and entered through it, closing it behind him.

  54. It's reproduction of something that's called a Sharp's Model '37 .

  55. It serves also to defend one from the rain, and then it is called by some /parapluie/ (umbrella).

  56. Sometimes the Sunshades called 'Marquises' were edged with lace, which gave them rather a ragged appearance; or having the shape of little Umbrellas, the Sunshades could serve at need against a sudden storm.

  57. One of the most usual of their dances, managed something like our ballets, is called the Rain-dance.

  58. What is called the triumph of Christianity is more accurately the triumph of Judaism, and to Israel fell the singular privilege of giving a god to the world.

  59. Seneca and Epictetus, who venerated him, would have been the first to have been surprised at the resemblance, had they been called upon to institute a comparison.

  60. In his astonishment Ned called to his chum.

  61. Major," called out Ned as the truck men climbed out of the car, "these men were very obliging and careful.

  62. The "Doorway of the Sun" as Alan called it, led into a chamber about fifteen feet square.

  63. The contract with Buck called for thirty dollars a day in money and food for himself and a helper.

  64. And even though the vigilant Elmer called from within, the boys stood and gazed in silence until the last glow had died away and the land of their hopes was lost under the stars.

  65. It was extra work for "Smoky," who took his new name with a mild protest; but when he called the crew to the meal it was apparent that he harbored no resentment.

  66. Another, another," called Ned springing up the fragile length of the doubly laden ladder.

  67. Putting on all the dignity that his sixteen years would permit he called on the manager of the amusement park.

  68. Now lower your drag rope and an empty ballast bag," called Ned.

  69. The Cibola from Clarkeville, New Mexico," called Ned in reply, "exploring.

  70. Just before the farewells Alan called Ned to one side and said: "Hadn't you better take my bag?

  71. In the East it would have been called a livery stable.

  72. He called God and St. George to witness that he was willing even now to settle the dispute by mediation; but if that were refused, there was nothing left for it but to fight.

  73. A sect of fanatics, called the Flagellants, arose and wandered over all parts of Europe.

  74. His mind seems only to have been occupied with the desire of making his court gay and pleasant, instead of furthering the true interests of the people whom he was called upon to govern.

  75. He was first called into political prominence in 1366, when Edward III.

  76. For seventy years the seat of the Papacy remained there, and this has been called the time of the Babylonish captivity.

  77. He called for wine, which he and his knights drank, and then stood ready to fight.

  78. He wrote another poem on the occasion of the death of the Duchess Blanche, in 1369, called the Book of the Duchess, in which he expresses the grief of the Duke of Lancaster.

  79. One day, when the Prince was in good humour, he called Du Guesclin to him, and asked him how he was.

  80. When the season was sufficiently advanced, he called together the chief Gascon lords, and told them what preparations he had made, and how he was going to leave the country under their care.

  81. His generous emotions were not called out by the piteous suffering of women and children, but by the brave fighting of men-at-arms.

  82. During his absence Queen Philippa remained at Ghent, and there gave birth to her third son John, who, from the city of his birth, was ever afterwards called John of Gaunt.

  83. He governed by French ministers, and called in French help against his own subjects.

  84. In attempting to form any true idea of the condition of the lower orders of society in those times, of their hardships and grievances, we are much aided by the poem of William Langland, called the Vision of Piers the Plowman.

  85. These vast dominions really made the Angevin Kings, so called from their descent from Geoffrey of Anjou, foreign rather than English rulers.

  86. In his new dominions he had become the neighbour of Spain, and he was now called upon to interfere in Spanish affairs.

  87. Friend endeavoured to avoid committing himself to what is called sympathy with the South.

  88. However, the question of delay is one which the House in all probability will be called upon to decide on another occasion.

  89. Gentleman, a great authority in this House, who once said, when similarly challenged, that he should produce his plan when he was called in.

  90. I called at the house of an old farmer of the name of Stafford, who lived in a very good house, the best farm-house, I think, that I had seen since leaving Dublin.

  91. It is asserted that what is called 'international law' has been broken by the seizure of the Southern Commissioners on board an English trading steamer by a steamer of war of the United States.

  92. He told me that he believed that a very large portion of what he called the poor, amongst Irishmen, sympathized with any scheme or any proposition that was adverse to the Imperial Government.

