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  1. Since October, 1914, when a British Brigade with two battalions of another B.

  2. With the First Infantry Brigade of the First British Expeditionary Force went the First Battalion of the Bearskins Plain.

  3. Your Brigade of Guards, who boast that, like the Samurai, they do not surrender while yet unwounded, is practically extinct.

  4. Brigade had growled when it had any time for growling.

  5. A Captain of a Guards infantry battalion belonging to a Brigade of the First Division of the First Army Corps.

  6. One fortunate sergeant found a bottle of whisky in a dugout, which was quickly shared; it was not till afterwards that he discovered that it was not legitimate loot, but the property of the Brigade M.

  7. At dusk the relief of the 188th Brigade in the reserve lines south of St. Julien was completed.

  8. The Brigade Signallers were busy putting up directions everywhere for the Bucks, who were to take over the left of our line: and new maps were issued to come into use at midnight.

  9. That night, with the moon about the full, though often obscured by clouds, the brigade made a long and weary march south-west, edging gradually away from the flares and the distant rifle shots.

  10. Reliefs from the Brigade worked day and night without a pause in Hébuterne and the adjacent trenches.

  11. Next morning the 144th Brigade seized all their objectives with little difficulty; the Winterstellung existed no longer.

  12. Brigade a task, which sounds prosaic enough on paper, but which demanded for its success minute organisation and a high state of discipline in all concerned--namely, the digging of a forward trench in front of our own wire.

  13. D Company were similarly put by the Brigade under the orders of Colonel Bartlett, and left with a further supply of bombs.

  14. Our Battalion was in Brigade Reserve, and did useful work during the day in joining hands with the two assaulted Battalions.

  15. A brigade firing problem including a night barrage was fired on October 21st, with the signal details at work with signal rockets.

  16. Battery D participated in the firing of a brigade problem.

  17. The fire drew a large crowd of the new soldiers, a score of whom took active charge of fighting the blaze; giving the Frenchmen a real exhibition in the art of bucket-brigade fire extinction.

  18. This was the last selected quota to be received directly into the regiment, for, thereafter, the Depot Brigade received all the newly selected men.

  19. On November 5th, two hundred more were transferred from the regiment and on February 5th, seventy-two left to join the Fifth Artillery Brigade at Camp Leon Springs, Texas.

  20. The brigade problem, which was the last firing the battery did in France, ended on October 30th with the laying down of a defensive barrage.

  21. After passing in a brigade review before Brigadier General Andrew Hero, on Friday, May 9th, the outfit was declared ready to board the next ship that docked at the port of St. Nazaire.

  22. Except the superannuated commander-in-chief, General Scott, not one of them had ever commanded so much as a brigade in battle, but at least they had been taught in a military school and many of them had seen fighting.

  23. To meet this danger the Federal Administration hurriedly called to Washington every regiment and brigade it could in any wise command.

  24. But those office-housed superiors held him guilty of neglect in that he had not given in detail the position of every regiment and brigade and battery that had helped to win the victory.

  25. Each brigade had its battery, but there was nowhere any authority to bring these scattered batteries together and make them effective by massing them.

  26. Only an intelligible outline is attempted here, with no effort to locate this or that division or brigade or regiment or battery upon the field or to follow out the details of any movement made by any of them.

  27. Instead of confining himself to a statement of numbers, he explained at length how his brigade had been decimated and his men's power of resistance was gone.

  28. He himself put the envelope into the motor-cyclist's hand for it to be taken to the wireless station as the telephone wires of the brigade had long since been shot into the ground.

  29. All this His Excellency himself had ordained, and he was really greatly rejoiced that the brigade was still holding out after three overwhelming infantry charges.

  30. Behind it the mines had already been laid, and a whole new division was already in wait in subterranean hiding ready to prepare a little surprise for the enemy after the doomed brigade had gone to its destruction.

  31. Colonel Paris is taken, and our brigade surgeon, Younglove, and Captain Martin of the batteaux service.

  32. The capture of this brigade was due to neglect of the simplest precautions.

  33. No word was sent to a supporting brigade but a few miles away, and Morgan was allowed to get away without any loss.

  34. Crittenden sent a brigade across Stone's river and surprised a regiment of Breckenridge's division and pushed it back on the main line.

  35. The railway was opened November 26th, and the army was then concentrated near Nashville, with the exception of Reynolds' division and all but one brigade of Fry's, which were assigned the duty of protecting the railway.

  36. McCook's right and found that the two brigades were weakly posted, without support, the remaining brigade of Johnson's division being nearly a mile and a half to the rear at Johnson's headquarters.

