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  1. Every one had his duty to do, And our Pilot had hers like another, Which she did like a heroine true, At the head of a juvenile crew Of the same stalwart stuff as their mother.

  2. Makes me hang my head and tremble lest the bitter truth be told.

  3. Afar upon a winding stream A youth is softly rowing; Above his head the star-worlds gleam, And bright the moon is glowing.

  4. Once her stately head it presses, Fifty years it must rest on her tresses Till their brown Turns to white beneath King Time's caresses-- Grant her weeping space.

  5. All came true: Père Brosse was found dead at midnight with his head on the altar of his chapel; the men set out, and though the waves rolled mountains high on every side, there was peace where their canoe floated.

  6. Thy head leans on my shoulder, and my arm Is round thee clasped.

  7. He raised his hand for silence, and each head Was bowed as though in prayer, Expectant of his blessing, but instead He stood in silence there.

  8. So far from his head did they seem to be located, He failed to take note that upon each were notated Scales, warts and abrasions, nails, ossification, Which proved them a part of his own corporation.

  9. Though we have had hard work, rough times, and many head winds, still there is progress.

  10. Correspondents are specially requested to place at the head of each letter the name of their Post Office, and the County and State in which it is located.

  11. Stewart, the head of the mission, started for the lake.

  12. A great Holly on the edge of the lawn, nearly thirty feet high and as much in spread, whose head in summer is crowned with a great tangle of Honeysuckle, had that crowned head lying on the ground weighted down by the frozen mass.

  13. A Mountain Ash will sometimes have a trunk two feet in diameter, and a head of a size to suit.

  14. It grows on moors in Scotland, and on Beachy Head in Sussex, and near Tenby in South Wales, favouring wild places within smell of the sea.

  15. The rings of the bittle are tightened and wedged up, so that its heavy head may not split when the mighty blows, flung into the tool with a man's full strength, fall on the heads of the great iron wedges.

  16. John King, You take the tiller, keep her head nor'west.

  17. And John, my son, My little shipmate, come and lean your head Against your father's knee.

  18. But why is your head so low, sweet heart, And why are your eyes overcast?

  19. The blue of springtime in your eyes Was never quenched by pain; And winter brought your head the crown Of snow without a stain.

  20. Shuld he not do all agaynste gods forbod which wold trim his cap, lettyng his head be vnkempt, and all scabbed?

  21. In some places, particularly at Creil-sur-Oise, gestures indicating the cutting off of the head were made to us.

  22. While Notte was at the head of the house, the prisoners continually complained of him, though our situation was endurable.

  23. How the red blood flowed down from her head and her throat!

  24. Mademoiselle de Pons had not left my side since we reached Plessis; we took the measure of our habitation, and found that with some management we had room enough for two beds, placing the head of one at the foot of the other.

  25. They threatened the whole village, and said they were sorry they had not brought a guillotine and cut off the head of every citizen.

  26. He was hooted at from the head of any stairway he attempted to ascend; and the crowd pushed him back, and used syringes upon him.

  27. He beat his head so violently against the wall that I really feared he would crush it.

  28. A price had been put on his head and the notice of it posted at the corners of the streets of Paris, and the newspapers had stated that he had been guillotined.

  29. She took it into her head that no arrangement had been made about my not being arrested, and that consequently I could not be allowed to remain.

  30. I took a little coffee at her house, and felt my head improved.

  31. The notorious Martin, of whom I have already had occasion to speak several times, came to inspect us, and placed himself at the head of our train when it started off.

  32. As he listened, his head thrust half in at the door, Obadiah's voice became lower and lower, until at last it ceased entirely.

  33. He felt himself trembling from head to foot.

  34. From Nathaniel's throat there came a fierce cry and in a single leap he had cleared the distance to the guard and had driven his fist against the officer's head with the sickening force of a sledge-hammer.

  35. After a moment the clenched fist that had risen above Neil's head dropped to his side.

  36. A few minutes later the door opened cautiously at the head of the corridor.

  37. She had become a dead weight now and so he knelt on the ground with her, her head still upon his breast, her eyes closed, her arms fallen to her side.

