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  1. In 1848 Airy invented the reflex zenith tube to replace the zenith sector previously employed.

  2. It may be noted at the outset that advertising in periodical publications exercises a reflex influence upon these publications.

  3. He is originally a mere reflex of my inner nature.

  4. You are now satisfied that the apparition is but a reflex of yourself; and, in uttering your secret feelings to him, you make this phantom the dark symbolic mirror for reflecting to the daylight what else must be hidden for ever.

  5. It was as though my personality were becoming dissipated, until at last it was partly the reflex of ancestral experiences.

  6. It is merely my own reflex in a looking-glass,' I exclaimed.

  7. And the rubies and diamonds and beryls of the cross as it now hung upon my breast, catching the light of the opened lantern in my left hand, shed over the features an indescribable reflex hue of quivering rose.

  8. In such cases reflex uterine contractions may be set up, and abortion may follow.

  9. Deep sleep, loss of muscular power, diminished or abolished reflex action and sensibility, followed by loss of consciousness and marked fall of temperature.

  10. This is followed by insensibility, coma, stertorous breathing, abolition of reflex movements, hurried and shallowed respiration, and death.

  11. Reflex action, as I use the term here, is the mechanical action of the nerves.

  12. Because our desires and aversions seem to work by reflex action.

  13. The desire for food, for love, for revenge, is due to reflex action.

  14. Free verse was nothing else than the inevitable reflex action of modern feeling, the poetic breaking free of the unrest which lay in the time.

  15. But great poets never discover a standard of life, a moral precept, which is not a reflex of the law of their own inner nature.

  16. There appears also to be a specific action of lowering the reflex excitability of the spinal cord.

  17. Unhealthy conditions related to evacuation of the bowel-contents commonly induce reflex nervous manifestations of abnormal character referred to the stomach and liver.

  18. In some instances, there is a reflex irritation of the mammary glands, and a consequent secretion of milk.

  19. The reflex actions of the spinal cord have been admirably summed up by Dr.

  20. Mutilation of these sensitive structures is sure to be followed by serious reflex symptoms in adjacent parts.

  21. But these two important points must be remembered--that emission may be produced by friction merely as a purely spinal reflex action, and it may be caused by the action of the brain without any friction whatever.

  22. Every surgeon of experience has met with many of these cases of reflex irritation.

  23. Trains of thought have been termed a third class of reflex actions.

  24. In the reflex actions of the nerves of special sense, the sensation is transmitted through the cerebro-spinal system, and the motor impulse is sent to the deep-seated muscles by the sympathetic system.

  25. Reflex actions taking place through the sympathetic system from one part of the body to another.

  26. In the cerebro-spinal system there are three different kinds of reflex actions.

  27. Physiologists enumerate three kinds of reflex actions, which are either purely sympathetic, or partially influenced by the cerebro-spinal system.

  28. In the interior of the colleges is fatally found the echo of the thoughts, and the reflex of the manners, of the time.

  29. Intimidated for, perhaps, the first time in her life, she turned away her great blue eyes, as if afraid that they should betray a reflex of her thoughts.

  30. To the angler the rising trout, which left the poet cold, is at least as welcome as the "reflex of a beauteous form.

  31. He would behold "One shadow in the midst of a great light, One reflex from eternity on time, One mighty countenance of perfect calm, Awful with most invariable eyes.

  32. Steffens and Von Schubert taught that the divine book of nature is to be regarded as the reflex and expansion of the divine revelation in Scripture.

  33. The moon, which is the lovelier memory or reflex of the down-gone sun, the joyous day seen in the faint mirror of the brooding night, had rapt me away.

  34. Although the moon was by this time so low in the west, that not a ray of her light fell into the court, over the height of the surrounding buildings; yet was the court lighted by a second reflex from the sun of other lands.

  35. Her answer was, as usual, a reflex action from her surface mind.

  36. As before, she did not see him when she looked at him, did not listen when he talked, answered, if answer was necessary, by a sort of reflex mental action that never involved her real mind.

