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Example sentences for "guard"

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  1. At the foot of the ladder lay a dragon of enormous size, who kept guard to turn back and terrify those that endeavoured to mount it.

  2. He endeavoured earnestly, night and day, when he had thither come, To guard well holy Church, and to uphold Christendom.

  3. The wolf might as safely mount guard in the midst of armed shepherds and their dogs, as demagogues and agitators place themselves in the ranks of the National Guard of Paris.

  4. The appearance of a large body of the National Guard too, when brought together, as at a review, in full military style, is very imposing.

  5. But, great as was the power of this critical show of volunteer strength among us, as a permanent force it was trifling when compared to the present National Guard of France.

  6. He would always manage to have a rusty bolt to scrub while his boat tarried at our town, and he would sit on the inside guard and scrub it, where we could all see him and envy him and loathe him.

  7. Tom had never jumped for the guard at all, but had plunged head-first into the river and dived under the wheel.

  8. Mott has come here to take the place of the guard that was here last night and nobody knows how long it'll be before some one else comes.

  9. Who'll go down in the barn and be guard for the night?

  10. Then I should say you were the one to stand guard to-morrow," said Will.

  11. Marines were called up from Chemulpo to guard the different legations, and some Americans even packed away their most necessary clothing and valuables, preparatory to fleeing to the port.

  12. Our minister’s card was shown to no apparent effect, except that the officer on guard offered to go up to the palace with it and obtain permission.

  13. As an officer had been severely punished only a few days before for refusing entrance to a foreign diplomat, who had left the palace gates in awful wrath, the men now on guard hesitated.

  14. Avison having been called for professionally, also joined them, and the three men met at the palace gates, where the guard at once refused to admit them, positive orders having been sent forbidding the entrance of any one.

  15. We were besieged by large crowds of people during our stay, so that we were obliged to ask for a guard at the gate.

  16. The Japanese had assured Korea’s independence and a small body-guard was all that was needed.

  17. The soldiers were just getting up for "reveille," when the guard saw Bennett coming with the Indians, they driving and whipping him with their bows.

  18. After that hour, through the earnest solicitations of a guard despatched by Colonel Aspinwall, whose fixed bayonets presented an unanswerable argument, the surrounding male population volunteered (?

  19. Hast thou loved the white locks of thy father, whose sword thou didst guard 80 When he trusted thee forth with the armies, for glorious reward?

  20. There was no time to return or wait for the other pair, for the guard was alarmed by the sentry's shot, and their accoutrements might be heard rattling near at hand, as they turned hastily out.

  21. And assuredly the inert and unsympathising attitude of the Paris national guard contributed more than anything else to deter Louis Philippe from resisting by force the progress of the February revolutionists.

  22. For England needs to guard 'gainst future strife That backing up which comes from rural life.

  23. And a stately ship she was, as she came majestically along, hauled by a squad in sailor costume, while a troop of instructors from the Fort walked alongside as a guard of honour to the good vessel.

  24. He was much distressed, and spent most of his days on the bridge under a temporary covering, with a guard of marines as his protection.

  25. We sent sails ashore, improvised tents, and landed provisions and a guard of marines.

  26. I simply marched them off with a small guard of sailors to a tree a mile or so from camp, where they were executed.

  27. At night we had to row careful guard round the ships.

  28. Millions of money were consigned from Germany to the German Embassy in Constantinople, and delivered under military guard at the Deutsche Bank.

  29. The guard took pleasure in repeating to them that they would soon be shot.

  30. Not that Mr. Garnet felt much bitterness about it; only he knew that he must guard against a powerful enemy.

  31. His quick eyes, never glimpsing that way, but taking in all the room at once, espied the box unmeddled with, and Bob upon guard in front of it.

  32. The only failing they have is a weakness for appropriating anything that strikes their fancy, when they think no one is looking, and I think we can avoid that by being on guard all the time until we embark again.

  33. I should think it would be necessary to guard against it," remarked the Virginian.

  34. Tonge was resolved this should be done in a manner best calculated to heighten the effect of their narrative; at the same time he was careful to guard the fact that he and Oates had an intimate knowledge of each other.

  35. Moreover he advised his majesty by no means to adventure crossing the Severn, as the strictest guard was then kept at the ferries to prevent any Royalist fugitives from escaping into Wales.

  36. In the dark confusion which general terror produced, each man felt he might be singled out as the next victim of this diabolical plot, and therefore devised means to guard his life from the hands of murderous papists.

  37. Mindful of this, he placed his nieces under the immediate supervision of Madame de Venelle, who was directed to have the closest guard over them.

  38. The possession of life becomes dearest when its forfeiture is threatened, and therefore Cromwell took all possible means to guard against treachery--the only foe he feared, and feared exceedingly.

