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Example sentences for "abdicate"

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  1. We certainly ought not to usurp functions which do not properly belong to us: but, on the other hand, we ought not to abdicate functions which do properly belong to us.

  2. Why, Sir, did ever any legislative assembly abdicate its functions in so humiliating a manner?

  3. Chou dynasty was compelled, in his complete impotence, to abdicate in favour of the ruler of Ch'in.

  4. Status of the two southern Kingdoms When the last emperor of the Han period had to abdicate in favour of Ts'ao P'ei and the Wei dynasty began, China was in no way a unified realm.

  5. In 420 the puppet had to abdicate and Liu YĆ¼ became emperor.

  6. The emperor in his weakness was ready to abdicate but died before that stage was reached.

  7. The last emperor must abdicate in proper form.

  8. Forced to abdicate in 1866, he was succeeded by a German prince, Charles of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen.

  9. Accordingly, in a meeting in December requested by Groza and Gheorghiu-Dej, King Michael was forced to abdicate under the threat of civil war.

  10. Louis in turn declined to accept a pension from Bonaparte, and later, in 1803, though his fortunes were at their lowest ebb, refused to abdicate at his suggestion and accept an indemnity.

  11. Aided by Albert Achilles, afterwards margrave of Brandenburg, he took the elder Louis prisoner and compelled him to abdicate in 1443.

  12. But, even independently of this motive, the Desmonds and Tyrones would have tried, as they did, the chances of insurrection, rather than abdicate their unlicensed but ancient chieftainship.

  13. To abdicate with the object of reigning seems to be the device of monasticism.

  14. But the bourgeois of the epoch of la Minerve estimated so highly that poor de, that they thought themselves bound to abdicate it.

  15. Abdicate or govern," said Albert de Gondi in the Queen's ear as she stood thinking.

  16. Mahomet places himself in the hands of his two fathers-in-law; he will abdicate his rule and die in retirement to consolidate his work.

  17. Sylla was an ignorant fellow to abdicate the dictatorship.

  18. That he advised the King to withdraw his army or to abdicate rather than agree to the peace which was being plotted behind his back, seems past doubting.

  19. I abdicate the crown in favour of my son, Victor Emmanuel.

  20. Sagornini, passim;) and the successors of Charlemagne would not abdicate any of their prerogative.

  21. Do you require," said Michael, "that I should abdicate the empire?

  22. The absolute term of his life was superseded by a renewal every third year; and the enmity of Nicholas the Third obliged the Sicilian king to abdicate the government of Rome.

  23. This child, however, dying, Katherine was persuaded by the Senate to abdicate in their favour.

  24. And why, then, am I insane because I wish, for that reason, to abdicate in his favour?

  25. I have no need to abdicate my feminine powers unless I wish to.

  26. I want to abdicate everything, all my rights.

  27. And yet, though I had to lock you up in a prison, so that no one might hear of your baseness, you shall not abdicate your rights.

  28. Adolphe is tempted to abdicate and take Caroline's part himself.

  29. In marrying," she will say, "a woman does not vow that she will abdicate the throne of reason.

  30. And then, if she became their son's wife, the day might come when Mrs Vallance would have to abdicate Lant Hall in her favour, whereas no such calamity could in the nature of things ever befall its reverend squire.

  31. Suppose you abdicate now and let me have a turn?

  32. On April 4th his marshals forced him to abdicate in favour of his son, and three of them came to the Hotel St. Florentin to inform the Tsar.

  33. When an Emperor reached maturity, it was usual that he should abdicate and administer thenceforth from the Inchu.

  34. He sent envoys to Kyoto conveying an order for the dethronement of the Emperor, and although his Majesty was ostensibly allowed to abdicate of his own will, there could be no doubt as to the real circumstances of the case.

  35. Heijo's ill-health, however, compelled him to abdicate after a reign of only three years.

  36. He had never ceased to correspond with Prince Metternich, and, if he is to be believed, he tried to persuade the Emperor to abdicate in favour of his son.

  37. If I abdicate to-day, in two days' time you will no longer have an army.

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