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Example sentences for "asked"

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ask; askance; askant; askaris; aske; asken; askest; asketh; askin; asking
  1. It may be asked why this neglect of a territory, which would seem so tempting to the colonist?

  2. Had any one but you asked that question, I would--Deceived!

  3. Oft had she asked herself the question whither he went afterwards!

  4. When asked by Cypriano to explain himself, he is silent; and appealed to, he answers by evasion.

  5. She has heard the question asked by Aguara, recognising his voice; heard also the dull thud of his club as it descended on the skull of the unfortunate man; and now again hears the trampling of hoofs renewed and drawing nearer.

  6. I was once asked to buy some wine bearing that label for 2s.

  7. Southampton, immediately entered the first public-house, and asked for 'two nobblers of English ale.

  8. The reply was in a rather nervous voice from the younger man, who blushed as he asked the favour: 'Do you know anyone who has got a lawn-tennis court?

  9. One girl we had frankly asked my wife to allow her to take a dress she admired to her dressmaker, in order that she might have one made up like it.

  10. Imagine the man's misery when dessert came on the table, and he was asked whether he would take a slice of pear!

  11. Highlanders are asked to whom they belonged, they say that they were the houses of the Drinnich or Trinnich, i.

  12. Now, if any Highlander were asked his opinion as to the former inhabitants of the "sheeans," he would have but one answer to give.

  13. Then the King asked the fourth shepherd to say what he thought.

  14. Here is a poem of James Stephens, showing a child's taste for sensational things: A man was sitting underneath a tree Outside the village, and he asked me What name was upon this place, and said he Was never here before.

  15. So the shopkeeper went to the chemist and asked him for a dye, and the chemist gave him a bottle of red liquid, telling him to pick a white rose and to dip its stalk into the liquid and the rose would turn blue.

  16. After dinner the queen sent for Sturla and asked him to come to her and bring the troll-wife story along with him.

  17. See Chapter on Questions asked by Teachers.

  18. The man after a while came to him and asked him where he came from.

  19. I remember a kindergarten teacher saying that on one occasion, when she had told to the class a thrilling story of a knight, one of the children immediately asked for permission to draw a picture of him on the blackboard.

  20. In illustration of the first point, I recall an experience in the north of England when the head mistress of an elementary school asked me to hear a young inexperienced girl tell a story to a group of very small children.

  21. They asked all the judges, but none of them could tell the law of the matter.

  22. She asked him to tell the same story he had told overnight.

  23. Some years ago, when I was in America, I was asked to put into the form of lectures my views as to the educational value of telling stories.

  24. In the morning they came to her and asked her how she had slept.

  25. The stories given are chiefly taken from my own repertoire, and have been so constantly asked by teachers that I am glad of an opportunity of presenting them in full.

  26. Lady Frances turned from her friend with tears, and asked her no more questions.

  27. She asked delay, and I granted till this morning.

  28. A long silence followed; each ruminating on his own prospects and projects: it was at length broken by Walter, who abruptly asked if Robin was sure he had taken the right path.

  29. He immediately asked for the French word for "No," and vowed solemnly to ever after use that word when in conversation with Frenchmen on railroads or elsewhere.

  30. A traveler stopped with him one night, and the next morning asked for his bill.

  31. Later he was asked if he had kept his pledge.

  32. We asked our guide how these people managed to keep the breath of life in them.

  33. At its conclusion the father asked every man in the parish to come at once with his spade and put that earth back.

  34. His poor, outraged stomach rebelled against it, the very smell of it was death, and the taste worse than death, and yet he was asked if he could not endure 'another one!

  35. Seeing a little low, thatched cabin just off the road, we asked in all simplicity, if it had any history, for by this time it was beginning to dawn upon us that almost everything in that vicinity had some story connected with it.

  36. He was asked if his abused system could not be further outraged.

  37. At some of the very best it will be furnished, if very forcibly asked for, but then in too small quantities to be satisfactory to an American, who is accustomed to taking his drinks ice cold.

