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Example sentences for "abdicated"

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  1. King Charles of Spain abdicated in favor of his son Ferdinand.

  2. In the year 1579 Eugenius of Sinai was in Jerusalem, where the patriarch Germanus abdicated because of old age.

  3. When Napoleon abdicated and was exiled to Elba, Ney supported the government of his successor and enemy, Louis XVIII.

  4. The next year he abdicated and retired to Elba.

  5. In 1848 he abdicated the throne and soon after Napoleon III became President of the new Republic.

  6. Finding that this would not have the desired effect, he abdicated the throne in favor of his grandson.

  7. Shortly afterwards the Emperor Ferdinand abdicated the throne in favor of his youthful nephew, Francis Joseph, who at once dissolved the constitutional assembly and proclaimed a new constitution and a new code of laws.

  8. In 1815," continued Ledru Rollin, "Napoleon abdicated in favor of the King of Rome.

  9. When the time drew near for the king to be put to death (in Babylon this appears to have been at the end of a single year's reign) he abdicated for a few days, during which a temporary king reigned and suffered in his stead.

  10. In the month of Méac (February) the king of Cambodia annually abdicated for three days.

  11. Baliol has abdicated our throne; the Bruce deserted it; all our nobles slept till you awoke; and shall we bow to men who may follow, but will not lead?

  12. We clearly recognise in the ideal character of the son of the abdicated king an imaginary portrait of Shelley as Mary would have him known, not as she knew him as a living person.

  13. We find ourselves in England, in 2073, in the midst of a Republic, the last king of England having abdicated at the quietly expressed wish of his subjects.

  14. Charles Albert of Sardinia had the courage to head the revolt; but was defeated, and abdicated in favor of his son Victor Emmanuel.

  15. He wore it for two months and twelve days, and then abdicated in favour of a certain Ukinzir, an Aramean chief.

  16. Selim I, son of Bajazet, who abdicated in consequence of his son's constant intrigues against him, had to face a problem, and settled it in the usual manner.

  17. Act is at an end," the Court, in effect, abdicated from the position assumed in the Ben Avon Case.

  18. Nariño then abdicated the dictatorship and marched against the enemy.

  19. He made himself powerful, only that by this power he might accomplish his destined task; he abdicated and went into exile, not from egoism or from cowardice, but in homage to his own principles and for the sake of his cause.

  20. Go-Daigo never abdicated voluntarily, or ever surrendered the regalia.

  21. But at eighteen he became ambitious of governing in fact as well as in name, and as he judged that this could be accomplished better from the Inchu (retired palace) than from the throne, he abdicated without consulting the Kamakura Bakufu.

  22. In 1687, the Emperor Reigen abdicated in favour of Higashiyama, then a boy of thirteen, Reigen continuing to administer affairs from behind the curtain as was usual.

  23. Her reign lasted only eight years, and in 1770 she abdicated in favour of her nephew, Hidehito, who ascended the throne as the Emperor Go-Momozono and died after a reign of nine years.

  24. The Empress Kogyoku at once abdicated in favour of her brother, Prince Kara, her son, Prince Naka, being nominated Prince Imperial.

  25. Twenty-eight years later, that is to say, in 1423, he abdicated in favour of his son, Yoshikazu.

  26. So soon as Samdadchiemba learned that St. Paul had been at the same time a currier and an apostle, he forthwith abdicated his idleness and his self-sufficiency, and applied himself with ardour to rope-making.

  27. At the end of the same month the Emperor abdicated the throne in favor of the Heir-apparent, and his own son was made the Heir-apparent to the new Emperor.

  28. But now that Pitt had quitted the House of Commons, and seemed to have abdicated the part of chief minister, Townshend broke loose from all restraint.

  29. Several years passed during which Parliament seemed to have abdicated its chief functions.

  30. Duke Karl Eduard of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and Grand Duke Friedrich Franz of Mecklenburg-Schwerin abdicated on November 13th.

  31. Admiral von Hintze, Minister of Foreign Affairs, who had joined the little group in the Kaiser's rooms, declared that the monarchy could not be saved unless the Kaiser abdicated at once.

  32. King Friedrich August of Saxony, Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse and Grand Duke Friedrich August of Oldenburg were deposed on November 10th, and Prince Heinrich XXVII of Reuss (younger line) abdicated on the same day.

  33. By then the czar had abdicated both for himself and for his son.

  34. He promised to go in the following autumn, but when the time came he changed his mind and abdicated in favor of his second son.

  35. The king who had abdicated was sent back with his son, though he had abdicated solely for the purpose of being able to live permanently in Peking.

  36. After King Tan-jong had abdicated he was held under strict surveillance in the palace and was practically a prisoner.

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