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Example sentences for "affirmations"

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affinity; affirm; affirmable; affirmance; affirmation; affirmative; affirmatively; affirmatives; affirme; affirmed
  1. It was on Palm-Sunday, when the choristers of the Sistine chapel made the arches resound with the grand and solemn affirmations of the Catholic Credo.

  2. That the fundamental affirmations of our Constitution were rescripts and digests from the will and word of God was the lively ground and unfailing confirmation of his pure devotion to his Nation's honor and weal.

  3. How can such stupendous affirmations be clothed with credibility?

  4. Deferring then to future pages all specific analysis and appraisal of the pregnant interior wealth of Lincoln's sense of moral obligation, two momentous affirmations touching Lincoln's reverence for law lie already right at hand.

  5. But whatever his shortcomings or mistakes, whatever his follies or sins, two affirmations about his life will hold forever true.

  6. But here, in passing, two standard affirmations are required.

  7. Then arguments became transparent, and affirmations convinced like axioms.

  8. The Declaration of Independence did not and does not include the blacks in its affirmations about equality.

  9. All those awful battles were trembling, struggling arguments; thrilling, impassioned affirmations striving to finally and forever decide whether human slavery was justified to spread.

  10. They were the fervid affirmations of his own convictions, compacted into reasoned unison, out of the indivisible constituents of his very manhood's honor.

  11. Let any logical mind attempt a logical synthesis of that address, marking well what affirmations are supreme.

  12. And just such affirmations must be made concerning Lincoln's pureness.

  13. Amid these sovereign interests and affirmations their agent is thus employed of his own free choice.

  14. All the vital rights of minorities and of individuals are so plainly assured to them by affirmations and negations, guarantees and provisions in the Constitution, that controversies never arise concerning them.

  15. With its affirmations therefore I have nothing to do in the present discussion.

  16. The acceptance of such affirmations as worthy of the highest credit may be correctly designated as acts of faith; but let us never forget that such acts of faith are also high exercises of reason.

  17. None of the affirmations of Jesus Christ partake of this character.

  18. To state the position generally, it is quite rational to accept the affirmations of those who possess full knowledge of any subject of which we ourselves are profoundly ignorant.

  19. But in the case before us we have affirmations of St. Paul respecting himself, which put the whole apparatus of myths and legends out of the question.

  20. Let me now consider the relation in which miracles stand to the affirmations of those who claimed a commission from Jesus Christ to publish his religion in the world, and to lay the foundation of the Church.

  21. The affirmations on this point are express.

  22. But in the present discussion I need not go beyond the affirmations of the New Testament.

  23. Before proceeding further, I must draw the reader's attention to three affirmations in this important passage.

  24. I have already adduced some of the affirmations of the sacred writers on this subject.

  25. It is evident, therefore, that this brings us into the presence of historical evidence of the first order, quite independently of the affirmations of the Gospels.

  26. Promises, however, are not performances; what is requisite to impart validity to wide affirmations is present actual knowledge, not the hope that future scientific conquests will be extended over the entire regions of the unknown.

  27. Mozley intended to affirm that the only adequate proof of such affirmations as were made by Jesus Christ respecting himself would have been visible miracles wrought in confirmation of them.

  28. That such affirmations have been very rare is certain, and for the simple reason, that miracles have been very rare occurrences.

  29. These journals kept in France and Italy are rich in the affirmations and opinions of the leading personages in these countries--of men who were chiefly making their history.

  30. Surely the solution of the difficulty is to be found in the fact that the great Calvinists held more vitally to the affirmations than to the negations of their creed.

  31. That he appreciated the Church's insane license of affirmation, its impudent affirmations of God's thoughts and desires, its coarse assumptions of knowledge of the inner workings of the mind of Omnipotence, we likewise know.

  32. Her petitions were affirmations of Immanuel--God with us.

  33. I then perceived that my first affirmations were no better founded than those of the masters, whose theories I had attacked.

  34. Then the influence of Raymond Brucker, who died shortly after Delsarte, being lessened, and conscientious and patient study having fed the flame in that vast brain, we might have obtained affirmations of a new order.

  35. Having spoken of the affirmations of the hand, we must speak of its degree of certainty of which the arm is the thermometer.

  36. To make the demonstration of the different affirmations of the hand more clear, we employ the cube which, as is well known, has six faces, eight angles, and twelve edges.

  37. We find that affirmations are not enough.

  38. There is of course this also: certain forms of affirmations or mental statements are better suited than others to the particular wants of certain persons.

  39. You may aid yourself and others by affirmations or auto-suggestions (words creating desired ideas and mental pictures) if you wish--you may get better results in this way.

  40. But they survived partly as affirmations of absolute virtue and partly as prophesies of a future age and were considered as constituting the highest good.

  41. No matter what fault you are trying to overcome or what good quality you are anxious to acquire there must be no weakness, indecision or vacillation in your affirmations or your efforts.

  42. Continually flood your mind with purity thoughts and affirmations which will neutralize your sensual desires.

  43. You must believe what you affirm; you must constantly strive to be what you assert you are, or your affirmations are but idle breath.

  44. They will show each patient what attitudes of mind, what affirmations and what auto-suggestions will tend to keep him in harmony; they will teach him the healing use of suggestion.

  45. Between the affirmations of some and the negations of others, it is very difficult to say on which side the truth lies.

  46. Nor is it even clear that they are really opposed; for, as happens in every field, while the affirmations of each are sound, their denials are unsound.

  47. How could they have imagined that "the civilized world" would accept their affirmations and their denials?

  48. Then the propositions of Euclid contain affirmations as to the relations of practically-rigid bodies.

  49. Its affirmations rest essentially on induction from experience, but not on logical inferences only.

  50. Directly contrary affirmations can be made with equal validity in reference to each of these four points.

  51. It is, therefore, no philosophical system, for its doctrines and affirmations exhibit often so popular and even trivial a character that for their own sake they would merit no place at all in the history of philosophy.

  52. With the psychological ideas the reason perpetrates a simple paralogism, while with the cosmological it finds itself driven to contradictory affirmations or antinomies, and, with the theological, it wanders about in an empty ideal.

  53. Thus there can remain only such positive affirmations respecting it as express its absolute reference to itself.

  54. These affirmations of support for Executive Order 9981 in the major black newspapers fitted in neatly with the administration's political strategy.

  55. Belief consists in accepting the affirmations of= 30 =the soul; unbelief, in denying them.

  56. They also were affirmations of the conscience correcting the evil customs of their times.

  57. It has nothing to do with creeds or cults, with affirmations or observances.

  58. I do not mean to bring cults or creeds or hymns or affirmations into the schools.

  59. The Play begins with a cross-questioning in the civil streets, of that sentiment which the hasty affirmations of men enthrone.

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