  93. I judged it would come to this," answered Burley, "when such as thou wert called into the council of the elders.

  94. Such is the outline, however feebly expressed, of the celebrated General Thomas Dalzell, [Note: Usually called Tom Dalzell.

  95. Cuddie took the horse to the little cow-house, and called to his wife to attend in the mean while to the stranger's accommodation.

  96. They were, in general, smart, active young fellows, and were usually called by their companions, the Marksmen of Milnwood.

  97. There are us two, and the laird says he can get a desperate fighting Whig fellow, called Quintin Mackell, that has an old grudge at Evandale.

  98. The provocation for this unmanly violence was, that the prisoner had called the fierce veteran "a Muscovy beast, who used to roast men.

  99. The stranger looked at her with great earnestness for a moment, and then replied, "I am seeking a place called Fairy Knowe, and a man called Cuthbert Headrigg.

  100. When Morton had passed his word to that effect, Claverhouse bowed civilly, and, turning away from him, called for his sergeant-major.

  101. Two o'er the rest superior rose, And proud demanded mightier foes, 635 Nor called in vain; for Douglas came.

  102. A rectangular shawl-like garment made of the checkered cloth called tartan.

  103. He was called in Gaelic "Gilliemore," or sword-man.

  104. Few events of importance except the successive appearances of "our buiks" as Tom Purdie called his master's novels, and an occasional visit to London or the continent, intervened to break the busy monotony of this Abbotsford life.

  105. She was one of the managers of an institution called "The Home of the Friendless," and favored it more than any of her other charities.

  106. Helen Darby, come here," she called to one of her classmates.

  107. Edna wanted to tell about Phil Blaney, but didn't know just what to do about it, especially when Louis called her a telltale for thinking of such a thing.

  108. Edna had just finished her letter when Ellen called her.

  109. Edna was quite ready to share with Dorothy the pretty little brass bedstead, but she did not lie awake long, and in the morning was very loath to move when Dorothy called her.

  110. That was what my mother called me, Mrs. Ryan used to say, and it sounded so natural.

  111. Now go to bed, and try to get up when you are called so as to be ready for Sunday-school.

  112. Edna trembled in her shoes at what might be awaiting her, and when her aunt called her solemnly to her room the child felt as if she were going before a dreadful court of justice.

  113. Phil encouraged the younger boy to be as defiant as possible, telling him he was a coward to stand being badgered by old "goggle-eyes," as he called Professor Horner.

  114. After supper Edna and Louis played quietly with a queer old-fashioned game, called "The War of the Revolution;" it was played by using a teetotum and counters.

  115. Certainly not that little literary prig he called his "Mouche.

  116. Having delivered himself thus myteriously, he shut himself up in obstinate silence until Helen Rolleston called again, two days afterward.

  117. It was a convict called Butt, who had come over in the ship with him.

  118. Old Mr. White called on General Rolleston with a long face, and told him James Seaton had disappeared.

  119. These were joined in due course by another of his satellites, a young seal he called Tommy, also fond of fishing.

  120. She called on them, and sent in her card.

  121. He was a docile animal, and in a very short time consented to make one of "the happy family," as Hazel called the miscellaneous crew that beset him.

  122. I was called simply and solely to prove Penfold did not write the forged note; I proved it to the judge's satisfaction, and he directed the prisoner to be acquitted on that count.

  123. The very day General Rolleston became Sir Edward, a man and a woman called at the Charing Cross Hotel, and asked for Miss Helen Rolleston.

  124. Seaton called up two more clerks, and sent one to the boat and one on board the barge.

  125. But pain, like everything, intermits, and in those blessed intervals his mind was more active than ever, and ran a great deal upon what he called the Problem.

  126. He returned, dragging the foremast and foresail, which were small, and called Welch out.

  127. Now she was a slave to her word and constant of purpose; so when she found she could not sail in the Shannon, she called again on Messrs.

  128. He called on them as a possible tenant, with a desire to purchase the property outright if his proposal could be entertained.

  129. At last, with a tightening of his lips and a gathering sternness in his eyes, he placed five louis on the red, the number previously called being thirteen.

  130. Because we certainly did suspect a mysterious personage who called himself Sydney H.

  131. He was loth to allege that which we did not feel called upon to deny.

  132. She knew him instantly, and listened with evident anger to her mother's explanation that "this gentleman has just called to see you, dear.

