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Example sentences for "answering"

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answered; answeredst; answerer; answeres; answereth; answerit; answers; answeryd; ant; anta
  1. For the present, I have no inclination to the answering part.

  2. Before answering him the Contessina turned towards her aunt and respectfully opposed her views.

  3. The mystic words throb with vital heat, and burn down into our souls to an answering fire.

  4. Once more he shouted, and this time an answering hail came to him.

  5. The cry seemed to be a summons, for answering cries were heard all round, and the walruses were seen to be converging towards their savage old chief.

  6. Adolay at once beamed an answering smile, and displayed all her brilliant teeth in doing so.

  7. This question seemed to puzzle the Indian so much that he proceeded to fill another pipe before answering it.

  8. Without answering her, Idazoo turned to fly, but Adolay grasped her by the wrist and held her tight--at the same time motioning with her hand to Cheenbuk.

  9. She's better," said Thomas, answering more quickly than usual, and with a certain eagerness in his voice.

  10. You must all do your best now, to help me," she said, with a smile that brought an answering smile flashing along the line.

  11. The impartial judge, Mr. Tinney, said he should protect the witness from answering any improper questions.

  12. The people's Alexander, refused; answering that the successor of St. Peter submitted himself to the judgment neither of emperors nor councils.

  13. It is not necessary, in answering our second question, as to the reasons why gold and silver have become the standard money of the world, to go far in the study of primitive moneys.

  14. Perhaps another question will aid us in answering this.

  15. This method of ignoring criticism was not only easier than answering it, it induced an appearance of contemptuous superiority that increased his authority.

  16. And at the wind's order the tree behaved as a single thing, even the most outlying portions answering to the one harmonious rhythm.

  17. I answer 'We must look within: it is in our experience of volition that we actually find something answering to our idea of causal connexion.

  18. I saw a Nation's rise and saw its fall; I learned a people's passing glory there; I heard the strident voice of Justice call, And answering cheer and joy were in the air.

  19. What shall we do about answering his signal, Bob?

  20. She saw an answering tremor pass through the kneeling figure, but the face remained hidden.

  21. Almost immediately came an answering shout of laughter from Merston, and then his boyish yell to her.

  22. He looked grim for an instant, then smiled an answering smile.

  23. Then he spoke as though answering questions.

  24. I have been answering his letter, which suggested this dainty query.

  25. They were going to keep him there for the night; but on my giving my name, and answering for his apparition next morning, he was permitted egress.

  26. He returned warmly the grasp of the hand, answering merely, "I will see you again.

  27. Hannah ain't a-going," said the first speaker, answering without looking at her.

  28. Very nearly — answering the question as you understand it.

  29. After this answering look she suddenly pointed to the sinking sun, and said — "Who made that, Mr. Carleton?

  30. I was thinking of aunt Miriam," Fleda said in an answering whisper, without opening her eyes.

  31. Fleda, answering Mr. Rossitur's look and tone of affection with a bright smile.

  32. MADAM,--I hope you will believe that my delay in answering your letter could proceed only from my unwillingness to destroy any hope that you had formed.

  33. They deny that there are any natural laws in political economy; they deny that there is any economic solution absolutely valid, or capable of answering in one economic situation because it has answered in another.

  34. This criterion of social utility is the principle that ought to guide us in answering the question that is really raised by the particular socialist charge now under consideration, the question of the justice of interest on capital.

  35. And, on the other hand, in that mutual self-revelation and answering trust upon which every growing personal relation is built, every fresh revelation of God is an enlarging of our ideal for our relations to others.

  36. The same narrative of the temptation, that so clearly implies supernatural powers in Christ, has its whole point in Christ's answering determination absolutely to subordinate these supernatural powers to moral and spiritual ends.

  37. Birds were singing in the beech woods over on Orchard Knob Farm, answering to each other from shore to shore, until the very air was tremulous with the elfin music of this wonderful midsummer dawn.

  38. I am George Goring," he said, slowly, and paused with anxious eyes fixed upon her, hoping that the name might yet stir some answering string of tenderness in the broken lyre of her mind.

  39. There was no answering movement in the face--even when the sleeper at length firmly grasped the pen and suddenly sat up.

  40. Her brows were frowning, her eyes stern as she had never before seen them, but they were assuredly hers, answering to the mood of her own mind.

  41. He seemed to himself to pause noticeably before answering her with a meaningless half-laugh: "Of course I'll promise anything you like, dear.

  42. His heart I see In thee with answering courtesy renew'd.

  43. The pure romantic vein No gentler creature ever knew to feign Than thy fine Blanch, young with an elder grace, In all respects without rebuke or blame, Answering the antique freshness of her name.

  44. The tone was so natural that Matilde again looked at him uneasily, and moved nearer to him, not answering Veronica.

  45. There was no one else here," she said, answering his unspoken question.

  46. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "answering" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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