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  1. The night after the cavalry brigade had gone out, the boat bridge over which they had passed to the right bank was demolished under the noses of the enemy.

  2. On Monday, December 6th, the cavalry brigade left at daybreak and were the last people to get away from Kut.

  3. In the meantime a troop of Turkish cavalry had come out on a reconnaissance, but had thought better of coming up as far as our sand-hills and, after hesitating, retired unmolested by us.

  4. It's a cavalry stunt, Claiborne, and you can play being the artillery that's supporting our advance.

  5. We Americans are hungry for empire; we're simply waiting for the man on horseback to gallop down Broadway and up Fifth Avenue with a troop of cavalry at his heels and proclaim the new dispensation.

  6. I am not as violent as I shall be if I get a troop of cavalry from Port Myer down here and hunt you like rabbits through the hills.

  7. On another occasion a portion of a supply column was cut off by a detachment of German cavalry and the officer in charge was summoned to surrender.

  8. A French airman wiped out a cavalry troop with a bomb, and the effect of the steel arrows used by French aviators is known to be damaging.

  9. A petrol bomb was dropped by an English airman at night into a German bivouac with alarming results, and another thrown at a cavalry column struck an ammunition wagon and killed fifteen men.

  10. Then, as soon as our cavalry got through, the Germans picked up their rifles and started firing again.

  11. Our men are simply wonderful," writes an officer in the cavalry division; "they will go through anything.

  12. In this striking phrase Sir Philip Chetwode, commanding the 5th Cavalry Brigade, describes the brilliant exploits in the neighborhood of Cambrai when, in spite of odds of five to one, the Prussian Horse were cut to pieces.

  13. The opinion of an English cavalry officer, however, may be quoted as to the relative merits of the French and English horses.

  14. That sums up what every eye-witness of the British cavalry charges says.

  15. Our brigade captured all the guns of the German cavalry division, fourteen in all; the Bays lost two-thirds of their horses and many men.

  16. After a fortnight or three weeks at the front one cavalry officer wrote that he "had not taken his clothes off since he left the Curragh.

  17. This is the fight which aroused the enthusiasm of Sir Philip Chetwode, for his brigade went through the German cavalry just as circus horses might leap through paper hoops.

  18. To make matters worse just at the start of the famous cavalry charge which brought Sir Philip such distinction, his pack-horse bolted into the German lines carrying all his luggage, and leaving him nothing but a toothbrush!

  19. They have to swear allegiance to the Boer government, and distribute cavalry horses to the rebels.

  20. Give 'em Reveille, and then the cavalry charge.

  21. The Asiatic cavalry sing loudly, and send arrows into the air in honor of Rameses.

  22. All the cavalry has scattered over the desert to find traces, while the gods have permitted us, the unworthy, to be first to greet thee.

  23. In his voice there was such conviction that the prince approaching an officer of his cavalry whispered,-- "But look at the Libyans.

  24. At command of the heir numerous small detachments of cavalry reconnoitred the neighborhood in every direction to learn if a hostile army were not hidden somewhere.

  25. The sophist Hippias states that Lykurgus himself was a great warrior and took part in many campaigns; and Philostephanus even attributed to Lykurgus the division of the cavalry into the troops called oulamos.

  26. He ordered Demaretus to take the cavalry and charge the Carthaginians, to prevent their having time to form in order of battle.

  27. Perseus fled from Pydna to Pella, his cavalry having, as one would expect, all got safe out of the action.

  28. Ordering the cavalry to ride round the line of chariots and attack the infantry in flank, he closed up the foremost ranks, and with the trumpet sounding the charge, attacked the Carthaginians.

  29. To some this seemed mere boasting, while others thought that he could very possibly effect it by bringing many Thracian light-armed troops and cavalry to assault the camp on the land side.

  30. He, however, let him pass, but then pursued with his cavalry and light troops.

  31. Publius Licinius, who first invaded Macedonia, was defeated in a cavalry engagement, with a loss of two thousand five hundred brave men killed, and six hundred prisoners.

  32. He took Fidenae, a city close to Rome, according to some authorities, by sending his cavalry thither on a sudden, and ordering them to cut the pivots of the city gates, and then unexpectedly appearing in person.

  33. Such as escaped from the camp and wandered about the fields were despatched by cavalry the next day.

  34. We're apt to need it to hold our position here, especially since I'll wager they'll have at least twice the cavalry mustered that these Windwards have got.

