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respondet; responding; respondis; respondit; responds; responses; responsibilities; responsibility; responsible; responsibly
  1. Vigour in attack was no way to secure a favourable response from Palmerston.

  2. Nevertheless, in spite of this response of her own deep passion to his, her purpose remained unaltered.

  3. Narva, alive to the sympathetic response aroused in her companion by the song, laid her hand gently upon Una's arm and drew her in the direction of the distant portion of the palace from whence, apparently, the notes came.

  4. In their distress they appealed to the Delphian oracle for advice, but the first response was of a most depressing nature.

  5. Pericles had previously made an appeal to other Greek cities to unite with Athens in some such commemoration of their victory over the Persians, but the response was disappointing.

  6. Then he whispered some words to her, which brought a flush of pride and joy to his own face, but no such answering response to Madame's.

  7. Sophy was the whole of his world, and his anguish, so imperative, brought perforce the response of the dying woman who loved him yet so entirely.

  8. Potentially, because the conscious self has to reach out by an effort of the will to effect this union with the spiritual in the subconscious, and when it is effected, it comes from the response of the subconscious.

  9. What is the result of proclaiming Christianity in terms of an ancient science and theology which awaken no quickening response in the minds and hearts of to-day?

  10. She generally had nothing but a smile in response to her mother's hypotheses, for the old woman looked on every passer-by as a possible protector for her daughter.

  11. And at last, evidently in response to it, a gray-whiskered, bright-eyed head peeped out of the hole.

  12. Miss Minchin had never looked quite so still and hard as she did when Sara came to her, a few hours later, in response to a message she had sent her.

  13. The clatter of the curé's sabots was the response that answered to the bell we pulled, a bell attached to a diminutive brick house lying at the foot of the churchyard.

  14. Yonder was her canal, as an artery to keep her pulse bounding in response to the sea; the ship-masts and the drooping sails seemed strange companions for the great trees and the old garden walls.

  15. In response to the call a figure appeared on the threshold of the open door.

  16. Perhaps it was the restless tossing of the shipping out yonder in the basins that awoke an answering impatience within, in response to Renard's outburst.

  17. In the forward movement in response to these loudly-uttered words fearful cries of rage and despair mingled with hoarse shouts of the vanquished.

  18. The little boy did as he was bid, but Daddy Jack grunted ungraciously and made no response to the salutation.

  19. But the old man made no response to the challenge.

  20. Uncle Remus, in response to the astonishment depicted upon the child's face.

  21. Uncle Remus, in response to an expression of intense disappointment in the child's face.

  22. His response was in the nature of a comment: "Name er goodness!

  23. From French-speaking Canada the response was slower, in spite of the endeavors of the leaders of the Opposition as well as of the Government to encourage enlistment.

  24. The Rebel response to this cannonade, is very feeble.

  25. The response to the statements of the Boston committee was prompt and unanimous, and before the end of the year more than eighty towns had already organized their committees of correspondence.

  26. It was unanimously adopted, and very soon several other colonies elected committees, in response to the invitation from Virginia.

  27. The first cordial response came from South Carolina, at the instance of Christopher Gadsden, a wealthy merchant of Charleston and a scholar learned in Oriental languages, a man of rare sagacity and most liberal spirit.

  28. Massachusetts troops as they passed through Baltimore in response to the President's call; the seizure of Harper's Ferry and Norfolk Navy Yard, besides several battles, some in the East and some in the West.

  29. I heard you wanted me,--here I am," was the Caesarean response of the great captain of rafts.

  30. I, in response to his cheery, "How de dew?

  31. In response to a knock the door of the Antelope Hotel was opened by a sleepy night porter, who evinced no surprise at the belated arrival of a guest.

  32. While at a distance he gave utterance to several sharp whistles, which produced the response he desired, the beautiful glossy mustang galloping forth to meet him with every appearance of delight.

  33. His response to this was an instant resolution to go back at once, and, sensitive and pliant as his nature was, there was no hesitation for him when his duty was clear and a decision once made.