  37. The forehead alone presents, under the action of touch or of pricks, some reflex phenomena.

  38. Most people know something of what is meant by reflex action.

  39. On raising the eyelids, the doctors found the eyes turned convulsively upward, but, blowing upon them, produced no reflex movement of the lids.

  40. At first there would appear to be a reflex peristaltic movement of the Fallopian tubes and uterus.

  41. On the other hand, it is among men that I have frequently observed a reflex phenomenon which has usually taken the shape of an erection of the penis when the structures in the neighborhood of the spermatic cord have been handled.

  42. At the same time, it is necessary to point out, such reflex influence may act not in one direction only, but also in the reverse direction.

  43. Or reflex phenomena connected with the sexual organs may occasionally be observed under special circumstances; or, to put it in another way, such reflex possibilities are not always abolished by the condition of narcosis or anæsthesia.

  44. It should be added that both the women and the men in whom this sexual reflex was more especially marked were of somewhat nervous temperament; in such persons erotic reactions of all kinds generally occur most easily.

  45. This reflex is always present in healthy adult subjects and indicates the integrity of the physical mechanism of detumescence.

  46. The head was abnormally broad, penis small, patellar reflex absent, and there were many signs of neurasthenia.

  47. The characteristic massiveness of the experience is probably due largely to the great number of sensations of strain and pressure caused by the powerful reflex contraction of so many of the voluntary muscles.

  48. The physiological plus and minus processes leave their reflex on the mind.

  49. But we have found the extent of local damage and reflex to the organs, and more especially the constant absorption of poisons into the system, due to the presence of feces.

  50. Russia was still struggling with the establishment of a linguistic norm out of the ecclesiastic Slavic and the spoken idiom, while its literature was but a feeble reflex of French pseudo-classicism.

  51. But it must not be forgotten that the Bohemian nationalism was a reflex of the nascent German nationalism and was fanned to exaggerated manifestations by the obscurant absolutism of Emperor Francis I.

  52. He got so great and such varied amusement out of this that his labour had become the automatism of reflex action--which is, I understand, the name applied by men of science to all actions that are done without reflection.

  53. But though papa and mamma are unconscious of the reflex action which has been going on within their organisation, the kitchen-maid and the cells in her immediate vicinity (that is to say her fellow-servants) will know all about it.

  54. He lays it through her and in her, though knowing no more what he is doing than we know when we digest, but still doing it as by what we call a reflex action.

  55. His hand, holding the glass of water, clenched fiercely in the reflex of emotion.

  56. He wondered if, by any chance, the reflex of her mood from yesterday might contain some measure of sadness on his account.

  57. Negatively, that the true solution is not to be reached: (a) By making the sole effect of prayer to be its reflex influence upon the petitioner.

  58. So Bowne, Atonement, 69, declares that sin is "a relic of the animal not yet outgrown, a resultant of the mechanism of appetite and impulse and reflex action for which the proper inhibitions are not yet developed.

  59. So long as we conceive of God as sitting apart in supreme ease and self-satisfaction, he is not love at all, but only a reflex of our selfishness and vulgarity.

  60. In the very act of transgressing the law of God, there is a reflex action of the human will upon itself, whereby it becomes less able than before to keep that law.

  61. That on the re-establishment of the reflex function we possess a powerful auxiliary agent in flagellation with wet towels, etc.

  62. There was absolute cessation of all natural respiratory efforts, complete unconsciousness, total abolition of reflex action and motion, and galvanism with the ordinary magneto-electric machine failed to induce muscular contractions.

  63. Movements of this kind are reflex ones, the production of which is associated in the organism with certain auditory impressions; but the animal is necessarily more or less conscious of them, or will soon be so.

  64. If we analyze the sneeze, we find that it simply consists of a spasm of the pharynx, larynx and diaphragm through the reflex action of this membrane.

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