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Example sentences for "cease"

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  1. But his religion was long pretty well known, though he did not cease to conform till 1672.

  2. They voted indeed that tithes should cease as soon as a competent maintenance should be otherwise provided for the clergy.

  3. The best way of getting rid of all difficulties, is to learn how to overcome them, and master them; for they cease to be difficulties, when you have overcome them.

  4. You pique yourself, I think, on being a gentleman; being so, you will cease to press me further.

  5. How shall I make him cease to persecute us?

  6. She wished the weird music within would cease for one moment, that she might feel more able to enter.

  7. After this acute condition has existed for perhaps a year, the pain may cease and the joints may begin to swell.

  8. Sidenote: Exercise for heart trouble] In cases of heart trouble no greater mistake can be made than to cease exercise, as is often prescribed by well-meaning doctors.

  9. Sidenote: Removing the cause of the scaly deposit] It is evident that the first thing to do is to cease the use of water containing the solution of mineral, which causes the scaly deposit.

  10. Sidenote: The phenomenon of death caused by self-poisoning] The stoppage of the heart beat causes the nutritive fluids of the body to cease circulating.

  11. Suffocation acts in a very similar manner--oxygen ceases to be supplied to the blood; carbon dioxid accumulates; the vital fluids cease to flow, and death is the result.

  12. As we slowly rode through the high city portal, dimly lighted by the glare of lanterns and torches, the rain poured down in continuous streams, as though it never intended to cease again.

  13. Cease your prating, and inform me where my beloved mistress is, that I may instantly visit her.

  14. Dan and his three brethren sat at the bottom of the board around the old man, who had been plying at the beef with no ordinary degree of perseverance, nor did he cease when the fray began.

  15. If I thought you would, I for one would cease to care whether the Cause won or not.

  16. For I have heard Geisner say, often, that when penalties cease to intimidate and when men generally rise superior to unjust laws those special injustices are as good as overthrown.

  17. Without hypocrisy, knowing how we all fall far short of the ideal, we must ourselves first cease to be utterly slaves of our own weaknesses.

  18. The officers ordered "cease firing," but the men were slow of hearing, and it was necessary for the officers to get in front of the men and throw up their guns.

  19. The Colonel gave the command, "Cease firing," when I called out to them to surrender.

  20. I shall never cease to thank God that He made him turn aside into the quiet places to find me.

  21. But there are times when I am alone when the strain of being young relaxes, and I luxuriate in being old, old, old, when I cease being contemporary, and look back fondly to the time when the world and I were in embryo.

  22. Nor did the fun and frolic cease until faint streaks of light in the East heralded the coming morn.

  23. Nevertheless, if this thing is much longer persisted in, there may come a time when virtue will cease to be a forebearance.

  24. Rossini, though he wrote no more for the stage, did not all at once cease to write.

  25. I do not forget these things: nor cease to remember them with a sincere, sad, and affectionate interest: the very sincerity of which prevents me from attempting to recreate them.

  26. I cannot make up my mind to go to see any of these good, noble men: I only hope they believe I do not forget, or cease to regard them.

  27. Do you think it ought to cease to shine to shade your boy?

  28. We never cease to have winter letters from people in the North who lament their cold, and wish they were with us on our 'rose-covered veranda in the Sunny South,' and it may be zero when we are reading their flights of imagination.

  29. She turned away and climbed up to the tower, while her father said to Sir Lancelot: "I pray you, be discourteous in some way so that she will cease to love you.

  30. The battle did not cease until it was dark.

  31. Do not cease from your search till you have left the diamond in his hand.

  32. Martin, who regards the phenomenon as normal, points out that when nausea and vomiting are absent or suddenly cease there is often reason to suspect something wrong, especially the death of the embryo.

  33. Many authorities, from Soranus of Ephesus onward, consider, however, that sexual relations should cease during pregnancy, and certainly during the later months.

  34. She was utterly unable to cease from crying, and in spite of her shame and almost her terror, the tears continued to stream down her face in the chapel, in the refectory, even at the hour of recreation.

  35. Alex insensibly began to cease her preoccupied outlook for letters from Queenie, and the convent life began to relax its hold on her memory and imagination, as older influences resumed their sway.

  36. Slavery agitation, in my opinion," says Abraham Lincoln, "will not cease until a crisis has been reached and passed.

  37. In view of all the past, I hope that day may never come when Virginia shall cease to be one of the Union as our fathers made it.

  38. Had Rosalind no sense of humour, were Touchstone and Jaques non-existent, As You Like It might still be a charming forest idyll, but it would cease to have any hint of realism.

  39. Her sorrow is sincere, and her tears do not cease to flow when Troilus is out of sight.

  40. He ordered the men to cease rowing until the gig came alongside.

  41. Quickly we advanced and took up a position to command the door of the underground chamber; while one of the police waved a white cloth from his bayonet as a signal to the gunners to cease firing.

  42. Moreover, men became accustomed to phenomena which they daily witnessed; for such, it seems, is the constitution of human nature in any world, that things cease to be wonderful when they cease to be novel.

  43. It cannot be that he will ever cease to regard me with affection, though, perhaps, no longer with reverence; and I am confident that not even scepticism can chill the natural kindness of his disposition.

  44. It is as if the religious world were a masquerade, where you cease to feel surprise at finding some familiar acquaintance disguised in the most fantastical costume.

  45. And if he did not believe them, he would cease to have faith.

  46. Then cease to talk of your 'absolute religion,' as capable in any way of consecrating the hateful forms of false and cruel superstition for which you and Mr. Parker condescend to be the apologists.

  47. Thus, if gas is absorbed at the upper surface of a liquid, and if the gaseous solution is heavier than the pure liquid, currents may be set up, and a steady state of diffusion may cease to exist.

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