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affectionate; affectionately; affectionateness; affectioned; affections; affects; affectu; affectus; affectyon; affer
  1. Hence national self-consciousness can never develop except in the form of an idea of strong affective tone, that is to say a sentiment.

  2. The group mind of a nation is a mind in the sense that, like the mind of the individual, it is an organised system of mental or psychical forces; and, like the individual mind, it also has its intellectual and its affective sides or aspects.

  3. The second solution is that every sensation has its specific affective quality, though by reason of the poverty of language many of these have no name.

  4. Mosso, the Italian psychologist, consists in recording the physical phenomena which are observed to accompany modifications of the affective consciousness.

  5. The affective group contains three tests under musical appeal, and one each under reaction to musical effect and power of interpretation in singing.

  6. Men and women as we see them in the world do differ in affective behavior, but no one can say whether these differences in behavior are original or acquired.

  7. Our fourth inquiry is this: Are there any innate sex differences in affective or instinctive equipment that would naturally lead to a vocational differentiation of the sexes?

  8. The affective value of these analogies and their incorporation in poetry, song, and fiction as adequate figures of speech lead us to react to these traits in ways determined largely by the traditional usage.

  9. Tests of affective and volitional factors were slower in developing.

  10. Are there any sex differences in affective or instinctive equipment which would naturally lead to vocational differentiation of the sexes?

  11. There are different conventional standards of emotional behavior for men and for women, but no one would be justified in saying that such standards arose from inherent affective differences between the sexes.

  12. Emotion transcends the simpler feeling states whenever the exciting cause is sufficient to throw us out of our regular routine of affective experience.

  13. Her depression of spirits may not entirely disappear for long years, perhaps never; but her affective state does not go beyond a simple sorrow.

  14. The objection is often made to the last species of words that they may produce a strong affective resentment even in innocent persons, and for that reason one cannot attribute to them any comparative value.

  15. Abstraction creates some exceptions here, for we remain in affective rapport with our hysterical patients, which is not the case in dementia præcox.

  16. The source of infantile adaptation to the parents is naturally the affective condition on both sides; the psycho-sexuality of the parents on one side and that of the child on the other.

  17. The nature of mental diseases consists in the return to former states of the affective life and function.

  18. Logical argumentation is therefore powerless against affective interests; that is why arguing with reasons which, according to Falstaff, are as common as blackberries, are so fruitless where our interests are concerned.

  19. The more startling the affective experience, the less explicable it seems, the easier it is to make it the carrier of unsubstantiated notions.

  20. The ground of the specific assurance in religious dogmas is then an affective experience.

  21. The objects of faith may even be preposterous; the affective stream will float them along, and invest them with unshakable certitude.

  22. Dumas says of all such joyous conditions that "unselfish sentiments and tender emotions are the only affective states to be found in them.

  23. The communications which are necessary for the analysis are made only under the conditions of a special affective relationship to the physician; the patient would become dumb as soon as he became aware of a single impartial witness.

  24. These arguments originate from affective sources, however, and society holds to these prejudices against all attempts at refutation.

  25. The affective and emotional experiences associated with the pronunciation of sounds rather than the nature of the sounds themselves determine the rise of stuttering.

  26. Second, an affective part through which it gives rise to the emotion which is characteristic of it.

  27. According to the latter writer, every emotion has a corresponding instinct, and is merely the affective aspect of this instinct.

  28. As soon as the Revolution reached the people, the influence of the rational elements speedily vanished before that of the affective and collective elements.

  29. Although the mystic element is always the foundation of beliefs, certain affective and rational elements are quickly added thereto.

  30. A belief thus serves to group sentiments and passions and interests which belong to the affective domain.

  31. Ribot and other French authors use its French equivalent as covering all the feelings and emotions, as the most general name for the affective aspect of mental processes.

  32. The growth of the sentiments is of the utmost importance for the character and conduct of individuals and of societies; it is the organization of the affective and conative life.

  33. These affective responses, however, do not enable us to understand or to define the other person.

  34. Sentiment" was used by French writers, Ribot, Binet, and others, as a general term for the entire field of affective life.