  38. When we returned we found Tibbitts sitting in the arbor, with a pile of manuscript before him, and we asked what he had been doing.

  39. I never dared to object again, but whenever I asked a question I offered the penny, and I did not find any one too proud to take it.

  40. I can't go back on my word, and if he asked me that I certainly promised to do it, and if I have to do it I shall have to borrow it of you.

  41. One morning I asked him to go with me to inspect a machine shop which was one of the lions of the place.

  42. So said one of the seamen when asked why the steamer had been stopped.

  43. She desired more speed, and asked an old man, who was supposed to know everything, how she could accelerate the matter.

  44. She had no history to tell him in exchange; she asked only to listen and to comfort.

  45. By-and-by the others began to copy them, and someone asked M.

  46. In their different ways, each had been moved; each had relied upon the other for a degree of help which could not be asked in words, and had not been disappointed.

  47. A moment later she blamed herself for having asked his forbearance by a look, and him for his confidence in seeking that look.

  48. That will depend, sir, on whether I am asked or no.

  49. At a gathering of instructors of the University of Prague to organize a sociological institute, I was asked to tell some of the things we do here.

  50. He asked him to go to his house, in the rue du Rocher, where he had assembled several members of the Legislative Body.

  51. The officers having recognised him, though not in uniform, came up to him, and asked him for information as to what was going to happen.

  52. They asked Bernadotte what he thought of the events of the day.

  53. He wondered if Mrs Menzies, of Hither Hall, would call if he asked her to do so.

  54. I asked you to come here to tell you to go on .

  55. I have asked you to come so that you may be the last thing I see; you, the fairest.

  56. You said, if I'd asked you to marry me you .

  57. She seldom asked questions, and never expressed pleasure, displeasure or surprise.

  58. Did you want to see the house, mum,' asked the woman.

  59. She knew very well that Neville would hardly ask her to marry him and that she would refuse if he did; she knew less well what she would do if he asked her to love him.

  60. With her heart pounding with excitement she asked for the paper in a choked voice, refusing the halfpenny change.

  61. Why do you do that, Vicky,' he asked once.

  62. He asked her for a flower from her dress; she wouldn't give it him; he reached over and pulled one away.

  63. She almost ran up and down as half-past one struck and the young men asked for coffees, small coffees, small blacks, china teas.

  64. If he had asked me to marry him I wouldn't have done it.

  65. She had been asked a question and answered it.

  66. If this be so, it may be asked to which of the two causes must be ascribed the mutiny at the Nore, etc.

  67. Having stated that when he went below to get some things he saw Peter Heywood in his berth, and told him to go into the boat, he was asked by the Court if Heywood was prevented by any force from going upon deck, he answered, 'No.

  68. Mr. Fryer then asked him to give a better boat than the cutter; he said, 'No, that boat is good enough.

  69. I asked Mr. Graham, who is at my elbow, if he would say anything to you, "Lord!

  70. We have, however, written to the Consul at Valparaiso and asked him if he can give us any information.

  71. They went to Washington, accused the Consul of being in league with the Sam Yups, and asked that he be dismissed.

  72. His resignation has been asked for from Madrid, and another officer has been appointed in his place.

  73. When Orkhan led his first 1,000 boys to a dervish priest to bless them, he flung the sleeve of his robe over the head of one of them, and asked that the great God of Mahomet would make "their arrows keen, and their swords deadly.

  74. I found only one that referred to this business, however, and it was but a string of questions to be asked of this Mister O'Donnell.

  75. One man, indeed, asked my father for my hand when I was a girl of fifteen; but my father saved me the trouble of saying no, by valuing me at too high a price to part with me.

  76. Master Falgate, be as silent as a church mouse, I command you, and answer not more than a monosyllable, whatever is asked you.

  77. You passed me as I sat by the well watching for Lord Walton's return, to tell him what they plotted against him; and you asked your way, and spoke kindly to me.

  78. He looked full in the officer's face, with the stare of a stranger, for very nearly a minute, and then civilly asked him if he would not sit down and join their party.

