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Example sentences for "affirm"

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affiliations; affin; affinitie; affinities; affinity; affirmable; affirmance; affirmation; affirmations; affirmative
  1. But was not that sufficient to affirm that I had not been the plaything of a dream?

  2. To exist is to assert oneself, to affirm oneself, to love oneself; he to whom life is a burthen rids himself of it.

  3. Whatever kind of object, therefore, we are at any time conscious of, we are always at the same time conscious of our own nature; we can affirm nothing without affirming ourselves.

  4. What the productive power of its nature has brought forth as the highest, that must also its taste, its judgment, recognise and affirm as the highest.

  5. In the predicate I affirm love, in the subject faith.

  6. Their need to affirm themselves as persons is undeniable, and any experience of love that they have is reinforcing.

  7. While we cannot equate parental action with divine action, nevertheless we can affirm that divine action takes place through human action.

  8. The power of origination is open to anyone, and we can either affirm the power or deny it.

  9. Religious teaching needs to affirm sexual intimacy as a part of people's lives, and nurture them so that their sexual relationships may be a means of grace rather than a source of guilt.

  10. Street) said that it was all very well for me to tell everybody to affirm his cosmic theory, but that I had carefully avoided supporting my precepts with example.

  11. That is, you either deny the main principle of democracy, or you affirm the main principle of materialism-- the abstract impossibility of miracle.

  12. I only mention these ideas to affirm the same thing: that when I looked into them independently I found, not that the conclusions were unphilosophical, but simply that the facts were not facts.

  13. For I affirm that the good is the beautiful.

  14. For I can hardly suppose that you will affirm a man to be a good poet who injures himself by his poetry.

  15. The light was also 4 or 5 times seen in the Children's Chamber; and the Maids confidently affirm that the doors were at least ten times opened, and shut in their sight.

  16. The Question of Witchcraft Debated; Or, a discourse against their Opinion that affirm Witches.

  17. Or a Discourse against their Opinion that affirm Witches, considered and enlarged.

  18. Should we affirm that none, who are in a state of nature, can be influenced by sense of duty to deny themselves, or attempt obedience to God's law, it might give occasion to false hopes.

  19. They also affirm that all the natives perished, and that the fathers of the grandfathers of men now alive saw their bones in certain tombs which were as small as has been described.

  20. They affirm that, on the other side of the mountains to the eastward of this province, which are the Cordilleras of the Andes, there is a great, rich, and populous valley called Arbi.

  21. The Orejones and other Indians affirm that the figure of the sun was very rich, and that there was great treasure in smaller pieces.

  22. They affirm that the priest, who conversed with the devil, gave them to understand that the stone would bring health to them in requital for their offerings, after they and other ministers of the devil had applied to it.

  23. Up to the present time no wheat has been sown, so that I cannot affirm whether it will yield a harvest or not.

  24. I neither deny nor affirm that, in times past, some other race, possessed of judgment and intelligence, made these things, and others which we have not seen.

  25. It makes a warm cordial, as I can affirm from experience, for the natives trade with it, and use it in their illnesses, particularly for pains in the bowels and stomach.

  26. They affirm that their origin is derived from a certain man (whose name I do not recollect) and a woman called Urochombe, who came forth out of a fountain called Huarivilca.

  27. It is asserted that these edifices were commenced before the time of the Yncas, and I have heard some Indians affirm that the Yncas built their grand edifices at Cuzco on the plan which they had observed at the wall near these ruins.

  28. I affirm this, because I spoke with a man who had taken more than seven hundred pesos of gold out of a single trough; and besides what the Spaniards got, the Indians took an unknown quantity.

  29. The rivers are not poor in gold, indeed we can affirm that they are very rich in that metal.

  30. It is his task to discover beauty in whatever form and to affirm it.

  31. To say of a painter that he never produces any but fine works, does not affirm that he is less free than an inferior artist; just because producing bad work is no power or privilege but a defect.

  32. It is gratuitous to affirm that the want of universality on the one side is more remarkable than on the other.

  33. It rather concedes the strength of those evidences, from mere eagerness to affirm that nothing could make them strong enough.

  34. Far be it from me to affirm that every one here uses his reasoning powers.

  35. We have no reason to believe that life is possible only under the same conditions and with the same chemical composition of organisms as upon the earth, although indeed we cannot affirm that they actually exist on Mars.

  36. Some say that this was the real expression of C├Žsar's opinion, but others affirm that it was done to please the people who were bent on saving Clodius.

  37. The sense seems to be this; in the Yoga system He is called the Supreme Soul, for Yogins affirm the existence of two souls, the Jivatman and the Supreme Soul, and assert the superiority of the latter over the former.

  38. Others affirm that with destruction the attributes cease to be.

  39. She never had any children, and was not taxed with debauchery: "No man can say or affirm that ever she had a sweetheart or any such fond thing to dally with her;" a mastiff was the only living thing she cared for.

  40. I once heard a man affirm that for him there was in every horse's face the beauty each of us sees in the one woman he adores.

  41. The terms Brahma means the Perfect Supreme Being (Bhagaban), and the scriptures affirm that Krishna is the Supreme Being.

  42. God and creation differ as the master and the slave of illusion respectively, and yet you affirm that creation is identical with the Creator!

  43. In the dark crypt, the wretched queen, Anne Boleyn, heard from the lips of Cranmer the annulment of her marriage with Henry, and was forced to affirm the disinheritance of her offspring.

  44. Says Hooke, "I must affirm that since the time of Archimedes there scarce ever met in one man in so great a perfection such a mechanical hand and so philosophic a mind.

  45. There are those who affirm that we have already portioned out among ourselves the ecclesiastical principalities, before the victory, and I know not what other follies.

  46. As if to affirm these characteristics he spoke to me the moment I had entered, in a voice which seemed to be adapted to a general address to the three or four other bachelors who were waiting in the frescoed vestibule for a conveyance.

  47. It seemed to refute the notion that dead men cannot see; it seemed to affirm that dead men's eyes are not dead.

  48. And we may perhaps safely affirm still further, that the cerebellum is much more intimately concerned with the production of bodily movements than with the evolution of mental phenomena.

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "affirm" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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