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Example sentences for "affections"

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affectional; affectionate; affectionately; affectionateness; affectioned; affective; affects; affectu; affectus; affectyon
  1. Winslow truly says, 'The science of these brain-affections is yet in its infancy in England.

  2. The poem thus ends:-- 'May the strong curse of crushed affections light Back on thy bosom with reflected blight, And make thee in thy leprosy of mind As loathsome to thyself as to mankind!

  3. They welcomed him with a joyful shout, which showed that he had won the honest affections of his men, a prize worthy of an officer's aim.

  4. It is a daughter's duty to set her affections where her father desires.

  5. There is necessarily the amusing side in all this miserable trading upon the affections of fools.

  6. The rupture had lasted for two months, to the great scandal of Rome where the cult of long and faithful affections still abides.

  7. She was at first both surprised and distressed by the change, especially on learning that he was resuming his bachelor's habits, and had set his fickle if ardent affections elsewhere.

  8. Is it Thy wish that Thy creatures should enjoy neither the sun, nor the smiling Nature which Thou hast created, nor the human affections with which Thou hast endowed their flesh?

  9. Still, as we said before, Jacob could not positively fix on the precise position which he held in the affections of Miss Julia Willoughby.

  10. On arriving at the market, Jock soon discovered the mistress of his affections in the person of Lizzie Gimmerton.

  11. He is abroad in the memory and in the affections of his pupils; and his remembrance is cherished wheresoever they may be.

  12. But he did not reflect that Luisa who, moreover, was far less sensitive to music than he was, would probably have attributed another meaning to the andante, that of the painful conflict between our affections and our convictions.

  13. As to the little hanging-garden, Luisa would have been willing to put up even with maize, with that tolerance of the superior mind which loves to humour the ideas, the habits, the affections of inferior minds.

  14. Like to other animals, without experience of the past, without foresight of the future, he wandered in the bosom of the forest, guided only and governed by the affections of his nature.

  15. How forcibly does its mild and compassionate morality, its affections altogether spiritual, attest its emanation from God!

  16. Again the ideas of God have been created by the affections of the human heart; they became necessarily divided into two classes, according to the sensations of pleasure or pain, love or hatred, which they inspired.

  17. Some who are woven into our lives and affections by the kinship of blood; who grow up weak and vacillating, and are won away, sometimes through vice, to estrangement.

  18. No matter which side the sympathies or affections might be enlisted upon, the stern decree of justice was what the Mizorean abided by.

  19. Ah, how miserable are our best affections compared with His!

  20. He will have an ineffable delight in magnifying Me in the affections of My Church and people, and endearing Me to their hearts; and He is all worthy of credence, for He is "the Spirit of truth.

  21. So entirely did Mr. Addington appear to possess the confidence and affections of his people, that he became scarcely less their friend and counsellor in their various secular concerns than their spiritual guide and instructor.

  22. This enabled him to serve his flock with scarcely any reward but their affections and their prayers.

  23. Few ministers have been more generally beloved by those who knew them, or have lived more in the affections of their people.

  24. The understanding and the affections and desires are always acting on the domestic, political, and economic ordering.

  25. The love of the Covenanters for the Church of the Lord Jesus arose in flames of jealousy when they saw a mere man, a dissolute and sinful man, attempt to woo her heart and alienate her affections from her Lord and King.

  26. Knox gives the reason: "Everything that impugned their corrupt affections was mockingly termed 'devout imaginations.

  27. Each one of the horses had its special claim on the affections of this man who now sat chatting with his "Vice" at the table.

  28. Thus to the last hour of life he kept his affections fresh and flowing.

  29. There too, in those rough natures, which appear so sullen and savage, when brought face to face with their oppressors, he found the finest and tenderest affections of the human heart.

  30. It is of equal service with tar for treating such skin affections as psoriasis, and eczema.

  31. Garlic proves useful in asthma, whooping-cough, and other spasmodic affections of the chest.

  32. In the United States of America, Asparagus is thought to be undeniably sedative, and a palliative in all heart affections attended with excited action of the pulse.

  33. It acts like Sarsaparilla chiefly, for curing scrofulous skin affections and glandular swellings.

  34. In local rheumatic affections the skin may be painted beneficially with oil of Peppermint.

  35. For catarrhal affections of the eyes and the ears, as well as for catarrhal diarrhoea, the tincture is very serviceable; also for female monthly difficulties its use is always beneficial and safe.

  36. A patient seeking relief from rheumatic or neuralgic affections of the head and face, or for palsy of the tongue, should chew the root of this Pyrethrum for several minutes.

  37. She might be soft in her affections but she never swerved from her duty as she saw it.

  38. Somehow she had no real belief that he had transferred his affections to her dissimilar sister-in-law, but her interest in Gora was growing.

  39. For this high dignity of man, thus bringing the dust under his feet into sensible communion with the thoughts and affections of the angels, was supposed to belong to him, not as renewed by a religious system, but by his own natural right.

  40. Our own parents and near relatives first call these affections into active exercise.

  41. Captain Morgan was very soft-hearted, and understood by his affections as well as with his understanding, but in this case something beguiled him, perhaps a little complacency, perhaps want of thought.

  42. In all these particulars he felt that his affections were leading him wisely, and that not merely love--always avowedly more or less folly--but discrimination and sense were in his choice.

  43. No man ever established a better claim to the affections of a country; and, in recalling the recollections of eight and twenty years, there is no difficulty in accounting for the feeling which has brought us together on this occasion.

  44. You see, I am taking for granted that the popular conception of his shortcomings in regard to the affections is correct, and I only want to suggest some of the reasons which have earned for him such a bad reputation.

  45. Sometimes she cannot understand why the objects of her catholic affections are not equally satisfied with the arrangement, and she thinks their discontent is unreasonable.

  46. The other may be faithless in deed; but he says to himself (and, if he has to confess his backsliding, he will swear the same to his lady) that his affections have never wavered.

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