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Example sentences for "affectionately"

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affecting; affectingly; affection; affectional; affectionate; affectionateness; affectioned; affections; affective; affects
  1. When she was about to go, Mrs De Courcy affectionately embraced her.

  2. My dearest father,' said Laura, throwing her arm affectionately round his neck, 'do not give way to such gloomy forebodings.

  3. He shook his head, patted her affectionately upon the shoulder, and smiled down into her upraised face.

  4. A stray countryman, sitting upon the wall of loose stones, was greeted affectionately by each passing company.

  5. Whereupon, after having affectionately commended myself to you, I beseech our gracious God to have you in his holy keeping, to guide you by his Spirit, and to make you prosperous.

  6. Although I have not leisure to write to the young ladies, I desire to be very affectionately remembered to all three.

  7. Adieu, very distinguished sir, and most esteemed fellow-minister, together with the brethren; all of whom you will affectionately salute in my name.

  8. Both [Monsieur and Madame de Falais] very affectionately salute you, as also my colleagues; and my wife, who is in bed from prolonged illness.

  9. I give thanks to our good Lord affectionately for the news which Madame has communicated to me of the recovery of your health.

  10. Adieu, most upright brother, and one dear to me from the bottom of my heart, as also your fellow-ministers, all of whom you will very affectionately salute in my name.

  11. And now, please God, I shall do my duty, thanking you most affectionately that you have been pleased to have patience until the settlement could be made.

  12. Then he put his hand again affectionately on Birkin's shoulder.

  13. You are right; I feel you are right, Gladys,' stroking her fair hair as he spoke; then she looked up and smiled affectionately in his face.

  14. At last he rose and affectionately kissed her hand.

  15. Coming to his desk, she snuggled affectionately into his chair and gazed fondly over its litter of papers.

  16. Come," and he laid his hand affectionately upon the old man's shoulder, "let us go together.

  17. Nash addressed to him many affectionately phrased sonnets.

  18. He embraced his friend, kissing him affectionately on both cheeks, and sat down by him with a sigh of fatigue.

  19. For a month they had not seen each other, Marcian having been absent on missions of the wonted double tenor; they met affectionately as ever, then Basil flung himself down, like one crushed by sudden calamity.

  20. She looked back affectionately at him, and waved her hand to say good-bye, and then she walked steadily over the plank, with her light elastic step, and turned into one of the paths that led through the wood on the other side.

  21. When I spoke affectionately of him, she suddenly seized my hand, and before I could prevent it had pressed it to her lips.

  22. Then, while Christie was getting tea ready, Treffy played through all his four tunes, dwelling most affectionately and admiringly on "Home, sweet Home.

  23. The more gently and affectionately I spoke to her, the more caressing my manner was to her, the deeper in her heart I buried the barbed arrow of impossible love.

  24. He kissed her very affectionately and, putting his arm about her waist, lifted her up and carried her so to the landing.

  25. When Colonel Zane entered the house he was greeted affectionately by his wife and sister.

  26. Lydia slipped her arm affectionately around Betty's neck and said, "Why did you not come over to the Fort to-day?

  27. She pulled Clementina down to kiss her, and babbled on affectionately and optimistically, till her talk became the voice of her dreams, and then ceased altogether.

  28. The ladies glanced at him affectionately and deferentially; he was gently scolded at times for over-working himself, the sleepiness which nowadays frequently overtook him in all sorts of places being attributed to excess of genius and zeal.

  29. And thereupon he ran off, after pressing the priest's hands and affectionately wishing him a good journey.

  30. However, you may rely on me," Pierre affectionately resumed.

  31. When he lay down again, he put his hand affectionately upon my mother’s arm with a soothing word: “I will hold you fast!

  32. Having escorted her affectionately to the door, Captain Oliphant seated himself at the bedside, and looked hard at his ward.

  33. Jill, hanging affectionately on her noble escort's arm, "are you liking it?

  34. Remember me to my friends, and think of Yours affectionately and in great haste, ELIZA.

  35. Having abdicated his throne, Louis retired to Gratz, in Styria, and to that private mode of life for which his character fitted him: his name continues to be affectionately remembered in Holland.

  36. Not a child of three years old and upwards in the neighbourhood that had not hung by his mane, and played with his paws, and been affectionately worried by him on the flowery greensward.

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    Other words:
    lovingly; passionately; tenderly