  35. When their lines were thinned, Hugh Winston would lead a cavalry charge that would drive a wedge along the shore, between the infantry and the sea, cutting off their escape.

  36. Which means they could have men and cavalry here on our perimeter well before dawn.

  37. But they had nourished the delusion that, once Barbados was bludgeoned back into the Commonwealth, its planters would dutifully offer up whatever first-rate men, arms, and cavalry were needed for the campaign.

  38. Winston felt his gut tighten as he watched the cavalry and militia begin to disperse into the night.

  39. Following that, many groups of cavalry had ridden past, headed south.

  40. Aye, and with this commotion, I'll wager their damned cavalry lancers will be on their way soon enough to give us a welcome.

  41. But when he tried again, the Spanish cavalry rode out and lanced countless more in a general rout, only turning back when they tired of killing.

  42. The inhabitants were hurrying from their houses--many of his cavalry were mingling, half-dressed, with the crowd.

  43. A number of severe actions ended in the battle of Chickamauga, in which the First cavalry took a prominent part.

  44. Opposed to them were the commands of Forest and Wheeler, the very best cavalry officers in the Confederate service.

  45. A detachment of cavalry and the City Battery completed the military part of the affair.

  46. From Sunday morning until Monday noon not less than three thousand cavalry had remained seated In their saddles on the hilltop overlooking the river, patiently awaiting the time when an order should come for them to pursue the flying enemy.

  47. We started with two companies of cavalry and one of infantry, taking a pack-train to carry the supplies.

  48. As soon as he received my message he mounted two companies of cavalry and pushed on to the place where I had told the messenger to meet me on his return.

  49. While he was forming his men and giving instructions, I told my men where the horses were and that we must get to them about the time the cavalry made the attack on the Indians.

  50. The soldiers who had their horses killed were mounted on the choice horses that we had captured from the Indians, which made very fair cavalry horses.

  51. After breakfast I changed horses, and taking four other scouts, started out to pilot the cavalry to where we could take the trail of the Indians.

  52. It was now in the fall of the year, and the General decided to send us back again with two companies of cavalry and one company of infantry, calculated more for camp and guard duty than for actual service.

  53. When I arrived at camp and reported to the Lieutenant he at once started two companies of cavalry out to try and cut the other seven off, instructing them to watch every trail and every watering place within fifty miles, closely.

  54. The Indians were being held in check by the infantry in order to give the cavalry a chance to get out of the canyon with their horses.

  55. After I had my men all placed and was at my stand I saw two companies of cavalry coming down the bluff supported by one company of infantry.

  56. We decided not to disturb them until the cavalry came up, knowing that the command would lose no time in getting there, and that it would be before daylight if it was possible.

  57. Jackson was to take the lead with two companies of cavalry and one of infantry, and take the same route as the season before.

  58. Jackson and I to go to California to buy fifty head of cavalry horses.

  59. At last I saw the cavalry coming back up the mountain, some on foot, some leading their horses, and a very few riding.

  60. Two or three Federal soldiers, one of them an officer, a little fellow with blue eyes, were leaning over him, and a cavalry company was yonder at rest, in the road below him.

  61. Maule himself had enlisted and Mr. Eliphalet Bush, his successor, was not considered altogether sound politically, spent his time breaking his colt to stand the excitement of cavalry drill.

  62. They used to call him “The baby;” but after a sharp cavalry fight on a hill-top one afternoon they stopped this.

  63. Every opposition needed scarce more than a dash of Ojeda's cavalry to break it.

  64. The general populace were transfixed and trampled by the charging mounted spearmen, and only those who could elude the obstinate and headlong dashes of the cavalry escaped.

  65. Feeling the French cavalry at his heels, he gave spur and at full gallop led his men on to Lignerolles.

  66. The English, discovering that it is only a small company they have to deal with, bring out their cavalry and charge with such force that they overthrow the French and slay three hundred.

  67. A dash by a thousand cavalry across two hundred miles of desert--one hundred of them without water; without communication with its base, and with the certainty that whatever might befall, no reinforcements could reach it for months?

  68. I shall use twenty and two regiments of cavalry in direction known to myself only, and undertake to enforce dispersion.

  69. But before anything in the way of concerted effort could be agreed upon, rumour became fact; Andresito and his Indian cavalry were within half a mile of the city.