  38. Nathaniel's head hung heavily upon his breast and he made no effort to raise it.

  39. His head hung weakly upon his chest, as if he had fainted.

  40. My head is splitting with this damned silence.

  41. The words struck at him, filling his head with shooting pain, and he tottered back and sank to the ground to get away from them.

  42. He rested his head against the rock, and thought.

  43. He seemed half a head taller than himself, yet he knew that he was shorter by an inch or two; his shoulders were thrown back, his chin held high, he kept step with the guards ahead.

  44. By pressing his head against the post it was not difficult for him to fill his lungs with air.

  45. The lamp was on a table and beside the table there sat a woman, her white head turned from him, her face buried in her hands.

  46. Then the head shot back as swiftly and as silently as a serpent's.

  47. Practically and morally, he was the head of Ireland, exactly as Botha was of South Africa; and he was trying to do without legal powers what Botha was doing by means of them.

  48. I can see it now, the crowded benches and the erect, solid figure with the massive hawk-visaged head thrown back, standing squarely at the top of the gangway.

  49. Here, at the head of a long valley which runs down to the Meeting of the Waters, was built one of the barracks which billeted the original garrison of the road.

  50. It was when we were marching out from broken houses about the minehead at Annequin that we first met again our old stable companions, the Royal Irish--and that I first saw Willie Redmond in France at the head of his company.

  51. The Under-Secretary, permanent official head of Dublin Castle, was at his Lodge in the Phoenix Park some two miles distant: Mr. Harrel informed him of what was happening and was ordered to meet him at the Castle.

  52. He should have been able to act in his own right as the head of an Irish Ministry, knowing the importance of providing employment at such a time.

  53. MacDermott, Moderator of the Presbyterian General Assembly, was the official head of his Church for the year only and had not equal knowledge of administration.

  54. The head of a Coalition Ministry had declared, without dissent from any of his Unionist colleagues, that Dublin Castle had hopelessly broken down.

  55. This meant in practice that he acted as head of a cabinet, which from 1906 onwards consisted of Mr. Dillon, Mr. Devlin and Mr. T.

  56. Yet guiding action in an alliance of which he was not the head was delicate work.

  57. More than that, the political organization of which he was head had inculcated an attitude of aloofness from the Army because it was the Army which held Ireland by force.

  58. She must also then have encountered at the National Gallery the exquisite specimen of an early Venetian master in which one of her ancestors, then head of the State, kneels with so sweet a dignity before the Virgin and Child.

  59. The waiter shook his head with a little sniff: "È troppo materiale.

  60. One thing at all events we can say, that we should rejoice to boast as capacious, symmetrical and well-ordered a head as the upper sanctuary.

  61. But it is all indeed in a manner one house, the little high-niched island community, and nobody therefore, even in the presence of the head of it, puts on an air of solemnity.

  62. The great point was his seizing Iago's head and whacking it half-a-dozen times on the floor, and then flinging him twenty yards away.

  63. Fathers of families do it at the head of an admiring progeniture; aunts and uncles and grandmothers do it; all the family does it, with varying splendour but with the same good conscience.

  64. I looked into his open door, a la Sterne, and saw the young woman sitting rigid and grim, staring over his head and with a great pile of bread and butter in her lap.

  65. He had been trotting in my head for forty-eight hours, that devil of a gray horse, and I had a singular desire to know what he was and of what he was capable.

  66. They wanted to play with the dog, but he turned his head with a disdainful air--the air of a dog who hasn't the time to answer himself, and who is doing his duty and earning thirty sous.

  67. Derline left alone when an idea flashed through her head which was to call forth a very pretty collection of bank-notes from the cash-box of the lawyer of the Rue Dragon.

  68. Bob, distracted, with his body thrown over and his head thrown back, was making vain attempts to put the horse back on his four legs.

  69. On hearing the report, Brutus had stopped short, planted himself on his four legs, with ears erect and head raised.

  70. She advanced with firm and precise step, erect, and head well held.

  71. Brutus galloped very well, with even stride, head well held, on the right foot, making around me a perfect circle.

  72. Her adorable little head had rolled hap-hazard on my shoulder, and my lips just touched her hair.

  73. Even my words seemed to interest him singularly; he inclined his head to my side as if to hear me, and, as soon as I had finished speaking, he neighed joyously in answer.