  37. Morgan's cavalry made a raid upon Hartsville, Tennessee, and on the 7th of December captured a brigade of infantry placed there by Thomas to guard the crossing of the Cumberland.

  38. The horses of some of the batteries were being watered at the stream and the men of one brigade were cooking breakfast.

  39. Kirk's brigade, the first attacked, tried to make some resistance and called for help upon Willich's brigade, but Willich was absent at headquarters and his brigade was without a commander and made no effort to support Kirk.

  40. It was found that the rebels were occupying a strong position in force, and, it being then dark, the brigade was withdrawn across the river.

  41. On the 29th, McCook left one brigade of Johnson's division at Triune to cover the right and rear, and advanced to within about six miles of Murfreesboro'.

  42. My furlough coming due toward the end of May, I applied to the brigade commander for leave to visit Paris.

  43. One day the general in command of the infantry brigade visited these forward saps, and as a result we were ordered to abandon them--not however before we had paid a heavy price to hold them.

  44. The brigade staff could not understand the situation and requested that an investigation be made at once to determine whether the enemy were mining here and had blown this crater from below ground.

  45. At the headquarters of the mining regiment a note is opened from the Brigade Staff: "Enemy mining suspected at K 24 b 18--request immediate investigation.

  46. Throughout the brigade or unit attacking, all watches carried by officers are synchronized so that at "zero" time all mines are fired simultaneously.

  47. One day we received a request from the brigade to investigate a mysterious crater at the head of Woman Street trench.

  48. Everywhere along this front each day some attacks would take place, perhaps a regimental or brigade attack, or at other times just a small company raid.

  49. Illustration: The Rifle Brigade racing headlong through the Ruins of Neuve Chapelle during the Attack on the Village.

  50. When the 3rd Brigade retired, as described above, a gap was left, through which the Germans strove desperately to force their way.

  51. It is the glory of the 2nd Brigade that they never lost their trenches.

  52. I must break off my story for a moment to tell you that, at dawn on the 7th, the 3rd Australian Light Horse and the 1st Light Horse Brigade pushed forward against the Turkish trenches in their front.

  53. On Sunday evening the 2nd Brigade was relieved for much-needed rest.

  54. The keels have not touched the sand when the Australians of the 3rd Brigade spring out of their boats.

  55. Within a quarter of an hour after the assault began they had carried the first line of German trenches, and soon afterwards the 3rd Gurkhas met the Rifle Brigade in the southern outskirts of the village.

  56. Such was the condition of the northern side of the salient on Saturday evening when the 3rd Canadian Brigade was retired.

  57. The 3rd Brigade had been relieved on the previous night.

  58. There was only a single Russian brigade in front of Przasnysz, and it was easily driven back.

  59. The check to the 23rd Brigade had thrown everything out of gear.

  60. Sunday morning the 10th Brigade and two battalions of the York and Durham Brigade made a great attempt to recapture St. Julien.

  61. The 46th Brigade was rapidly closing in from the north.

  62. His battalion was the reserve of the 1st Brigade when the Lone Pine position was taken by assault, and was soon called to take part in repelling the fierce counter-attacks delivered by the enemy.

  63. It has pleased his Majesty the King to confer upon this brigade eleven honours, comprising two Distinguished Service Orders, two Military Crosses, and seven Distinguished Conduct medals.

  64. The whole affair was very soon over, and any one curious to know what it cost may turn up the casualty list of the 3rd Brigade of Light Horse for that date.

  65. A week later the same brigade was engaged in a glorious charge at Krithia, and returned with only 1,600 men.

  66. The men chosen were the Second Brigade of Australians, and the New Zealand infantry.

  67. Of this 4th Brigade more will soon be told, but it suffices to say that their steadiness and fighting qualities were put to the supreme test on this early morning of May 19.

  68. The men of the 2nd Brigade had a hopeless task, but their devotion was not all unavailing.

  69. The first brigade to attempt to cross was General Crook's.

  70. A brigade has been sent to his aid, and firing has been resumed-Boys, at them with a will!

  71. Early as 9 o'clock the division and brigade commanders reported to General Shafter, and all took up the line of march toward the city.

  72. A few days after an exhibition of the same quality won him special notice and praise from his brigade commander.

  73. I may remark here that the men of the London brigade were, and still are, I believe, chosen from among seamen.

  74. There was a man in the London Brigade who deserves special notice--viz.

  75. The field which the London Brigade covers is so vast that the liability to be sent into action is continuous-- chiefly, of course, at night.