  34. The response of Rip was, with a violent scramble, to disentangle himself from his covering, emerging from which he again barked with shrill and piercing vehemence, at the same time leaping to the floor.

  35. The doctor, in a hurry of business, had omitted to give Lawler any instructions in the event of Cuckoo's prompt response to his telegram.

  36. She stared at him in wild despair, and seeing that he made no sign of response to her passionate appeal, she raised her hands to heaven, and kneeling by his side, she prayed.

  37. No answer came in response to the joyful cry of the empress, and she could not bear the burden of her joy alone.

  38. Here I was face to face with Nature, and listened for response to the anxious questionings of my restless heart.

  39. A shout of laughter, in which the young queen joined, was the response to this proposition.

  40. The immediate response made by the Cabinet to Sir R.

  41. Other groups, in response to signals, then worked their way upward, until soon a considerable number of Riflemen were under the wall.

  42. The Quartermaster-General, in response to demands from the General Officer Commanding in South Africa, had sent two months' reserve supplies from time to time since the beginning of June for the troops already there.

  43. Gloucester in response to Carleton's order (which did not name any precise strength) to reinforce.

  44. In response to this request a cavalry brigade, with two batteries R.

  45. White was fighting an action upon the flank near Elandslaagte or Modder Spruit, and, in response to the urgent request of his senior officers, Yule determined to despatch at once a portion of his command to co-operate.

  46. Anne Masters came to the door in response to the boy's knock, and when he had seen her he stood hesitant with his eyes fixed upon her until her cheeks flushed, while he forgot the note he had brought for her father.

  47. The response was brusque, and with a sudden craving for the outer air, Boone turned on his heel to go--but stopped again inside the threshold.

  48. There followed a rap on the panels, and in response to his growled permission the door opened and closed almost without sound, showing inside the threshold a man clean shaven and inconspicuously dressed.

  49. Again he paused, and again save for the valiant enthusiasm on the platform at his back, he met with no response except a grim and negative silence.

  50. The question was the only response that for the instant of surprise came to her mind.

  51. If for the hireling shot from the laurel they had no other response than retaliation in kind, they were only rising to the bait of a lawless and unimaginative enemy.

  52. To his question she offered no response save a short laugh, until the pulses in his temples began to throb, and once more he closed his eyes as one instinctively closes them under a wave of physical pain.

  53. The response came with oracular impressiveness while the speaker twirled his black moustache.

  54. The courtesy of manner and the precision of inflection had the perfection of Japanese officialdom, but McCalloway's response succeeded in blending with an equal politeness a note of unmistakable aloofness.

  55. If we go behind the various manifestations of art to discover just what art is in itself and to determine wherein it is able to link itself with common experience, we find that art is the response to a need.

  56. That man is an artist who fashions a new thing that he may express himself in response to his need.

  57. Both hut and bowl are immediately useful, and their beauty is not so evident,--that little touch of feeling which wakens a response in us.

  58. And my response to it, the absorption of it into my own experience, is appreciation.

  59. But the artist's work of expression is not ultimately complete until the message is received, and expression becomes communication as his utterance calls out a response in the spirit of a fellow-man.

  60. Acts of creation, on the other hand, are performed by an effort of the will in response to the consciousness of a need.

  61. Love is but the utterance of what we essentially are; and the response to it in the loved one makes the utterance articulate and complete.

  62. And Whitman's own verse is a notable example of a new technique forged in response to a new need of expression.

  63. The hut which he conceived in response to his need became for him the subject or motive of his work.

  64. The service of criticism to the layman is to furnish him a clue to the meaning of the work in hand, and by the critic's own response to its beauty to reveal its potency and charm.

  65. The power of response must be in us, and that power is the fruit of experience.

  66. Art is born out of the stirring of the artist's spirit in response to his need of expression, and it reaches its fulfillment in the spirit of the appreciator as it answers his need of wider and deeper experience.

  67. The form cannot be laid on from the outside; it is born and must develop in response to vital need.

  68. In its essence and widest compass art is the making of a new thing in response to a sense of need.

  69. It may be a pattern he has conceived; or he adapts material to a new use in response to a new need: the artist is here a craftsman.

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