  74. Here the man in shirt-sleeves, a great, fat fellow with a bullet head and a huge double chin, chuckled loudly.

  75. She stood motionless with her lamp, at the head of the corpse.

  76. A clock on a bracket above his head pointed to eight.

  77. She wagged her head and repeated to herself: "Ei, ei !

  78. He fell like a log, the blood oozing sluggishly from his head on to the parquet.

  79. I thought of the comments I had heard on Clubfoot among the customers at Haase's, and I felt that Red Tabs had hit the right nail on the head again.

  80. You with your head in a noose, a spy that has failed in his mission, a miserable wretch that I can send to his death with a flip of my little finger!

  81. And suppose Madame takes it into her head to toddle along up here to-night and calls your bluff and summons the gentle Hans or Fritz or whatever that ruffianly waiter's name is to come upstairs and settle your hash!

  82. If I were going to disguise myself as a Berliner, I should not be content to shave my head and wear a bowler hat with a morning coat and get my nails manicured pink.

  83. Holding up a warning hand to me, he bent his head and listened.

  84. I had shuffled into the last place of the row in which the head keeper had ranged us.

  85. As I was closing it, I heard a muffled exclamation and the sound of a scuffle at the head of the stairs.

  86. Sometimes the big horse's head sagged and dropped off and came back again.

  87. It did happen once he lifted his head and face to the sky and let loose a long ripple of laughs.

  88. And after he said good-by and rode up the street, he lifted his head and face to the sky and let loose a long ripple of laughs.

  89. And then not one of the blue foxes and not one of the yellow flongboos stood on the top and the apex of his head nor stuck his hind legs up in the air nor made a noise like a woof woof.

  90. It'll make you fall head over heels in love with the next man you meet with an X in his name.

  91. It was saying, "If she meets a man with three X's in his name she must fall head over heels in love with him.

  92. But there were not any hats anywhere, that is, no hats big enough for a snow man with a big head like Snoo Foo.

  93. The head vaccinator of the vaccination bureau of the health department sent for the big main fixer of the weather bureau where they understand the tricks of the wind and the wind changing.

  94. And again Fire the Goat took off his horns and laid them under his head while he slept and Flim the Goose took off his wings and laid them under his head while he slept.

  95. Soon she saw it was Jason Squiff's head and hair.

  96. A drawing consisting of several laughing heads, in the middle of which is another head in profile, crowned with oak leaves.

  97. A head of a young man seen in profile, engraven in aqua fortis by Conte di Caylus, from a drawing in the King of France's collection[i136].

  98. Never/ put the head straight upon the shoulders, but a little turned sideways to the right or left, even though the figures should be looking up or down, or straight, because it is necessary to give them some motion of life and spirit.

  99. If he is sitting, let him appear as going to raise himself up a little, and his head be forward.

  100. If the head turn towards the right shoulder, the parts must be lower on the left side than on the other; but if the chest come forward, and the head turn towards the left, the parts on the right side are to be the highest.

  101. Two drawings of monsters, mentioned by Lomazzo, consisting of a boy's head each, but horribly distorted by the misplacing of the features, and the introduction of other members not in Nature to be found there.

  102. Footnote 22: The author here means to compare the different quickness of the motion of the head and the heel, when employed in the same action of jumping; and he states the proportion of the former to be three times that of the latter.

  103. In composing your attitudes, take care not to turn the head on the same side as the breast, nor let the arm go in a line with the leg[7].

  104. A head of John the Baptist, in the hands of Camillo Albizzo[i178].

  105. Whenever he appeared every head was uncovered and every voice raised in loud hurrahs.

  106. The colonel surveyed him from head to foot.

  107. We were not the only ones who had crossed the Potomac, as the rebels had already crossed and were marching north, and we must head them off if possible.