  79. Some three or four minutes elapsed without any one appearing to answer this noisy summons; but at length an old white-headed man came out, and asked cautiously, before he let down the bridge, Who was there?

  80. He done me a good turn onct an' he never asked no odds off'en no one.

  81. Only when I am asked out to tea I am never offered any.

  82. Mr. Wilde asked for a copy, and was given one of the complete edition.

  83. Asked whether the passage in its ordinary meaning did not suggest a certain charge, witness stated that it described Dorian Gray as a man of very corrupt influence, though there was no statement as to the nature of his influence.

  84. He asked again and again to be relieved of his duties--the machinery he had set up being in excellent running order.

  85. Early in 1919 Lord Inverforth was asked to clear up war's rubbish-heap.

  86. I once asked a Cabinet Minister how it was that a man of such conspicuous quality had failed to win office.

  87. On leaving the War Office that same day, after having mobilized the British Army, he went across to the Foreign Office and was there stopped by a certain soldier who asked him how many divisions he was sending to France.

  88. I asked him what he thought was in my friend's mind.

  89. He was asked on one occasion if he had been a little unscrupulous in getting his way at the Admiralty.

  90. Mr. Churchill informed Lord Fisher of the facts of the European situation, and asked him for advice.

  91. He was once asked if politics were more to him than any other pursuit of mankind.

  92. He is not the great organizer that people suppose; all the organization of his business has been done by Lord Rothermere, a very able man of business; nor is he the inspirational genius one is so often asked to believe.

  93. Wilde explained the Paris visit by saying that Schwabe had arranged to take Atkins to Paris, but being unable to leave at the time appointed he asked Wilde to take charge of the youth, and he did so out of friendship for Schwabe.

  94. He, the learned judge, asked the jury to apply their minds solely to the evidence which had been given.

  95. The foreman of the jury, interposing at this stage, asked whether a warrant had been issued for the arrest of Lord Alfred Douglas and if not, whether it was intended to issue one.

  96. In conclusion, Mr. Gill asked the jury to give the case, painful as it must necessarily be, their most earnest and careful consideration.

  97. Taylor was also asked if he had not actually obtained a living since his bankruptcy by procuring lads and young men for rich gentlemen whom he knew to be given to this vice.

  98. About two hours ago, Atkins, I asked you these very questions and you swore upon your oath that you had not been in custody at all, and had never been taken to Rochester Road Police Station.

  99. Further examined, he said that Wilde on that occasion had given him two pounds and asked him to call upon him again a week later.

  100. The learned judge concluded by further directing the jury as to the issues, and asked them to form their opinions on the evidence, and to give the case their careful consideration.

  101. He was asked point-blank if he had not been given to sodomy from his early youth, and if he had not been expelled from a public-school for being caught in a compromising situation with a small boy in the lavatory.

  102. He said, "I was asked by Wilde to imagine that I was a woman and that he was my lover.

  103. He was examined at great length about these sonnets, and was also asked about the two letters written by him to Lord Alfred Douglas--letters that had been written before the publication of the above mentioned poems.

  104. He was also asked if he had not extracted large sums of money from wealthy men by threatening to accuse them of immoralities.

  105. If you thought that by deliberating a reasonable time you could arrive at a conclusion upon any of the questions I have asked you, I would ask you to do so.

  106. If it be asked when, I ask again, when shall a man begin to cease doing wrong?

  107. Being well acquainted with the partners, we asked one of them, on one occasion, why he refused to trust slave-driving merchants.

  108. I asked him, very politely, if he would have the kindness to tell me where any servants were to be found, as they did not answer the bell.

  109. For once the love of home was stronger than my pride, and I asked anxiously if he could tell me any thing of Miss Louisa Colman.

  110. I asked the sexton, who was just opening the church for an evening lecture, when Richard Colman died.

  111. Then I turned to the chapter containing Paul's speech before Agrippa, and asked him where he could match its eloquence.