  76. The fire brigade is made up from the police force, and is organised under the direction of Superintendent Breach.

  77. Paine, at one time, was in himself the fire brigade of Brighton.

  78. As the Texan Brigade of Longstreet's Corps, just come up, dashed upon the heavy ranks of the Federals, they passed General Lee with a rousing cheer.

  79. At this time, there was a North Carolina Brigade of Infantry at the front furnishing pickets for the river bank.

  80. Soon after the start from our bivouac, a brigade of infantry had filed into the road ahead of us, and we could hear, behind us on the road, though we could not see for the darkness, the sound of other troops marching.

  81. This was the Brigade to which we had belonged in the earlier organization of the artillery.

  82. This was the brigade to which our battery had long been attached, to which we were greatly devoted, with whom we had often fought, and admired as one of the most splendid fighting corps in the army.

  83. Once it proved of vital use as a cover behind which a broken Brigade was able to rally, and save the line.

  84. As brigade after brigade dashed into line of battle the roar swelled out grander, and more majestic, until it became a mighty roll of hoarse thunder, which made the air quiver again, and seemed to shake the very ground.

  85. Just before he got to the head of the brigade he reached the narrow road and started up it.

  86. One brigade of the enemy was across the river and moving on us; another brigade was fording the river; and we could see another brigade moving down to the river bank on the other side.

  87. Your heroic stand saved the line, and enabled my brigade to rally, and redeem its honor.

  88. Expecting them to arrive any minute, the Brigade on duty, by way of saving time, gathered in its pickets and moved off back toward camp.

  89. Neither on Green River or Wind River, where for ten years he had been accustomed to meet the leaders and their men, his old comrades in danger, did he find a wandering brigade even.

  90. Subsequently the Smith party encountered a Hudson's Bay Company brigade under Alexander Ross, giving first notice that Americans would actively contest British claims to Oregon.

  91. From "Gardner's Hole" the party then crossed the mountains to Gallatin and Madison forks, where they fell in with a trapping brigade under Bridger.

  92. Afterward, Meek reports: Bridger's brigade of trappers met with no other serious interruptions on their summer's march.

  93. It was in May 1834, while his brigade was traveling through Idaho country en route to the rendezvous on Ham's Fork of the Green, that Ferris and two Indian companions made a hurried side trip, going almost due east forty miles.

  94. Russell and Meek report another fight with the Blackfeet on the Madison, followed by a gathering of the brigade on the north fork of the Yellowstone, near the lake.

  95. Here they remained until the next morning, when the bridge was crossed, and the Sixteenth detached from the brigade to bury their dead, and care for the wounded who were still lying upon the field.

  96. After sunset the brigade was relieved, and retired across the river to reorganize and be ready for the duties which they might be called upon to do when another day should come.

  97. Without waiting for orders, the brigade swarmed into the fort, Company B, of the 24th, leading, and the color of everything was quickly changed from blue to grey.

  98. At sundown we again moved to the front, where we remained supporting a battery until the next night, when we returned to the city, crossed the river and marched to our old camp, being the last brigade to leave the city.

  99. The following day the regiment rejoined their brigade at Belinda Springs, a distance of two miles, and moved thence to Antietam Iron Works on the 26th.

  100. Before day break next morning three regiments of Ransom's brigade and Col.

  101. Colonel Harland's brigade was once more moved forward, and stationed in line of battle near the bridge, which General Burnside had been ordered to hold at all hazards.

  102. Just before day a strong line of skirmishers was thrown out before the brigade under command of Captain Durham, Q.

  103. Colonel Stewart who, with the whole of the staff of the 166th Brigade H.

  104. Brigade in recognition of the work it had carried out during the advance, and of the very fine manner in which it had on all occasions pushed up so close behind the infantry.

  105. Brigade just north of Bazentin-le-Grand village, the 167th Brigade close together in line half a mile north of Caterpillar Wood.

  106. Such duties naturally incurred still more firing and work; two batteries (A and B) of the 162nd Brigade were unable to get sufficient right switch to cover the now wider front, and were forced to move further up the slope, new O.

  107. Brigade ceased to operate in the forward positions; all the remainder had either got away or been silenced by 11.

  108. Brigade again moved forward—the third advance in three days—to the west of Mortho Wood, while the 156th Brigade guns advanced to the southern edge of Aubencheul.

  109. Hill and Captain Goodrich, the brigade Quartermaster, called; they were in fine spirits.

  110. Walker of that brigade in his "History of the Vermont Brigade in the Shenandoah Valley, 1864"--in its immediate front except about a regiment of the enemy which crossed the pike from his right and the left of our Brigade to my front.

