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Example sentences for "saying that"

  • He protests against the revulsion from materialism by saying that "the sordider the stuff, the cunninger the workman's hand," and therefore the Maker may have made the world from matter.

  • You are not mistaken in saying that "Mr. George was unable to keep one of these expounders of his doctrine (a S.

  • Some six months ago a commercial traveller sent me substantially the same thing, saying that he had copied from the walls of a water closet in a Kentucky hotel.

  • Mr. Morley, too, gives a vivid picture of the time, saying that Italy of that date "presents some peculiarities that shed over her civilization a curious and deadly irridescence.

  • He refused to have his eyes bandaged, saying that he was not at all afraid of death; and he admitted the justice of his sentence, and was much regretted by the people.

  • Being taken back to Whitehall, he sent to the House of Commons, saying that as the time of his execution might be nigh, he wished he might be allowed to see his darling children.

  • I have written a little note of thanks, saying that we hope to have the pleasure of personally expressing our sense of Mrs. James's courtesy to-morrow.

  • He refused to allow her to do this, saying that he could quite easily be his own doctor in such a trifling matter as a cold.

  • He complimented him, saying that he should be glad to have many such skillful marksmen.

  • He embraced her, saying that it was imprudent for them to be talking, and he wished to climb out of the ditch to return to the forest.

  • I offered to manacure her nails for her, but she refused, saying that as Hannah had done it for many years, she guessed she could manage now.

  • But I made a speach, saying that if we weakened now what would we do in times of Real Danger?

  • Mademoiselle sent for me and objected, saying that it was not a theme for a young girl, and that I must write a new one, on the subject of pears.

  • In consideration of his youth, Will was urged to get upon the raft, but he declined, saying that he was not wounded, and that if the stream got too deep for him to wade, he could swim.

  • Another council of war was held, and a young chief arose, saying that he had made a hole in the wall of the trader's house, and had watched; and it was true the trader gave their friends black water.

  • The half-breed and the two unhappy Indians were brought before the council, and the young chief repeated his accusation, saying that if it were not true, they might fight him.

  • And again he returns to the same view, saying that "one form of exhalation is dense, hence easily inflammable and long retentive of fire, from which sort are especially generated comets.

  • Agricola asks Vadianus to give his views regarding the antipodes, saying that he himself does not know what to do, between the fathers on the one side and the learned men of modern times on the other.

  • Another subject which gave rise to much searching of Scripture and long trains of theological reasoning was the difference between the creation of man and that of other living beings.

  • Conscientious investigators in other parts of Europe, and especially in Italy, showed the same thing; all in vain.

  • It throws great light upon sundry claims by modern theologians to take charge of public instruction and of the evolution of science.

  • I felt for her, and interrupted her by saying that I at once expected her to accompany me.

  • I did not feel that I was guilty of any very culpable falsehood in saying that I was the husband of Manon.

  • He patted me on the cheek, saying that I was a fine boy, but that I should be on my guard in Paris, where young men were easily debauched.

  • Seryozha had come upon him in the hall, and had heard him plaintively beg the hall porter to announce him, saying that he and his children had death staring them in the face.

  • He turned to me, saying that up to this minute he had felt no positive assurance of success.

  • Or at my saying that I really believe I felt, even then, that you could be faithfully affectionate against all discouragement, and never cease to be so, until you ceased to live?

  • I did not go indoors again till Ephraim came to fetch me, saying that it was time I washed my hands for dinner.

  • They received it with displeasure, saying that I had disobeyed my orders, not only in acting as I had done; but in coming back to tell them.

  • When I answered him, he lost his temper, in sailor fashion, saying that if I said another word he'd make me sick that ever I learned to speak.

  • After saluting these officers, the captain made his report about us, saying that we were suspicious persons, who had started from Sialmouth, towards Dorchester.

  • And that is the man Humphrey goes on saying that a woman may be happy with.

  • But the roulades broke off suddenly, and then the servant came back saying that Mrs. Lydgate would be happy to see Mrs. Casaubon.

  • I mean that he ought not to put such questions until he has done something worthy, instead of saying that he could do it.

  • Some recent theorists have attempted to answer this question by saying that it constitutes a vital element in all aesthetic contemplation.

  • The women, after playfully pretending for some time to search for the god, desisted, saying that he had hidden himself among the Muses.

  • This seems to be a clumsy way of saying that it is a clear expression of the typical form of the species.

  • Then the king laughed, and clapped his hands, saying that at length his dream was answered; and he killed no more that day nor ever again--save once only.

  • But Unandi, Mother of the Heavens, answered, saying that it was well that the king had come, since his medicine would bring rest and peace to her who lay sick.

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    asked the; average daily; casus foederis; drew himself; five fathoms; hereby know; high reputation; insect pests; international peace; limestone rock; looking house; low water; minimum wage; moderate quantity; navigable rivers; regard iniquity; saying anything; saying good; saying something; saying that; saying thus; saying unto; saying what; thou true; told them; will remember