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Example sentences for "garrets"

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garou; garr; garrapatas; garred; garret; garrison; garrisoned; garrisoning; garrisons; garron
  1. Worms-Clavelin in a breakfast jacket, he was telling his hostess how he had discovered in the garrets at the museum, where it had been buried in dust and rubbish, a little wooden figure in the purest style of French art.

  2. The mind of their garrets lodges with them in their palaces, while Lucien seems to ascend as near as possible to a level with his circumstances.

  3. Happily for Charles, no European state, even when at war with the Commonwealth, chose to bind up its cause with that of the wanderers who were playing in the garrets of Paris and Cologne at being princes and chancellors.

  4. Half the inhabitants of the Grub Street garrets paid their milk scores, and got their shirts out of pawn, by abusing Pitt.

  5. There are tumble-down tenements with the buttresses ready to give; there are top garrets where you may lose your life in a fire.

  6. Thus many years she lived as a Sister of Mercy; frequenting Lonely and wretched roofs in the crowded lanes of the city, Where disease and sorrow in garrets languished neglected.

  7. The neighbors eagerly collected to view them, bought them all, and carefully transported them to their garrets and dust holes, to lie there till their estates are settled, when they will start again.

  8. There is a plenty of such chairs as I like best in the village garrets to be had for taking them away.

  9. The garrets I found filled with new-mown hay.

  10. In the garrets was his library, a large and miscellaneous collection of books, falling to pieces and begrimed with dust.

  11. And so would my readers, perhaps, had they seen the shop in the city where I was born and nursed, with its little garrets reeking with human breath, its kitchens and areas with noisome sewers.

  12. Much of the work is crowded into garrets and cellars, where there are no sanitary arrangements.

  13. On a rainy day the children could go into the garrets or the cheese-loft and there form a swing, attaching the ropes to the hooks in the beam across the ceiling.

  14. Withal, it was the abode of work and hope, vast in comparison with the ordinary garrets of youth, and already made bright by a beginning of comfort and luxury.

  15. Mean garrets stored with inestimable productions of the Indies.

  16. Even the inhabitants of the garrets sniffed and thought of turpentine.

  17. He answered that when I had got out of my cell I should be still in prison, and our position would be the same as now, as we should only be in the garrets which were secured by three strong doors.

  18. Francis, Monpavon's valet de chambre, spoke to me of the thing, that it was a question of one of those little clandestine junketings such as are held sometimes in the garrets of our boulevards with the fragments of food brought up by Mlle.

  19. On the bidding of their tutor "to salute their venerable grandmother," they came in turn to give her one of those little half-hearted shakes of the hand of which they had distributed so many in the garrets they had visited.

  20. We'll explore the garrets some day, and look for your Indian cabinets.

  21. You don't hear of men and women found dead in their garrets from sheer hunger.

  22. Christendom looked astounded upon the spectacle of a barbarian invasion bursting forth from the cellars and garrets of Paris.

  23. In shadowy garrets they mutter their discontent and plan rebellion.

  24. Poets, depending on their circumstance, are supposed to write either in garrets or in gardens.

  25. The creatures are there to amuse us, and we are not curious as how they behave in their garrets and back parlours.

  26. Their talk beside the firelit hearth, in the darkening twilight, their meetings in poverty-stricken garrets and loathsome alleys, had been more to her than all the rest of her life.

  27. In the garrets and cellars, where she sat beside the bed of the sick and the dying, she found a fervour of unquestioning faith that startled and touched her.

  28. There was a day when the Queen was the first to be compassionate in times of general distress," said the count; "when she went up into the garrets and the prayers of those she helped rose from the garrets unto God.

  29. The thieves who once harbored in this street, and hid their plunder in cellars and garrets until it could be sold or pawned, have abandoned the locality.

  30. Most of them would be lying in garrets or miserable little rooms, dirty and neglected, disease eating out their lives, and pain that medical skill now relieves, racking their poor worn bodies.

  31. His victories had thrown a lustre on the whole party; his army, it had been hoped, would, in the worst event, protect the deputies of the nation against the ragged pikemen of the garrets of Paris.

  32. The High Street had been repeatedly lined with bayonets in order to keep down the disaffected gownsmen; and traitors pursued by the messengers of the government had been concealed in the garrets of several colleges.

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