  111. Cloudy, high north wind but fair; air full of dust all day; had brigade drill this afternoon; dance in chapel this evening; General W.

  112. The Vermont Brigade was too grand a body of men to be mortified by exaggerations and overdrawn situations.

  113. A division of his command and McCausland's brigade confronted six or more regiments of the Third Division, including the Tenth Vermont, and still the enemy here had to be reinforced.

  114. At length the commander of the Brigade at our right crossed to our side of the road and urged us to set his men the example.

  115. Walker in his "History of the Vermont Brigade in the Shenandoah Valley, 1864," pp.

  116. Not very pleasant to-day; brigade drill this forenoon; regiment so busy putting up quarters it is excused from all other duties; officers of Tenth Vermont all ordered out to witness the new movements in tactics at brigade drill.

  117. A Colonel from the Third Brigade is officer of the day, and a strange fellow.

  118. Wheaton advanced up the railroad track while Hale's brigade strung out over the Apalit road.

  119. Previous to this time he had held a position as staff officer on the brigade commander's staff, and was always a valuable man in military matters.

  120. When the march was resumed on the 27th, the artillery was moved up to a position just behind the first battalion of the Kansas regiment, while all the rest of Otis's brigade remained in the rear.

  121. A brigade of rebel cavalry was deployed before the town, and was driven in and through it by our skirmish-line.

  122. A detachment of Stone's brigade was guarding this, and separating the good from the bad.

  123. And this was always dreaded, for each brigade commander wanted his train up at camp as soon after reaching it with his men as possible.

  124. At that date the garrison of Washington was a brigade of infantry and a battery of artillery.

  125. When this came up, they would deliver to the brigade commissary the supplies thus gathered by the way.

  126. Coming up, I advised that a brigade should make a wide circuit by the left, and, if possible, catch this line in flank.

  127. Each brigade commander had authority to detail a company of foragers, usually about fifty men, with one or two commissioned officers selected for their boldness and enterprise.

  128. General Slocum occupies Argyle Island and the upper end of Hutchinson Inland, and has a brigade on the South Carolina shore opposite, and is very urgent to pass one of his corps over to that shore.

  129. The other regiments of the brigade came to the support of the Thirteenth, the Twenty-ninth Missouri, Colonel Cavender, being in the advance.

  130. In case of danger, each army corps should change this order of march by having his advance and rear brigade unencumbered by wheels.

  131. Sherman led his brigade directly up the Warrenton road, and held his ground till the general order came to retreat.

  132. It appears that just at the time General Thayer’s brigade started up the hill, General Morgan sent for a portion of it to support him on the right.

  133. In front of the timber where Blair’s brigade had been lying was an abatis of young trees, cut off about three feet above the ground, and with the tops fallen promiscuously around.

  134. General Steele accordingly ordered General Thayer to move his brigade forward, and be ready for the assault.

  135. It flew from regiment to regiment; brigade after brigade took it up, and, ere the notes of the band ceased to reverberate, five thousand voices were raised in ‘Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  136. Bennett to advance into the city, as he was informed that a rebel brigade was still at the depot, taking the cars, and that a force of cavalry was scouring the city and impressing men into the ranks and driving the negroes before them.

  137. This success was immediately followed up by the reënforcement of the brigade holding the hill, by a brigade from Osterhaus’ division.

  138. By the time General Blair’s brigade emerged from its cover of cypress forest, the shell were dropping fast among the men.

  139. Led to his place in the ranks, he presented arms, each brigade marched away, led by its brigadier, and the day concluded with a festive evening.

  140. On the first day Kościuszko was formally presented to the commandant, to the officers and to the brigade to which he was to belong.

  141. Again and again Forey's division and Bazaine's brigade returned to the charge; the cemetery and streets of Solferino were piled up with their dead, mingled with the dead of the defenders, who contested every inch of ground.

  142. He argued so long and so well that De Failly promised him a brigade under General Polhès to aid in the attack which he proposed to make on Monte Rotondo.

  143. They are merely the cavalry and skirmishers of the repair brigade and are quickly followed by the heavy infantry of the line in the shape of cells born of the injured tissues on either side of the wound.

  144. In the majority of cases, fortunately, the peritoneal fire brigade acts promptly, pours out a wall of exudate, and locks up the appendix in a living prison, to fight out its own battles and sink or swim by itself.

  145. The mosquito-brigade have still another method of checking the spread of malaria, at first sight almost a whimsical one,--no less than screening the patient.

  146. And when in January Jimmie and Deror read of the revolting of a brigade of German troops, and a strike of several hundred thousand working men throughout Germany, they thought the end was at hand.

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