  133. Because my brother entered into what he called a 'deal' with them.

  134. Our representative called at Wensley House, Portman Square, but was informed that Sir Charles was in Yorkshire.

  135. After he left, the headmaster changed the school to a place called Seton Lodge, at Putney, on account of cramming operations for Army exams.

  136. It seems that she called here twice before she caught me at home.

  137. Because two detectives have been bothering me, and every other person in these mansions, about some mysterious lady who called here two months ago.

  138. I don't know what his reason was for assuming my name, which he undoubtedly did, as the agent called this morning, and I find the flat is taken in my name.

  139. The so-called Corbett was in Monte Carlo, but had possibly disguised himself under another name.

  140. Mrs. Hillmer rose, made an effort to choke back her agitation, went out, and called to the maid for tea.

  141. And in the place where it was said to them, `No people of Mine are you,' there shall they be called sons of the everliving God.

  142. Are we not also loudly called upon to lay aside this prophane Diversion, by the late dreadful Storm, terrible beyond that which we are told was felt in the Year 1636?

  143. Sir William had not called upon the old gentleman for eight years--it was that visit he was thinking of returning.

  144. As for "tickers," as poor Rawdon called watches, her apartments were alive with their clicking.

  145. When the elder Osborne gave what he called "a hint," there was no possibility for the most obtuse to mistake his meaning.

  146. The times were very much changed since the period when she drove to Mudbury in the spring-cart and called the small tradesmen "Sir.

  147. Becky's door; he had called her Madame the day before, and was by no means courteous to her.

  148. Emmy's head sank down, and for almost the last time in which she shall be called upon to weep in this history, she commenced that work.

  149. When she called Sedley a very handsome man, she knew that Amelia would tell her mother, who would probably tell Joseph, or who, at any rate, would be pleased by the compliment paid to her son.

  150. Sinless she to the world was given, And so remains, thus pure and fair, Her soul is called again to heaven, And angel joys await it there!

  151. Malachi called the Strawberry, and told her to speak to Percival about his home and his mother, and every thing connected with the farm.

  152. We are now called upon to give it up to the rightful owner.

  153. The northern whales are black--they are called the black whales; but the southern, or spermaceti whales, are not so dark in color.

  154. After a long examination, Malachi called the Strawberry, and pointing to the edge of the water, asked her to look there.

  155. I called her the 'Strawberry,' because I found her under a bush close to the ground, and among strawberry plants which were growing there.

  156. The river upon which they embarked, at that time little known to the Europeans, is now called the river Thames, and the town built upon it is named London.

  157. The blank, soundless yard troubled him so much that at last he called to the red-haired policeman and begged to be put into a cell in preference; and to the common cell he was, accordingly, conducted.

  158. I also am called Love," said he gently, "and I am called Joy.

  159. The desire of a man shall be Beauty, but he has fashioned a slave in his mind and called it Virtue.

  160. I am called Infinite Joy, O daughter of Murrachu, and I am called Love.

  161. Voice called to voice without ceasing, and, momently, a song thrilled for a few wide seconds.

  162. I have heard," the girl replied, "two things called the greatest things.

  163. Listen here," he called to the others, "this man is looking for Angus Og.

  164. You, O Woman, who are walking in the valleys of anger, have called to us in your heart, therefore we are waiting for you on the side of the hill.

  165. It was situated in a cosy little bower in the outskirts, and was called "The Retreat.

  166. It seems eminently felicitous that heaven should be called home; for the name is associated with the sweetest, purest, holiest joys that are experienced in this life.

  167. They said important business called them away; but I am almost certain they made business in order to escape the duty.

  168. This called forth a remonstrance from her, and she pointed out to them how selfish and sinful it was to talk as they had been doing.

  169. She might not by some be called a beauty, for she could not boast of classic regularity of feature; but no one could be long in her presence without yielding the, tribute which, at first sight, he was chary of giving.

  170. Circumstances, however, had already occurred which caused Ruth very much uneasiness of mind, and sometimes when a friend called she had to absent herself for a short time until she had removed the traces of her tears.

  171. I think he was glad that Peters called him out.

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    Other words:
    named; styled; titled

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