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Example sentences for "rejoinder"

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rejoiceth; rejoicing; rejoicingly; rejoicings; rejoin; rejoinders; rejoined; rejoining; rejoins; rejoyce
  1. Mr. Wright further imagines that Jack Upland's rejoinder to Friar Daw's reply, which he prints from 'a contemporary MS.

  2. This was a nasty one for both the family and the Republic, and I heard the Senator's rejoinder with satisfaction.

  3. It was plain that he had a withering rejoinder ready for sabbatarians, and he waited anxiously, balanced on one foot, for an expression of shocked opinion.

  4. For the rejoinder of Pawkins was to catch influenza, proceed to pneumonia, and die.

  5. The world of entomologists waited breathlessly for the rejoinder from Pawkins.

  6. Whatever Ben might have said to this crushing rejoinder was lost forever, for at this moment there was a great disturbance in the water a short distance from the ship.

  7. Not likely to forget it," was the brief rejoinder from Harry.

  8. Two of them--Jesse Ketchum and James Lesslie--delivered the rejoinder at Government House, without waiting for a reply.

  9. It was even more directly condemnatory of the Lieutenant-Governor than the rejoinder above referred to had been.

  10. But, considering the number of names appended to it, it certainly merited a serious response, in which light the actual rejoinder could not be regarded.

  11. Morrison--who was now mayor of the city--at which a bitterly sarcastic rejoinder was prepared.

  12. But Sir Thomas had acquired professionally a knowledge that to such a speaker as Mr. Pabsby any rejoinder or argument was like winding up a clock.

  13. After that they both thought that no further rejoinder could be of any service.

  14. Thereafter, Murray's reply and a rejoinder from Mary's representatives were put on record.

  15. This drew forth as usual a rejoinder from Prof.

  16. And, as before, these remarks called forth a rejoinder from Prof.

  17. Fleda had awaited his rejoinder in deep suspense; such was her imagination of the possibility of his having, as she tacitly phrased it, let himself go on paper that when it arrived she was at first almost afraid to open it.

  18. Fleda made no immediate rejoinder to this, and before she could choose one he repeated his question of a moment before.

  19. His blankness showed for a little that he felt the chill of her cold logic; but as she waited for his rejoinder she knew to which of them it cost most.

  20. In the latter rejoinder he promises to handle the Papacy “mercilessly” and to belabour Antichrist as he deserves.

  21. Abruptly, however, instead of beginning the scene, Madame Carré turned to the elder lady with an air which showed that a rejoinder to this visitor's remarks of a moment before had been gathering force in her breast.

  22. Nick's question made her curiosity throb as a rejoinder to his friend's words.

  23. His companion made no rejoinder to this, and they stood another minute or two side by side and in silence, gazing at the portrait.

  24. Julia had said that of course they must go on, but Lady Agnes was prepared with an effective rejoinder to that.

  25. He made no direct rejoinder to this, but after a moment went on: "Your mother must repay that money.

  26. Mrs. Beale's rejoinder hung fire, but when it came it was noble.

  27. Mrs. Wix bounced about with a force of rejoinder of which she also felt that she must anticipate the concussion and which, though the good lady was evidently charged to the brim, hung fire long enough to give time for an aggravation.

  28. This conveyed a full appreciation of her peril, and it was in rejoinder that Sir Claude uttered, acknowledging the source of that peril, the reassurance at which I have glanced.

  29. Jessie said nothing in rejoinder to this ingenious apology for her cousin's ill-natured tattling, and Fanny was obliged to proceed directly to the point.

  30. She said the concluding words so indistinctly that Orrin did not catch their purport, or his rejoinder would have been different and less prompt.

  31. He had noticed no one, and said nothing since his feeble rejoinder to Dr.

  32. Sidenote: Rejoinder of the Duke of Guise.

  33. The duke made a short, but passionate rejoinder to Coligny, and gave little or no attention to the question proposed for deliberation.

  34. Cardinal Tournon had again made the trite rejoinder of the clergy; but sensible persons were tired of the unsatisfactory repetition.

  35. His anxiety to escape a rejoinder caused him to step into the garden, leaving Clara behind him.

  36. He drew Mr. Dale away while the conflict subsided in sharp snaps of rifles and an interval rejoinder of a cannon.

  37. The rejoinder came from the joking gentleman who was master of the mansion in which the conspirators were assembled.

  38. He could only repeat to himself the very unsatisfactory rejoinder he had often heard among the Mexicans, "Quien sabe?

  39. Then don't you go and drop down in a fit when you hear it," was the rejoinder of Jan.

  40. Then I am so much the more obliged to the freak," was the good-humoured but uncompromising rejoinder of John Massingbird.

  41. She even went so far as to assure her sister-in-law that Father Cameril should be "kept in his place," an assurance which was accepted with the grim rejoinder that it were well that he be so kept.

  42. If you say so, he must be," was the sarcastic rejoinder of Tabitha Cone.

  43. The line of rejoinder followed by Origen, one of the most cultured of the Christian Fathers, is for the most part otherwise.

  44. To this the rejoinder of Origen is suicidal; but at times the assailant, himself a believer in all manner of miracles, gives away his advantage completely enough.

  45. Rear-Admiral Gibbons got up and gazed out of the window for a moment to conceal his smiles at the naive rejoinder of the red-headed youth.

  46. Her rejoinder to this was to wait--though by no means as long as he meant.

  47. Both the retort and the rejoinder had come quicker than anything previously exchanged, and they were followed, on Maggie's part, by a momentary drop.

  48. Hudson made no serious rejoinder to Rowland's compliment on his statuette until he rose to go.

  49. Her disappointment seemed really to have crazed her, and his only possible rejoinder was to take a summary departure.

  50. This witty rejoinder made the arrogant soldier frown, and the talk suddenly ceased.

  51. Another illustration of Cherubini's sturdy pride and dignity was his rejoinder to Napoleon, when the latter was praising the works of the Italian composers, and covertly sneering at his own.

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