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abbeys; abbia; abbots; abbreviate; abbreviated; abbreviations; abda; abdicate; abdicated; abdicates
  1. Footnote 213: In his abbreviation of Finch's observations Purchas has not clearly distinguished where those respecting Madagascar end, and those made at Socotora begin.

  2. Footnote 315: This paragraph is utterly inexplicable, at least with any certainty, the abbreviation by Purchas having reduced it almost to absolute nonsense.

  3. In the rhetorics, owing to their difficulty, the abbreviation for n has been italicized throughout; the symbol for ocus is not italicised.

  4. Gold, distinguished in numismatic works by the abbreviation [AU] (for aurum).

  5. He was not even the originator of its new methods, namely, the abbreviation of the tan and the expansion of the rate.

  6. This kind of rope called shime-nawa, an abbreviation of shiri-kume-nawa may be seen festooning the portals of any Shinto shrine.

  7. The district was consequently named Nima, an abbreviation of ni (two) man (ten thousand).

  8. The customary abbreviation of Mister in writing and printing.

  9. Enter books under surnames of authors when ascertained, the abbreviation Anon.

  10. You have to do one of two things, either put the abbreviation "Anon.

  11. Our own synoptics {103} exhibit unmistakable traces of the process, and clearly forbid our lightly setting aside the claim of Marcion's Gospel to be considered a genuine work, and no mere falsification and abbreviation of Luke.

  12. Ho is only the abbreviation of this long name.

  13. In the first place, it makes it evident that Pech did not believe it was an abbreviation of Yucalpeten (see ante, page 255).

  14. Merida, 1882), to support his view that the name Yucatan is an abbreviation of Yucalpeten.

  15. Defn: An abbreviation of hypochonaria; -- usually in plural.

  16. Master of arts, one who takes the second degree at a university; also, the degree or title itself, indicated by the abbreviation M.

  17. Defn: The customary abbreviation of Mister in writing and printing.

  18. Defn: An abbreviation of Betwixt, used in poetry, or in colloquial language.

  19. Defn: The customary abbreviation of Mistress when used as a title of courtesy, in writing and printing.

  20. Defn: An abbreviation of Ipecacuanha, and in more frequent use.

  21. Defn: Abbreviation of Latin id est, that is.

  22. Defn: An abbreviation of God's blood; -- used as an oath.

  23. Greeks,--the name Syria, which is only an abbreviation of Assyria (Herod.

  24. Here, therefore, there is an abbreviation of the reign of Omri and Ahab by at least 10 years.

  25. The condottiero took it and placed his finger upon the four letters P L A C--the abbreviation of "Placentia" in the inscription.

  26. It fell flat presently, showing the ducal arms and the inscription of which the abbreviation PLAC was a part.

  27. Latin abbreviation of Vixi annos viginti, I was twenty years old.

  28. We can only include the following abbreviation here of the beautiful legend told so delightfully by the great essayist.

  29. Mika is an abbreviation of Mikazuki, "the moon of the third night" [of the old lunar month].

  30. The relative proportions of these three divisions vary considerably, and the extreme abbreviation of the mid-gut found in the common crayfish (Astacus) is by no means typical of the class.

  31. FN#2] This familiar abbreviation of Wali al-Din was the name assumed by the enterprising traveller, Dr.

  32. A remarkable peculiarity occurs in the sun fishes (Molidae), where the body is greatly shortened and where the spinal cord undergoes a corresponding abbreviation so as to be actually shorter than the brain.

  33. Those who accepted the genuineness of the Vossian recension and regarded the Curetonian as an abbreviation of it, e.

  34. Nor is this omission the only abbreviation noticed in the presentation of the tonalamatl.

  35. This abbreviation in the record of these dates was doubtless prompted by the desire or necessity for economizing space.

  36. Concerning the beginning days of the subdivisions, a still greater abbreviation is to be noted.

  37. The next black number in our text is 13, and proceeding as before, this is to be added to the red number next preceding it, 1, the abbreviation for 1 Ben.

  38. But the latter allow an abbreviation of ten years.

  39. If we accept this abbreviation Candaules was still on the throne in the year 696 B.

  40. Indian lodge would be indicated by another sign, although the latter is often used as an abbreviation for the former, when the subject of conversation is known to all present.

  41. It is however at least equally probable that the forward and downward curve is an abbreviation of the sign for truth, true, a typical description of which follows given by (Dakota I).

  42. A lesson was learned by the writer as to the abbreviation of signs, and the possibility of discovering the original meaning of those most obscure, from the attempts of a Cheyenne to convey the idea of old man.

  43. Conventionality in signs largely consists in the form of abbreviation which is agreed upon.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "abbreviation" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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