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  1. Many of them had girls on their arms, and those who had not were evidently hoping to have, and the impression one got was that Cork suffers a good deal from the evils of a garrison town.

  2. The commandant of the town, Mago, divided his garrison of a thousand men into two companies; half he left upon the citadel, and the rest he stationed upon the eastern hill.

  3. For the Ambraciots, by the persuasion of the king, surrendered to the consul unreservedly as far as they themselves were concerned, and gave up the town, on the one condition that the Aetolian garrison should march out under truce.

  4. Chremes and Glaucus and their partisans were slandering their political opponents, and desired to bring in a garrison which would support their selfseeking policy, in order to establish their own tyrannical power.

  5. Amynandrus was restored to the kingdom of Athamania, which was occupied by a garrison of Philip’s, by the aid of the Aetolians, who then proceeded to invade Amphilochia and the Dolopes.

  6. He himself started in full force for Perga, where he heard that a commander of a garrison placed in that town by Antiochus had neither left it himself nor withdrawn his garrison.

  7. XCV (170) The important point of their resolution was that they would not admit a garrison or governor, and would not give up their constitution as established by law.

  8. At Oglethorpe, in Macon County, General Toombs rode right through a garrison of Federal soldiers.

  9. The shooting would demoralize them, and as we should not show ourselves they could not know that the garrison consisted only of the negro and myself.

  10. But how if a part of the garrison be absent?

  11. I wonder whether there are any jaguars hereabout--" "Oh, if the garrison be weak and the sentries sleep it is quite possible we may take the place by a rush.

  12. Don Juan Nino de Tabora gave us the chaplaincy of the garrison of Spanish soldiers which is at Iloylo in the island of Panay, and the instruction of the natives and the people from other nations who are gathered there.

  13. With fresh hope, the garrison made a sudden sally on the English, driving back their advance guard, and after five months of fierce but fruitless attempts, Salisbury was compelled to withdraw his forces and admit defeat.

  14. Sir Walter Scott relates how, when the garrison of Roxburgh Castle were making merry at Shrovetide, the castle was surprised by the Douglas, who mounted to the ramparts where a woman was crooning the refrain to her babe.

  15. The garrison was threatened with starvation.

  16. There were four hundred and eighty soldiers, including the garrison of Xauxa, who were each to receive a share, that of the cavalry being double that of the infantry.

  17. The Castilian commander left a small force in garrison to secure his conquest, and returned in triumph to his quarters.

  18. Pizarro also left ninety of his troops, as the garrison of the capital, and the nucleus of his future colony.

  19. The level of the ground between these lines of defence was raised up so as to enable the garrison to discharge its arrows at the assailants, while their own persons were protected by the parapet.

  20. He was particularly solicitous for the fate of the garrison at Cuzco, and he made repeated efforts to relieve that capital.

  21. And issuing from the woods, the bold savages saluted the Spanish garrison with a tempest of darts and arrows, some of which found their way through the joints of the harness and the quilted mail of the cavaliers.

  22. Then collecting a small body of followers, and falling on Cuzco by night, he made himself master of that capital, defeated the garrison who held it, and secured it for the Crown.

  23. In the place were to remain the royal treasurer, the veedor, or inspector of metals, and other officers of the crown; and the command of the garrison was intrusted to the contador, Antonio Navarro.

  24. Shortly before entering Zaran, Pizarro had heard that a Peruvian garrison was established in a place called Caxas, lying among the hills, at no great distance from his present quarters.

  25. Here rallying, they shot off fresh volleys of missiles against the Spaniards, while the garrison in the fortress hurled down fragments of rock and timber on their heads.

  26. The insurrection was arranged when Tukulti-Ninib was absent from his capital and staying in Kar-Tukulti-Ninib, where he was probably protected by only a small bodyguard, the bulk of his veteran warriors remaining behind in garrison at Ashur.

  27. In the course of his garrison duty or when on special service, these officers ran some risk of being captured by the enemy, and in that event regulations were drawn up for their ransom.

  28. Before departing on his journey to the garrison it was the officer's duty to arrange for the proper cultivation of his land and the discharge of his local duties during his absence.

  29. Many a soldier must have flourished his glittering sword, as I did, and smiled significantly in the midnight moonlight of the quiet garrison ground.

  30. Our garrison was granted the golden opportunity of untrammeled activity.

  31. I account it one of the greatest privileges of my visit to America that Mrs. Garrison introduced me to Oliver Wendell Holmes, and by appointment I had an hour and a half's chat with him in the last year of his long life.

  32. Of the time spent in the Lloyd-Garrison household "nothing now is left but a majestic memory," which has been kept green by the periodical letters received from this noble man up till the time of his death last year.

  33. The story of the glorious garrison of Lucknow is told in this volume with all its thrilling and painful details.

  34. In their secret hearts, whatever they may say, they like to see a knight batter down the tower and put all the garrison except themselves to the sword.

  35. In spite of the losses of its garrison in assaults and sorties, and in spite of the sufferings of the inhabitants from famine and from lack of resources of all sorts, Pavia continued to hold out.

  36. A small Spanish garrison had obstinately defended a tower situated at the entrance of a stone bridge which led from an island on the Ticino into Pavia.

  37. Heroically the little garrison sought to stem the tide of destruction, but as quickly as a gap appeared in the on-coming wave it was filled and the flood swept irresistibly on.

  38. Resolved, That, our unfeigned and sincere thanks be tendered to Messrs Garrison and Knapp, and to every true friend to our cause, for their unwearied and truly benevolent exertions in our behalf.