  39. Then the guard went away, and Chum and I had a little talk.

  40. I suppose that's all right," said the guard reluctantly.

  41. The guard and I chained him to a brake or something.

  42. He's really all right," said Chum, looking at the guard with his great honest brown eyes.

  43. The guard thought he would like a shilling and a nice packing-case.

  44. Thinking thus, Josiah went through the wayside scrub to see how the guard would dispose of their prisoner.

  45. If a pistol is heard or I am not out of this, safe, in a few minutes, the police now on guard will enter--and you are doomed men.

  46. The little cabin was warm, the night silent, not a sound came from the lines a mile away to disturb the peaceful memories of home within the thirty thousand pickets needed to guard our far-spread army.

  47. He was in the colour-guard and asked to have the flag hung on the wall.

  48. Let two of the guard watch him until the rear has gone by.

  49. About ten in the morning the advance guard was checked and the line came to a halt.

  50. Josiah asked a guard where they came from.

  51. The soldier on guard passed out as the clergyman entered.

  52. As he murmured his satisfaction, a man left on guard crossed the road.

  53. That is always good, but be on your guard about politics at Grey Pine.

  54. Once rid of his guard he tried in vain to stand up and fell back cursing.

  55. Guard this fellow well," and he bade the men who had detected Lamb go with the guard.

  56. The last wagon came creaking over the bridge, the long line of cavalry trotted after them, the Provost Guard mounted to fall in at the rear and gather in the stragglers.

  57. When he met him moving under guard from the prison, he felt sure that his conclusion had been correct.

  58. It was necessary at all events to guard against that difficulty; the only way was to tear out one of the planks of the floor of the balcony, but it was not an easy undertaking.

  59. I had no time to lose, so I told Christine to be on her guard during dinner, as Charles might possibly be the husband whom God had intended for her.

  60. The next morning my lieutenant had the guard relieved, and I could not help bursting into a merry laugh.

  61. We must only be careful to guard against being surprised in the very act of proving our love.

  62. I affirm that a stupid servant is more dangerous than a bad one, and a much greater plague, for one can be on one's guard against a wicked person, but never against a fool.

  63. I will," says the old soldier, "raise for you this very day a body-guard of which you will be proud.

  64. After the death of the Countess Mathilda, in the year 1116, the genius presiding over all hidden treasures appointed seven spirits to guard the box.

  65. You kept so well on your guard that I would have sworn you knew nothing whatever of the affair.

  66. Hearing my answer, the officer gave orders for two Hussars to get on horseback, a fresh one is given me, and I am taken at full gallop to Rimini, where the officer on guard has me escorted at once to the prince.

  67. I called the attention of one of my American friends to a beautiful rose near the door of the cot, and said to him, "The law that will protect that flower will also guard and protect the hand that planted it.

  68. As Napoleon kept the Old Guard in reserve, to turn the tide in battle, so do the Abolitionists keep Mr. Phillips in reserve when opposition is expected in their great gatherings.

  69. These passed early by Taahauku, and some of Moipu's young men were there to be a guard of honour.

  70. The end of the hour came, but no guard showed himself at the front door to say that everything was all right.

  71. A guard entered the corridor and disappeared into one of the rooms.

  72. The man who had used the vapor gun drew the unconscious guard back into the niche.

  73. The guard passed within three feet of him.

  74. The guard started up the stairs, and the man lurking at the top darted into the first niche and crouched there in the semidarkness.

  75. Then, running lightly from statue to statue, he made his way toward the corridor door, watching it continually, ready to dart into hiding if it should be opened by guard or policeman.

  76. The other remained below, on guard at the end of the hall through which they had entered.

  77. At any moment the guard might return with the engineer, or the other guard come from the front door.

  78. He would wait, learn all that he could, catch the Black Star off guard as soon as possible, and effect an escape.

  79. They'll be expecting a guard to show his face at the door at the end of the hour.

  80. Twenty men in all crossed over, and left the others to guard outside the fence, maintaining the blockade around the house.

  81. The sheriff gave the signal, and then he and the deputy remained on guard and alert for five minutes, at the end of which time half a dozen more deputies had come from near-by buildings and joined their superior officer.

  82. You listen to me--hand that guard a call down when he shows up.

  83. No guard or policeman was in sight, and the door leading to the corridor was closed.

  84. In order to guard against any possibility of illusion on my part, I let the journalist describe the phenomenon, and find him convinced of its reality.

  85. When the gigantic Swiss guard approaches with his halberd, my conscience feels uneasy, and I expect him to drive me out as a heretic.

  86. In Europe, no doubt, you may see in the Unter den Linden avenue or the Champs Elysees a little prince or princess go past with a clattering military guard of honour.

  87. He made the deepest salaam and said, 'Isis guard you, beautiful lady.

  88. There was not a cry, not a following footstep--every dog knew her; the soldiers who were commonly on guard here had quitted their posts and were sitting with their comrades round the fire.

  89. In direct and open Violation of Treaty, they suffered an American Pirate to remain several Weeks in one of their Ports; and even permitted a Part of his Crew to mount Guard in a Fort in the Texel.

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