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Example sentences for "order that"

  • He had to have all of it, though, in order that he might have agents under him.

  • He had come home from his office very early in the afternoon, hoping to find Aileen there, in order that he might have a private interview with her, and by good luck found her in.

  • But before going, and after a sleepless night, he wrote his resignation to Frewen Kasson, the chairman of the board of directors, in order that he should be prepared to hand it to him, at once.

  • Besides, she had a thousand precautions to take, a thousand counsels to give to her defender, in order that he might avoid explanations with the count before witnesses.

  • Go and call upon him, in order that he may give evidence of your having been with him at half past nine.

  • D'Artagnan leaned upon the neck of his horse, in order that he might see without being seen.

  • D'Artagnan was not one of those foolhardy men who seek a ridiculous death in order that it may be said of them that they did not retreat a single step.

  • Then, in order that he might have nothing to reproach himself with, he directed his steps, for the last time, toward the residences of his three friends.

  • In order for a choice to become manifest, what is known as inhibition must come into play; an impulse to action must be checked in order that an opposing action can be effective.

  • As time goes on, alas, our own interests and purposes narrow down in order that we may succeed; there is less time and energy for friendship.

  • Women, we say, are more refined in their feelings than men, which is another way of saying they are more easily disgusted and therefore more easily injured.

  • Then Pharaoh began to tell his dream, only he omitted some points and narrated others inaccurately in order that he might test the vaunted powers of Joseph.

  • The wife of Potiphar would frequently speak to her husband in praise of Joseph's chastity in order that he might conceive no suspicion of the state of her feelings.

  • That was due to the providence of God; He had hindered the water from rising in them in order that Joseph's rescue might be accomplished, and the pits remained dry until Joseph was safe in the hands of the Ishmaelites.

  • He lived in a quiet style, in order that he might employ a larger share of his income in works of benevolence.

  • In order that he might complete the invention, which he now believed to be at hand, he resolved to build for himself a glass- furnace near his dwelling, where he might carry on his operations in secret.

  • It is also said they want helmets; order that they be made at Ebling.

  • Therefore no man should presume to take or give anything except as God has commanded, in order that it may be acknowledged as God's gift, and thanks may be rendered Him for it, as this commandment requires.

  • No; still there, but I only speak of him in order that I may introduce the name of another man.

  • Aramis opened the gate and faced around in order that D'Artagnan and Porthos might enter.

  • In order that my work might be fairly well based, I had, during my college days and my first stay abroad, begun collecting the private library which has added certainly to the pleasures, and probably to the usefulness, of my life.

  • He had gone through all the formalities perfectly, and, as his business permitted it, had decided to reside a year abroad in order that he might take the furniture of his apartment back to America free of duty.

  • I announced the existence of a new political element, in order that my associates in reform, developing it in concert, might arrive more promptly at that unity of principles which alone can assure to society a better day.

  • I must here declare freely--in order that I may not be suspected of secret connivance, which is foreign to my nature--that M.

  • These gentlemen want direct refutations, in order that, if they are beaten, they may have, at least, the selfish consolation of having been spoken of.

  • That night we examined and repaired our arms ere we lay down to rest, although we were much fatigued, in order that we might be in readiness to set out on our expedition at daylight on the following morning.

  • I transferred the patent to Mr. Merrick in order that it might be worked to our mutual advantage.

  • On several occasions he wished me to accompany him on his business journeys, in order that I might see some works that would supply me with valuable information.

  • Thus was time made in the image of the eternal nature; and it was created together with the heavens, in order that if they were dissolved, it might perish with them.

  • Time, then, and the heaven came into being at the same instant in order that, having been created together, if ever there was to be a dissolution of them, they might be dissolved together.

  • I have already convinced Louis of the necessity of getting roads made, in order that he may earn the reputation of a man interested in the welfare of his district.

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