  39. Resolved, That we return our grateful thanks to Messrs Garrison and Knapp, publishers of the Liberator, and Mr Lundy, editor of the Genius of Universal Emancipation, for their untiring exertions in the cause of philanthropy.

  40. Resolved, That the thanks of this meeting be rendered to Messrs Garrison and Knapp, for their benevolent exertions in behalf of the oppressed descendants of Africa; and that they be requested to insert these proceedings in the Liberator.

  41. William Lloyd Garrison created a party, and it will be known in history as the Garrisonian Party.

  42. Jocelyn, Tappan, and Garrison were invited to address the convention.

  43. The bright torch that Garrison had held up to the people in Vermont was to be transferred to the people of Baltimore, who were "sitting in darkness.

  44. Even Boston could contemplate, with unruffled composure, a mob of her most "reputable citizens" dragging Mr. Garrison through the streets with a halter about his neck.

  45. To his advocacy of "temperance and peace" young Garrison added another excellent principle, intense hatred of slavery.

  46. The year 1846 was marked by the most bitter political discussion; Garrison the Agitator, the Mexican war, and other issues had greatly exercised the people.

  47. Their fidelity as sentinels adapts them especially, no doubt, to garrison duty; but their natural place is in the advance.

  48. William Lloyd Garrison happened to be present, and followed Gurley in a speech that destroyed the hopes of the friends of colonization, and greatly delighted the convention.

  49. Both men were equally against slavery: Lundy for gradual emancipation and colonization; but Garrison for immediate and unconditional emancipation.

  50. It has been supposed that these black troops would prove fitter for garrison duty than active service in the field.

  51. Sir James Douglas, one of Bruce’s adherents, surprised the English garrison of Douglas while in church.

  52. We have just seen one instance in the case of the garrison of Stirling; to whom he had refused the least promise of grace or mercy.

  53. As to Wallace, it is evident that the king viewed him in the same light as he had viewed the garrison of Stirling.

  54. But he was struck down by a stone from one of the king’s engines; and on his death the garrison at once capitulated.

  55. DeCourcey's troops were left to garrison the fortifications, and the rest were sent to occupy the upper valley of the Holston toward the Virginia line.

  56. September my garrison at Gauley Bridge, including advance-guards and outposts, was never more than two and a half regiments or 1800 men.

  57. It was precisely in this department of military history "raisonnée" that frontier garrison life shut the young army officer out from the opportunities of profiting by his leisure.

  58. It may be that the commanders of the garrison were in fault, and that a more stubborn resistance should have been made.

  59. From these mountain people several regiments of Union troops were recruited in West Virginia, two of them being organized in rear of my own lines, and becoming part of the garrison of the district in the following season.

  60. Familiarity with danger and with the expectation of danger is acquired, both by the Indian wars of the frontier and by the hunting and field sports which fill more or less of the leisure of garrison life.

  61. Some heavy artillery troops (Fourth New York Heavy Artillery) were in garrison at one of the forts, and these with the forces at Falls Church were ordered to report to me.

  62. The really distinguishing feature in the experience of the regular officers of the line was their life in garrison at their posts, and their active work in guarding the frontier.

  63. Why, what can the garrison think, after the way you smuggled her in; what can she herself think, after all your attentions?

  64. My grandfather, John Flinders, joined the garrison of Gibraltar as a major of infantry a few years before the siege.

  65. Fifteen minutes sufficed to gather together all my belongings, and change from blue into gray, and, as I emerged from quarters, the officers of the garrison flocked about me with words of congratulation and innumerable questions.

  66. It was garrison talk last night that the Warrior was to depart at daylight.

  67. I remember; you belong to the Fifth, and, without orders, I promptly dragooned you into garrison service.

  68. On the 14th day (of the month) the garrison of Sippara was taken without fighting.

  69. Just in this crisis alarming intelligence was received from the commander of the garrison at Vera Cruz.

  70. B] There was a Mexican garrison stationed in this place, but not sufficiently strong to resist the invaders.

  71. The small remainder of his troops, some being sick or otherwise disabled, were left in garrison at Vera Cruz.

  72. It would be necessary to leave a garrison at Vera Cruz.

  73. It is scarcely necessary to add that not a grain of corn in the Miantinomo, or other vessels similarly despatched, with the exception of one which arrived during my absence, found its way to the starving garrison of Callao.

  74. As we were busily employing ourselves in inspecting the channels, the officer commanding the garrison began to suspect that our object might not altogether be pacific, this suspicion being confirmed by the detention of his officer.

  75. The garrison consisted of the Cantabria regiment of the line, numbering about eight hundred, with whom was associated a militia of upwards of a thousand.

  76. It is very painful that the garrison of Callao would not capitulate under your flag!

  77. Every man in the garrison to-night receives a pint of horse essence hot.

  78. The sickness of the garrison is not to be measured by hospital returns, for nearly every one on duty is ill, though he may refuse to "go sick.

  79. Many more would have come, but nearly the whole garrison was warned for duty.

  80. This is Majuba Day, and in the afternoon the garrison was cheered by the news that Roberts had surrounded Cronje and compelled him to surrender.

  81. On the whole the spirit of the garrison was much more cheerful.

  82. He thanked his own garrison for their splendid service in the defence, and added that now he would never have to cut down their rations again, a thing that always went to his heart.

  83. The wearied garrison crept through their duties, hungry and gaunt as ghosts.

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