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Example sentences for "caller"

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callated; calld; called; calledst; callen; callers; calles; callest; callet; calleth
  1. They had thought, on hearing the ring, that the caller was probably Mr. Himes, the holder of the mortgage, coming for his interest.

  2. Tell him I can't leave my baking just now, and as there is a lady caller in the sitting-room, and no fire in the parlor, this is the only place where we can have a comfortable private talk.

  3. They're bonnie fish and halesome farin' Wha'll buy my caller herrin', New drawn frae the Forth?

  4. Sae true his heart, sae smooth his tongue; His breath's like caller air; His very fit has music in 't As he comes up the stair.

  5. For no matter how unwelcome the caller at a Boer house may be, he is always offered the hospitality of the country--a cup of coffee.

  6. Going round to the back door, which was also locked, the caller rapped more vigorously still.

  7. The hand of the suspicious-looking caller had lifted involuntarily to his breast pocket; a mechanical movement such as a young gentleman might make who was reaching for a cigarette case.

  8. The caller took it, said something in those same blithe significant accents about what would happen if the other made a move in the next two or three minutes, then vanished from the store.

  9. The caller made no reply to the curt question.

  10. You may remember that I told you over the 'phone that I had a caller this afternoon," she began.

  11. Boards can be contacted from anywhere in the global telephone network, at NO COST to the person running the board--the caller pays the phone bill, and if the caller is local, the call is free.

  12. Caller Herrin'' to follow--though what kind of herrings caller herrings are I've never been able to discover.

  13. It had to be called for; and in order to let the servant know to whom he was to carry it, the caller was obliged to specify his partner aloud.

  14. Sae sweet his voice, sae smooth his tongue His breath's like caller air; His very fit has music in't, As he comes up the stair.

  15. Just a caller on a business matter," I answered, hurriedly.

  16. You ain't asked who your other caller was," she observed.

  17. When the Atwaters owned it I was an occasional caller there, for old Major Atwater was fond of shooting and sometimes borrowed my decoys.

  18. I had rather suspected that my caller might be he, or some other messenger from the big house.

  19. Lute and Dorinda discussed the caller at the supper table until I was constrained to leave the room.

  20. This, from Dorinda, was high praise, and I wondered what the caller had said or done to win such a triumph.

  21. The breakfast dishes had not long been washed and put away when another caller arrived at the camp.

  22. All its history for generations was rolled up inside it upon a piece of paper yellow with age, until some caller took the paper to light his pipe.

  23. One constant caller looked at me with much hostility, John F.

  24. The yardmaster has one caller and the roundhouse foreman another.

  25. This letter Beethoven sent to Peters from Baden on September 13 in evidence of his presumption that Piringer, who was a daily caller at the Steiner establishment, had gossipped about the relations between him and Peters.

  26. You still have that smock-frock on and the caller has arrived.

  27. I shall be on time, easily, but the caller has not kept his appointment.

  28. Good morning, Jay," called the editor, who was able to see the caller from his chair at the breakfast table.

  29. The widow was speaking in a high-pitched voice, reprimanding the caller for having misled her regarding the record stone found on her land.

  30. The caller stepped across the threshold and the door swung shut.

  31. The clerk returned, smiling with extreme graciousness, and informed the caller that he was to walk straight back.

  32. She folded her hands primly, and held up her bonneted head in the darkness, like some decorous and formal caller who might expect at any moment to hear the soft, heavy step of the host upon the creaking stair and his voice in the room.

  33. After an hour's rest, during which the caller drank water until they feared for its effect on him, he filled his water bags from the water hole and lashed them to his pony and mounted.

  34. He the caller was a 'number one blad man,' only he expressed it with some further words to emphasize his point.

  35. By the way, Mr. Lang, we had another caller, a distant caller to-day.

  36. I have an idea that our late caller must have heard them and that it was he who answered.

  37. I went to the Chicago Convention," the caller said, "as a friend of Mr. Seward.

  38. This was a point the caller was not willing to debate, and so he cut his call short.

  39. The caller was engaged in a voluble endeavor to put his capabilities in the most favorable light, when the President interrupted him with the remark that he would be compelled to make the interview short, as his doctor was due.

  40. It was Lincoln's custom to hold an informal reception once a week, each caller taking his turn.

  41. The caller talked fluently, but at no time did he give advice or suggest a way to put down the Confederacy.

  42. If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow-citizens," he said to a caller at the White House, "you can never regain their respect and esteem.

  43. Then she stopped and looked at her caller in some distress.

  44. The caller looked somewhat amazed when Helen ushered her into the room.

  45. The caller broached the reason for her visit at once, when she saw Mr. Starkweather.

  46. She led the caller through the hall to Mary Boyle's little suite of rooms.

  47. It is in bad taste for a caller to preface his or her departure by consulting a watch, remarking, "Now I must go," or insinuating that the hostess is weary of the visitor.

  48. If strangers are in the room when a caller rises to leave, courtesy requires only a slight bow in passing.

  49. Train the door-servant to admit any caller promptly, show them to the parlor, bring up their cards at once, and return with your answer or message.

  50. Let the first caller watch for a favorable opportunity to retire gracefully.

  51. It is a breach of etiquette for a caller to open or shut a door, raise or lower a window curtain, or in any way alter the arrangement of a room.

  52. A yard caller had summoned the train-crew while the roundhouse caller was rounding up the two men of the engine-crew.

  53. The caller tells the engineer and fireman to report at the roundhouse at 5:45 A.

  54. For the first of these there is a smile--the caller is a big shipper, big enough to go to the head of the line and have instant access to the boss.

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