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Example sentences for "affectionate"

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affectedly; affecting; affectingly; affection; affectional; affectionately; affectionateness; affectioned; affections; affective
  1. The melancholy plaints of the little girl pained her affectionate heart.

  2. But the interesting events which occurred there will be best learned from a letter which the clock-maker wrote to his affectionate sister Christina.

  3. Her father's tyranny and selfishness can never nullify her noble and affectionate remembrance of Aunt Amy in the hour of her need.

  4. Mrs. Clifton was quite aged, and though uniformly gentle and affectionate toward the orphan, there was no common ground of congeniality on which they could meet.

  5. Louisa went to school as usual, but her mother rarely left their guest; and after Mr. Young's return he treated her with all the affectionate consideration of a parent.

  6. She loved her meek affectionate aunt as well as most natures love their mothers, and did all in her power to lighten her labours, but her affection for Russell bordered on adoration.

  7. Fancy not liking such a dear, coaxingly, clingingly affectionate creature as a snake!

  8. They took an affectionate farewell of His Majesty, and trudged on.

  9. Now it will be evident to the reader that if Miss Plympton had really written the above, and had meant to incite Edith to give her affectionate reverence to her two jailers, she could not have gone about it in a worse way.

  10. She had given up her school; and as she had no home, she yielded to Edith's affectionate entreaties, and found a new home with her, where she passed the remainder of her days.

  11. He's a most affectionate son, and he is so affectionate toward you.

  12. The necessity of sending children to America, so that they may escape disease and immorality among the heathen, is an agony which only the affectionate parent can know.

  13. They have made our visit delightful by their affectionate and boundless hospitality.

  14. A sorrowful widow, oppressed with the burden of grief for the loss of an affectionate husband, would have been bowed down by her heavy load, had not the surviving children with great alacrity stepped forward and supported her.

  15. The love-light in her brown eyes as she gave me one affectionate glance when I presented her to Rachel Melrose in my father's office--that pledge of her heart, I pictured over and over in my memory.

  16. And I closed the affectionate missive with the words: "To my father and Aunt Candace you are very dear.

  17. He gave O'mie an affectionate slap on the shoulder as he spoke.

  18. My eyes were away on Burnett's Mound, and the sweet remembrance of Marjie's last affectionate look made a blur before them.

  19. Till then, and ever believe me, my dear father, your affectionate son, M.

  20. It will clear away what is to some minds a moral and affectionate objection.

  21. Her body awaits the Resurrection in Albury Churchyard, and her spirit lives with us in affectionate remembrance.

  22. Now, Pierrot was really an affectionate fellow, and this mortified him more than any thing else.

  23. At length the city was reached, and the coach drove straight to the castle, where Madame de Lagny took a really affectionate leave of Edward and retired to her own apartments.

  24. In the meantime Alcuin had returned from his travels in England, and immediately engaged in controversy by addressing an affectionate exhortation to Felix.

  25. Dionysius of Alexandria sought to effect a reconciliation by writing a tenderly affectionate address to Stephen.

  26. The boldness of the protest and the affectionate admiration of Montaigne have given la Boetie a much higher reputation than any extant work of his actually deserves.

  27. No dog with such eyes--so asking and so human-like in their expression--could fail to be affectionate and devoted to a master possessing the qualities which inspire affection and devotion.

  28. But every man passing one of these horses gave him an affectionate pat, which was returned by a low, pathetic whinny of recognition and pleasure.

  29. The words of this faithful and affectionate slave put Bedreddin into great confusion.

  30. In the room he had just quitted, a man whom he had called friend and looked upon with affectionate regard, had died a self-confessed and unrepentant liar and thief.

  31. In my last visit to Rockhold I also served Mr. Rockharrt more zealously than ever, because, indeed, he needed such affectionate service more than before.

  32. Oh, yes; I shall be glad to go, though all here are most tender and affectionate to me.

  33. Here were affectionate attentions and jests and laughter.

  34. He would be sure to recall her pretty, helpful, pleasant ways, and the comfort both his father and his mother used to take in her playful manners and affectionate ministration.

  35. His nature was affectionate and emotional, and all his troubles had not hardened him.

  36. Greta had tried in her affectionate way to lavish gifts upon her friend, but Olivia had steadily refused to allow this.

  37. He has an affectionate nature, but he is hard too; he could be terribly hard, I am sure of that.

  38. At Tranby I had a most affectionate and brotherly welcome, and came on here on Saturday, full of hope and thanksgiving for the privilege of speaking to so many people about their souls.

  39. It has been mentioned that, during Canon Hoare’s illness, the whole town was stirred with affectionate anxiety on his behalf.

  40. Nothing can be kinder or more affectionate than everybody here.

  41. I thought there were no friends left, but there were nearer seven thousand, and most affectionate they were.

  42. As usual we have had several affectionate greetings, amongst others one from Sir — —, whom we met at Keswick.

  43. If any stranger had seen them together, 'he would have imagined he beheld a fond father and an affectionate daughter laughingly chatting.

  44. To him the Queen and the prince wrote as only dutiful children might write to the most affectionate and wisest of parents.

  45. The mistress of the house was a pleasant lady on the hither side of fifty, the widow of a painter who had studied at Rome, Florence, and Naples, and who had all his life cherished a grateful and affectionate remembrance of Italy.

  46. I kiss your hands), like a servant to his master; only friends say Adios; and the people preserve their affectionate salutation, Vaya Usted con Dios!

  47. After this affectionate preface she proceeded to intimate her desire that the Earl should take the matter as nearly as possible into his own hands.

  48. He had been comforted by the affectionate expressions with which that explosion of feminine and royal wrath had been succeeded.

  49. A single tear rolled down her cheek, which he kissed away, and as he did it, whispered her in a tone of affectionate confidence, that it was but a trifle and signified nothing.

  50. Felix and Alley walked on, unconscious of me ominous forebodings which the superstition of the affectionate woman prompted her to utter.

  51. It was tender and firm on the part of Felix, and affectionate between him and her.

  52. Adrienne, touched by the affectionate interest of this excellent creature; "and how is it that you, with such a heart and head, should be in such distress?

  53. At the moment of drawing back, Adrienne said to Mother Bunch, with so sweet a smile and affectionate a tone, that it was impossible not to believe her sincere: "M.

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