  108. We saw one man with his head through a barrel, another carrying a heavy log of wood.

  109. Because it is all nonsense; my gun is loaded, and do you suppose I would stand up in battle like a darned fool with my little finger on the head of my rammer?

  110. He was not the man the rebels wanted, as they were not anxious for our comfort, and his official head was removed as soon as he made requisition for the straw.

  111. He put his head out of the coach window and said, “Driver, go on.

  112. At my suggestion she brought the prettiest girl in the room, who put her left arm around me and let me lean my head on her shoulder, while she fed me with the broth.

  113. The white trefoil came in sight, and at the head of the dear old regiment rode Colonel Rice.

  114. After loading we stood with our little finger on the head of the rammer until the order was given to shoulder arms.

  115. The front door was guarded by a thing I supposed they called a soldier, dressed in a black, swallow-tailed coat, his head crowned with a stove-pipe hat and armed with a sporting rifle.

  116. We were in a peculiar position,—so near the rebel works that we could throw a stone over, and no man on either side could show his head without getting a shot.

  117. The men at the front would start the message, and it would be repeated by each turning the head to the rear as he spoke.

  118. Put your little finger on the head of the rammer, Boynton,” sang out Captain Merritt.

  119. Of course, we wanted in such a case "head cover" and "loopholes.

  120. No head was to be raised nor a rifle to be fired until I whistled from my conning-tower; then every man would pop up and empty his magazine into any of the enemy in range.

  121. Towards evening my head got worse, and its rhythmic throbbing seemed gradually to take a meaning, and hammered out the following lessons, the result of much pondering on my failure: 1.

  122. It was sufficient to put a hand or head up to have a dozen bullets through and all round it, and the strange part was, we saw no one.

  123. For close shooting from a non-concealed trench, head cover with loopholes is an advantage.

  124. The mere raising of a head to fire seemed to be absolutely fatal, as it had on a former occasion when we were attempting to fire at close range over a parapet against the enemy concealed.

  125. The general feeling in regard to Mr. Emerson, who was accounted the head of the school, is well expressed by John Quincy Adams in 1840.

  126. Dana took his place at the head of this group of voluntary servants, who performed their duties with grace and alacrity.

  127. He is fanatical, as all who perceive by the heart and not the head are, as deeply pious men are apt to be.

  128. Does not one friend who indites many letters, unanswered, to another, thereby heap coals of fire upon somebody's head as effectually as if he fed the hungry?

  129. It is quite good, though it gives him rather a finer head than he has; but that's a good failing.

  130. Then I did my business, and met James Sturgis, who carried me to see his head cut in cameo by Mr. King.

  131. My old head has been bothering me all summer; but Dr.

  132. And if I were not so very, very old, if it were not my fate to have been sent into the world so long before my time, I verily believe I should confess myself over head and ears in love!

  133. He is bound head and foot, for his ankle has a habit of breaking down occasionally.

  134. They were leaders among the young people, and they had those gifts of social guidance which placed them at the head of whatever entertainment was being organized.

  135. Do therefore according to thy wisdom, and let NOT HIS HOAR HEAD GO DOWN TO THE GRAVE IN PEACE.

  136. And he shall wound the head of all His enemies also, The hairy scalp of such as on In wickedness do go.

  137. Two poor rogues from subordinate views, effected by assassination what David sought at the head of an army, which naturally reminds us of the pirate and Alexander.

  138. She felt a silly desire to shriek, to strike her head against the painted wall, to tear the jewels from her ears.

  139. Anger in some way or other came to seem a foolish thing; and even if he had come in from an ecstasy of play, it was certainly pleasant to have the beating throbs in his head die away and to feel his cheeks grow cool again.

  140. The orange cat arched its back and rubbed its head against her.

  141. He put his head on his mother's knee and, for all his efforts, a sob sounded in his throat.

  142. The mother bowed her head upon her clenched hands.

  143. When he had slipped into his blue cotton tunic, which reached just to his knees, leaving bare his stout brown legs, he went into his mother's room and plunged his head into a copper basin of water standing ready for his use.