  35. And we shall see how the solution of this inward affective problem, a solution which may be but the despairing renunciation of the attempt at a solution, is that which colours all the rest of philosophy.

  36. I do not know why he has not been defined as an affective or feeling animal.

  37. And this personal and affective starting-point of all philosophy and all religion is the tragic sense of life.

  38. A (being) may also act in an evil manner, and exercise on another a harmful influence; and the actualization may be shameful, and the affective experience be honorable.

  39. We can then define) an affective experience, and a being's experience, as follows.

  40. This affective state was registered in consciousness in terms of sensation of tension in the musculature of the head and neck, by intraorganic sensations, and finally by a steadily rising feeling of unpleasantness.

  41. It is necessary to make a study of the normal curve of each subject taken when his affective state could be described as "indifferent".

  42. The affective atmosphere which colored the situations in which the horse took part, could not, of course, be transferred, but this was in some respects an advantage.

  43. Our results here were quite in accord with the view taken by Zoneff and Meumann,[20] who believe that in the respiration is to be found a good index of the affective tone of the subject's mental state.

  44. The interrelation existing between ideas having a high degree of affective coloring and the musculature of the body, (which is brought to light in this process), is by no means a novel fact for us.

  45. Do purely cognitive states give rise to such movements, or does the movement impulse depend more particularly upon the affective consciousness accompanying the cognitive states?

  46. Our imitation of the emotions which we see expressed brings vividness and affective tone into our grasping of the play's action.

  47. The analysis of the mind of the audience must lead, however, to that second group of emotions, those in which the spectator responds to the scenes on the film from the standpoint of his independent affective life.

  48. Thus we can only have agreement between the law of reason and the affective phenomena, under the condition of putting both in discord with the exigencies of instinct.

  49. Every time, then, that nature manifests an exigence and seeks to draw the will along with it by the blind violence of affective movement, it is the duty of the will to order nature to halt until reason has pronounced.

  50. Also it should observe this conduct for all the affective movements without exception, and when it is nature which has spoken the first, never allow it to act as an immediate cause.

  51. Thus the virtue of temperament in the affective movements falls back to the state of simple production of nature, whilst the noble soul passes to heroism and rises to the rank of pure intelligence.

  52. Monoarticulated speech (signaling), as well as ideographic writing, result from experiences involving the pragmatic-affective level of existence.

  53. The transition from speech to writing corresponds to the shift from the pragmatic-affective level of human praxis to the pragmatic-rational level of linear relations among people and their environment.

  54. The second idea suggested by our study is the tremendous importance of hearing in the affective side of language.

  55. Disposition; the entire affective soul and its habitual state.

  56. Footnotes [1] The sensitive is also called the vital, the mental, the reflective, and the moral the affective state.

  57. The clonic and tonic convulsions are reminders of his states of extreme fright, a phenomenon of revival of the ideo-affective process, aggravated however by the oniric or post-oniric images.

  58. An affective complex, passing from the surprise of the shell-shock over to a fright based on clear though wrong ideas of what might happen to him, had left him without sufficient power of autocritique.

  59. Babinski wishes to define emotion as a violent affective change as a result of a sudden mental shock upsetting physiologic or psychic balance during a usually brief period.

  60. According to Myers, the hyperesthesia was more relative than absolute, and was probably due to increased affective response.

  61. In many inverts (even absolute ones) an early affective sexual impression can be demonstrated, as a result of which the homosexual inclination developed.

  62. Charles Darwin--The Affective Source of His Inspiration and Anxiety Neurosis.

  63. But it is not improbable that affective or æsthetic elements contributed to the result, which shows as high a figure as 25 seconds for the gray as against 29 for the white.

  64. There was affective sympathy, but no great intellectual fellowship, between Knight and Stephen Smith.

  65. The place the interest occupies may also vary: sometimes the affective state itself is so strong that it forces itself into the focal point and becomes the object of attention.

  66. The element which distinguishes appreciation from memory or imagination or perception is an affective one.

  67. What is true of attention is also true of interest, for interest is coming more and more to be considered the "feeling side" of attention, or the affective accompaniment of attention.

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