  112. As he said this, Bennie, I asked myself whether it could be true that I did not even love my mother, and tried to think whether I had ever made the least sacrifice of my will to her comfort.

  113. I asked him what made a hero,--if it was not courage in the time of danger.

  114. I reminded him then of some of the Grecian orators, who made themselves immortal by their speeches, when their country was in danger, and asked if their words were not considered heroic.

  115. I asked a little boy whom we met what they were about, and he replied, that they were escorting a great British general, who had just come over to the Provinces.

  116. Then he asked what this island was called, and the mariners answered that of old it was called Jerusalem.

  117. He then asked if anyone knew of the whereabouts of any American spy.

  118. Every fifteen minutes from ten o’clock on, Vince or Max asked Dick if it weren’t time to start yet.

  119. Dick helped by holding the few tools in his hands and giving them to Tony when he asked for them.

  120. They asked each other a dozen times if old Tomaso would really be able to steal that Gestapo colonel’s uniform.

  121. Hm—that reminds me—Tony asked if sometime when we were out alone at night I wouldn’t sing Celeste Aïda for him.

  122. Then the general asked for questions, and he answered them for half an hour until the six men felt that they knew every detail of the plan, every action that was expected of them.

  123. And then if they knew who I was, I’d always be asked to be singing here and there, at shows and camps and such.

  124. They haven’t even bothered around the villa itself, though, except once when that Gestapo colonel asked about this bell tower.

  125. When each one eagerly said, “Yes,” Dick next asked how well the volunteer could swim.

  126. Philip, commanding the boy to rise, asked him if he knew his father's name.

  127. Early in the morning, they waited upon his Highness, presented the document, and at the same time asked him plainly, by word of mouth, did he or did he not intend to uphold the treaty.

  128. They had, in reality, asked him but one question, and that a simple one--Would he maintain the treaty of Ghent?

  129. So, as soon as he got the letter, he went to Donegilde, the king's mother, and asked her if she had any message to send her son.

  130. How astonished she was when the duke, riding up to the hut, asked for her father.

  131. Bassanio was now terribly grieved, and asked the learned young counsellor to "wrest the law a little.

  132. He asked God to keep the cattle from injuring anybody, and to keep the men and Dave from becoming very drunk.

  133. Then she asked again, "Hast thou opened the thirteenth door?

  134. Still keeping up his disguise, Polixenes asked Florizel if he had no father to bid as a guest to his wedding.

  135. At this moment a messenger entered, bringing tidings from Antonio; which Bassanio reading, turned so pale that his lady asked him what was amiss.

  136. He began to sharpen a knife; and then Portia asked Antonio if he had anything to say.

  137. Together they repaired to the Jewish money-lender; and Antonio asked for three thousand ducats, to be repaid from the merchandise contained in his ships.

  138. Then the Angel perceived that the child's finger had become golden from touching the light, and she knew that the child was guilty; and she asked her for the third time, "Hast thou opened the thirteenth door?

  139. And when he asked her to become his queen she gladly consented, for she loved him because he had pitied and helped her.

  140. He never guessed what was coming, when the young counsellor gravely asked to look at the bond.

  141. As that lady arrived at the little cemetery gate, the passers-by asked aloud (for curiosity respects neither modesty nor grief) who might be that lady who passed on so sadly, and who it seemed had good cause for her sadness.

  142. I asked how he dared to enter my house unannounced.

  143. At last I understood Wanne's silence when I asked her where Mai Noie was.

  144. As Boy was reciting his tasks one morning before breakfast, Moonshee entered the room with one of his profoundest salaams, and an expression at once so earnest and so comical that I anxiously asked him what was the matter.

  145. But one, thinking that they were all gathered, asked another why yet they delayed, for the sun was near its setting, and it was time they set forth to go to Walhalla with their spoils.

  146. And though she cared not to know his name, she could not but do her husband's bidding, and she too asked him his name, if so be he would be willing to tell it.

  147. She laid loving hands upon his knees, and sat herself at his feet, and asked him tenderly to tell her what had befallen, for his look frightened and amazed her.

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