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attenuated; attenuates; attenuating; attenuation; atter; attestation; attestations; attested; attesting; attests
  1. It would be superfluous to adduce proofs on this head from native works; for even the oldest specimens of Hindu sculpture, found in the rock temples, sufficiently attest it.

  2. The temple ruins with which Nepal will at that time no doubt be strewn, will also be invoked to attest the mercilessness of the persecutions.

  3. In all of these he led his command, and the dead of the enemy left on the field before it attest how well he led it.

  4. The statutes against illicit relations, from the codes of Hammurabi and Moses to the latest efforts for stricter divorce, attest the collision between the individual's inclination and the will of the group.

  5. Let us trust God, whether sense can attest the incipient accomplishment of His words or no.

  6. And all round the world to-day her subjects attest that the aged monarch has kept the little maiden's vow.

  7. On the third day the people of Edinburgh were called on to attest their devotion to the cause which was represented by the Covenant.

  8. Thy choice was earth: thou didst attest 'Twas fitter spirit should subserve The flesh, than flesh refine to nerve Beneath the spirit's play.

  9. This attest When for my death's revenge another dies, A woman for a woman, and a man Falls, for a man ill-wedded to his curse.

  10. Among the innumerable customs which attest this belief there are one or two Roman ones, e.

  11. These pyramids attest the fact," he replied, with an impressive gesture of his right hand towards the opposite one.

  12. We will attest the Gods; for they Are fittest both to witness and to guard 295 Our covenant.

  13. But if it please thee more at large to learn My lineage (thousands can attest it true) Know this.

  14. And let high-thundering Jove attest 485 Himself mine oath, that war shall cease the while.

  15. Before God and before men, I accuse this woman of having urged me to the murder of the Baron de Wardes; but as no one else can attest the truth of this accusation, I attest it myself.

  16. The provisions of the treaty attest the zeal and ability of the American negotiation, as well as the liberal feelings which actuated the British minority.

  17. It was, however, and well does it attest their patriotic courage, the very last to leave the field.

  18. But free-born minds inspired with noble flame, Attest their origin, and scorn the claim.

  19. For a distance of six to eight miles south of the city, pillars, earth depressions, and crumbled walls attest the onetime greatness of the new capital.

  20. They attest the influence of that immense numerical majority among the speakers of English who do not take sufficient pains to speak correctly, but whose blunders become finally the norm of the language.

  21. All these modes of change in language attest the work of individuals on language.

  22. Let rascals in the flesh attest your zeal-- Knocked on the mazzard or tripped up at heel!

  23. The punctual planets, to their periods just, Attest your wisdom and approve my trust.

  24. His letters to Schouvalof, the imperial chamberlain, attest the unremitting industry with which he sought for every kind of information that might be useful to him.

  25. More than a thousand figures attest the exuberant satire of the designers.

  26. The observations and relations which experience offers us may be fruitful enough to render an account of the facts, to extend and enlighten our knowledge, to establish laws and attest actions.

  27. Yes, I attest all the gods," continued Philip in a low voice, but with great earnestness, and glancing from the brother to the sister as if his prospects in life were contingent upon his being believed in this.

  28. At the period of the British occupation, ninety dilapidated houses, giving shelter to six hundred impoverished souls, were all that remained to attest its ancient glories.

  29. Only one personage in history has claimed to teach absolute truth, to be one with God, and to attest his divine mission by works such as only God could perform.

  30. In short, we may expect God to attest by miracles and by prophecy, the divine mission and authority of those to whom he communicates a revelation.

  31. The definition given above is intended simply as a definition of the miracles of the Bible, or, in other words, of the events which profess to attest a divine revelation in the Scriptures.

  32. The wonder is confined to the prophecy, which may equally attest a divine revelation.

  33. Cooke, Religion and Chemistry: "God is love; but nature could not prove it, and the Lamb was slain from the foundation of the world in order to attest it.

  34. But God would not work miracles or reveal the future to attest the claims of false teachers.

  35. He might also have thought that he was awaking from a dream, had he not had, to attest the reality, the vague perfume which filled his room, and the light shawl, which Mlle.

  36. It is to the crime committed to-day that these pressing recommendations relate; and, directed as they are to Vincent Favoral, they attest his complicity.

  37. The prominence given at this period to the statues of Mithras, the existence of temples to Isis and Serapis, attest the power that these divinities exerted over the imagination of the Italian people.

  38. The splendid literature of the Apocrypha, Ecclesiasticus and Wisdom, the rich fund of speculation in the Talmud, the intellectual wealth of Philo, the Pauline and Johannean Gnosis, brilliantly attest their intellectual vigor.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "attest" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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