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Example sentences for "affirmative"

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affirm; affirmable; affirmance; affirmation; affirmations; affirmatively; affirmatives; affirme; affirmed; affirmeth
  1. Receiving an affirmative answer, he undertook to capture one or more, if he were allowed to go with the four elephants and their keepers into the woods for a few days.

  2. Although it be confessed, the affirmative hath the prerogative illation, and Barbara engrosseth the powerful demonstration.

  3. In principle your question admits of an affirmative reply, but a specific answer is impossible without an acquaintance with your musical status.

  4. If by pianists you mean musicians whose sole medium of audible musical utterance was the piano, your question admits of no other than an affirmative reply.

  5. It was definite enough, however, to show the necessity of a change from the negative to the affirmative side of at least fifteen votes.

  6. She moved her head slightly in a manner that was neither affirmative nor negative.

  7. Her head moved quickly several times in tiny affirmative nods, as if she could not trust herself to speak, or even to look at him.

  8. Her head, he fancied, had made an imperceptible affirmative movement.

  9. The Reviewer professes to have satisfied his own mind by an affirmative conclusion on this point.

  10. If that is done the counter-claim arising in malpractice can probably be pleaded in an action for services, and possibly a counter-claim in excess of the amount claimed by the physician recovered as an affirmative judgment against him.

  11. Moreover, Such as have naturally discoursed hereon, have so diversly, contrarily, or contradictorily delivered themselves, that no affirmative from thence can reasonably be deduced.

  12. Wherein notwithstanding, beside that we find no concurrent determination of ages past, and a positive and undeniable refute of these present, the affirmative is mutable, and must not be received without all limitation.

  13. But it is very generally agreed that an affirmative answer is the proper one.

  14. It follows logically and necessarily that if affirmative answers were not given to the first set of questions an examination of the second would be useless.

  15. The pages of Part I of this volume will be devoted to giving affirmative and satisfactory answers to these questions.

  16. Satisfactory affirmative answers to these questions will establish and authenticate a perfect record of fact.

  17. Upon an affirmative answer to this question depends the whole structure of Windisch's theory.

  18. An affirmative answer to these questions could be rendered only on the basis of positive evidence of the most unequivocal kind.

  19. In the light of what has just been established about the outline of Paul's life, an affirmative answer might seem to be natural.

  20. An affirmative answer would seem to run counter to his own testimony.

  21. On her answering yes, by an affirmative nod of the head, he asked in a very low tone of voice: "There is clothing?

  22. She answered with an affirmative motion of the head, and as she came toward him, extending her two hands in her great need of sympathy and support, he added: "You know it was I who killed him.

  23. There ensued a debate upon this question; Dolly herself taking the negative and her mother the affirmative side.

  24. Current popular and scientific sociology seems to give an affirmative answer to this question.

  25. But none have been ready to give me an affirmative reply.

  26. Mr. von Osten had always asked Hans before each of the more difficult tests whether he had comprehended the meaning of the problem, and was reassured only upon seeing the horse's affirmative response.

  27. As the reading of this report began the justiciary leaned over to one of his associates and whispered something, then to the other, and, receiving affirmative answers, interrupted the reading at this point.

  28. The presiding justice looked over the papers, asked some questions of the usher, and receiving affirmative answers, ordered that the prisoners be brought into court.

  29. Well, we will drudge together, I suppose," he continued in response to Nekhludoff's affirmative answer.

  30. Two religions cannot contradict each other, where both contain only a cultus: they could come into collision only by means of a doctrinal, or directly affirmative part, like those of Christianity and Mahometanism.

  31. Hume's argument is again overruled; because the +x in this case, the affirmative evidence, is not derived froms human testimony.

  32. The affirmative x, expressing the value of testimony, disappears altogether; and that side of the equation is possessed by a new quantity (viz.

  33. Possible affirmative argument: Earth is the heaviest body; hence it is drawn down to its own center, and lies beneath the lighter body, Water.

  34. He said he found himself reduced to the necessity of supporting the negative side of the question, before the affirmative was established.

  35. It is not every affirmative that ought to be proved.

  36. And until 1807, the practice and rules of this House permitted debate of the main question, after an affirmative decision of a previous question.

  37. The affirmative of the proposition is established.

  38. It appears also from the Journal in 1795, that a proposition was amended after an affirmative decision of the previous question.

  39. There was a unanimous affirmative response, even Nathan, proud of the opportunity of giving his first vote, made his piping treble heard among the deep voices of the men.

  40. There was general affirmative response, some answering loudly, others faintly and hesitatingly.

  41. For some seconds he remained in this attitude: giving out no other sign than an occasional "sniff," similar to that uttered by the hound, and which he had been fain to interpret as an affirmative answer to his interrogatory.

  42. This time Tara did vouchsafe the affirmative "sniff"--having poked his nose too far into the ashes.

  43. To either of these questions an affirmative answer might be surmised.

  44. Yes," she replied, in a low, affirmative voice, exactly as if in answer to a question.

  45. Marien answered with her eyes and a quick affirmative nod, before the curtain bounded upward again for a last picture of husband and wife gazing into each other's eyes with a look expressing an infinitude of fondness.

  46. Hampstead, his arms folded passively, responded with a slight affirmative bow.

  47. Among the numerous affirmative doctrines of the State in the sense of jurisprudential dogmatism, the teachings of Hobbes, Hegel, and Jhering may perhaps be selected for emphasis as belonging to different sections of history.

  48. A basis, an affirmative side, and a conception of the transition to that which it affirms, are necessary constituents of any Anarchistic teaching.

  49. By completing on the affirmative side this negative specification of its problem, our study can arrive at a still more precise specification of this problem.

  50. That is the affirmative result of sceptical philosophy.

  51. It makes the mistake of thinking that this negation is likewise a determinate affirmative content in itself; for it is, as the negation of negation, the self-relating negativity or infinite affirmation.

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