  144. His head ached violently, and his ears rang.

  145. By this body all the difficult problems are to be resolved and the Guardian of the Cause of God is its sacred head and the distinguished member for life of that body.

  146. About two hours before noon the two were suspended by ropes under their armpits in such a way that the head of Muḥammad ‘Alí rested against the breast of his beloved Master.

  147. Philippines: The Governor General and eight commissioners appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate are at the head of the general government of the Philippines.

  148. He is the head of the fiscal court which looks after all the material interests of the county, as construction of roads, care of paupers and the general interest of the county.

  149. And why did the toy take him inth' head now?

  150. I had my head broke in his faithfull service; I had no suit the more, nor any thanks, And yet my teeth must still be hit with D'Ambois.

  151. Your tongue will still admire, 145 Till my head be the miracle of the world.

  152. An allusion to the myth of the giant Typhoeus who, according to one version, was created by Hera alone, in anger at the birth of Pallas from the head of Zeus.

  153. What Atlas or Olympus lifts his head 25 So farre past covert, that with aire enough My words may be inform'd, and from their height I may be seene and heard through all the world?

  154. The President nodded, wishing he had a hot line to the desk of every head of state in the world.

  155. The old man, however, hadn't really known much about the nuts and bolts of the facility; his head was out in space somewhere.

  156. He took him up on the offer, raised the money, and then hired the best aerospace engineer he could find to head up the project.

  157. Ramirez bent his head and examined the wing, then checked the status readouts on the weapons system.

  158. He shook his head sadly, rose, and made his way out into the cavernous room that was Command.

  159. He gave the signal to get down and take cover, swinging his hand from above his head to shoulder level, but that was nothing more than redundant instinct.

  160. He also was rubbing at his ears, as though his head were buzzing.

  161. Next a piercing pain erupted in his neck and his head dropped sideways.

  162. Then he paused to examine the collapsed gantry and shook his head in dismay, heartsick at the sight.

  163. And when we run out of teeth, you won't be able to talk any more, so I'll just blow your head off.

  164. He hit the Enter key, activating the pumps for the heat exchangers, then turned to see Cally approaching, winding her way through the workstations, led by the head terrorist, the fucker who called himself Number One.

  165. He had gone on to head up a research team that played computerized war games, studying the "what ifs" of whole new generations of technologies matched against each other.

  166. The Israeli jerked backward, stumbled, and crashed, slamming his head against the hard asphalt.

  167. Just as they swung off the road past the officers' quarters the young men, marching in route step, fell quickly into step at the command of the cadet officer at the head of the line.

  168. In another moment a very erect young member of the guard was striding around the head of the encampment, and then down one of the company streets.

  169. But remain on your head until we make sure that all the conceit has run out of you!

  170. His head fell forward, cushioned in his folded arms.

  171. As the "gallop" was ordered, Dodge's mount showed a longing to bolt and dash up to the head of the line.

  172. Again Dick Prescott buried his head in his arms at the study table.

  173. In that instant Dodge was on his feet again, head down and working with great caution.

  174. Dick passed near the head of the color line.

  175. No man in the section held his head more erect than did Prescott, who was conscious of his own absolute innocence in the affair.

  176. As Prescott turned away he made a powerful effort to hold his head erect, and to look fearlessly before him.

  177. After some two minutes of standing on his head Mr. Ellis fell over sideways, his feet thudding.

  178. If the reader does not consider it a hard feat to kneel thus, with one's head immersed in the water, the reader can easily satisfy his curiosity on the point.

  179. As they did so, Greg muttered in a low tone: "Say nothing, but hold up your head and smile.

  180. Dodge came forward nimbly, his head well down and his guards well placed.

  181. Charles got out and dropped some coins into the hand protruding from the front seat, and, head low, he turned and entered the apartment house.

  182. He slipped the name tag over his head and struck out through the bushes toward the city.

  183. The woman who makes my frocks is as clever as she can be, and always has her head full of ideas for those sort of things.

  184. Take a raw lad from the country (the younger the better) and fill his head with military froth.

  185. Take a soldier, see that he is perfectly free from any mark by which he may be identified, and fill his head with grievances.

  186. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "head" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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