  70. Indian chasing does not permit of lengthy rest; the cavalry did not stop again till long after nightfall, and were off again before dawn.

  71. The agent dared not take his men in pursuit, leaving the mules unguarded; but he rode across to the cavalry tents where General Trias and twenty men, who had heard the firing, were already in the saddle.

  72. Sioux faction, but were turning their mysteriously obtained rifles on the white people of the States; and the celebrated General Wayne was sent into Ohio with a strong force of cavalry and infantry to restore order.

  73. As the Navajo expedition is now entirely successful, it is but justice to the officers and men of the First Cavalry of New Mexico, and to Col.

  74. The Grand Duke had flown with a choice body of cavalry to support the compact masses that were now fighting for the victory: he himself rode along the ranks—encouraging them—urging them on—promising rewards.

  75. Almost at the same moment the ensign who bore the Constitutional banner was struck to the earth; and an officer of the ducal cavalry seized the standard.

  76. Leaving his cavalry to accomplish the rout of the enemy's horse-guards, Richard flew to the aid of his right wing, which was sorely pressed by the grenadiers, and was breaking into disorder.

  77. The Grand Duke sent a strong detachment of Austrian Life-Guards to support the grenadiers; and the two squadrons of cavalry came into fearful collision.

  78. Illustration] The ducal cavalry which were so lately in full retreat, rallied again: their charge was irresistible; they literally swept the slope of the hill down which they rushed.

  79. Then, like an avalanche bursting from its rest on the Alpine height, and rolling with dread and deafening din in its precipitate path, the ducal cavalry thundered down the hill.

  80. He was attired in a kind of undress cavalry uniform, consisting of a foraging-cap with a broad gold band, a laced jacket, trousers with a red stripe down each leg, and a very small black leathern knapsack at his back.

  81. Our landing is known—a body of cavalry is approaching.

  82. Scarcely were these words uttered, when a large body of cavalry made its appearance on the summit of the hill.

  83. Bacon of the United States Sixth Cavalry sent me a fresh supply.

  84. Almost as soon as the Sixth Cavalry arrived in Austin, its officers gave a Reconciliation Ball, and to their regular afternoon promenade and concert, there was a hearty welcome for all who chose to come.

  85. Bacon of the Sixth Cavalry at this time, I cannot imagine.

  86. The Sixth Cavalry had left the week previous, and I was in terror of the negroes who hungry and angry were going to-and-fro in the darkness, seeking whom they could injure or rob.

  87. In the battle of the Boyne the brunt of the fighting fell upon the Irish recruits, and both the Irish cavalry and infantry offered a stubborn resistance.

  88. Luckily the enemy had no cavalry at hand, or it would have been all up with us, for we should never have been able to form a square.

  89. He was then in the Russian service, and, on the 29th, fought bravely at the head of his cavalry division.

  90. On the 30th, the Emperor Alexander sent him to bring up the Austrian cavalry reserves, and the judgment with which he performed this duty was productive of the happiest results.

  91. He forsakes his ancestral halls, abjures Parliament, and enlists in the cavalry of the Hippodrome.

  92. A brilliant exploit of three or four hundred chasseurs, belonging to Corbineau's light cavalry division, is worthy of mention.

  93. On the 2d of November occurred a skirmish between the Amir's forces and the troops under General Sale and Shah Zadah, in which the 2d cavalry were routed, and several English officers killed, or severely wounded.

  94. A great cavalry fight took place, in which the brave but unprincipled brothers were victorious.

  95. One of the Cavalry fired and wounded a man in the face in a most shocking manner.

  96. In that part of this narrative which relates to the disturbance between the Himley and Enville Cavalry in the Hotel, it will be proper to remark what succeeded; the broken glasses, &c.

  97. This was followed by the Cavalry commencing a battle royal.

  98. The gentlemen of the town with the Dudley Cavalry occupied the assembly room.

  99. Stuart made a dashing cavalry charge up the Manassas-Sudley Road, scattering the colorful Fire Zouaves who had been advanced to the support of Ricketts and Griffin.

  100. Early’s brigade and Stuart’s cavalry did succeed in capturing quite a number of prisoners, but the main Union force escaped.

  101. McDowell, who arrived shortly thereafter, showed him a dispatch he had received a few minutes before from Buford, who commanded the Union cavalry on the right.

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