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stile; stiled; stilet; stiletto; stilettoes; stillborn; stille; stilled; stillen; stiller
  1. As she spoke her eyes were still raised to her mother's face, looking only for the reflection of her own terror and thankfulness; but she saw such deadly paleness and rigidity steal over it, that she started up in dismay.

  2. It required less effort, and while she read, her mind could go back to the thoughts which were still in the stir and commotion of their recent disturbance.

  3. They held each other fast, and one, at least, thanked God silently that the most bitter pang was averted, since they could still so cling to each other.

  4. It was during the two or three weeks spent in Ireland, and still more completely during the voyage, that all the fair fabric of the young wife's delusions fell to pieces.

  5. Lucia wondered still more, yet less than she would have done if she had known how gladly Mrs. Costello would have seen her, also, safely bestowed in the keeping of "a sensible man.

  6. They had plenty to talk about, for when the subject of the letter was completely finished, there still remained the wedding, of which Mr. Leigh said Maurice would be sure to demand a full account.

  7. He stood still as the other approached, and called out, "Good morning, Doctor.

  8. Why not be led with the others by still waters, and be made to lie down in green pastures?

  9. And as I walked along my eyes were dazzling with the glare I had left; I still seemed to hear the sound of my speech, and the applause and laughter.

  10. Dismays, Doubts, and Spiritual Agonies, I feel an impulse to go out and comfort it, to still its cries, and speak earnest words of Consolation to it.

  11. And often I reflect what a thing after all it is still to be alive and sitting here, above all the buried people of the world, in the kind and famous Sunshine.

  12. The old castle of the Admiral of Castile had been prepared to receive them, and there they still remained, as they do to-day, filling some fifty large rooms and contained in some eighty thousand packages.

  13. I still had one of my Embassy letters which I had never presented.

  14. Much has been learned of their art and of the monuments which they have left behind; but of their institutional history the records still remain obscure.

  15. The New England spirit still exacted sober subjects of its writers.

  16. His talk is like the laboured, but still unintermitting, jerks of a pump.

  17. Still further inconsistencies are to be found in the Spanish accounts of the Aztec government.

  18. The New England temper remained, and still remains, a serious one; yet ultimately it was to find expression in forms no longer harsh and rigid, but modelled upon the finer lines of truth and beauty.

  19. He himself long afterward explained that still earlier than this he had been strongly attracted to historical writing, especially after reading Gibbon's Autobiography, which he came upon in 1820.

  20. The subjects were still local or, at the most, national; but there was a steady drift away from the annalistic method to one which partook of conscious art.

  21. And still again: "Never take up my pen until I have travelled over the subject so often that I can write almost from memory.

  22. Prescott was still running over with youthful spirits, his position was an assured one, his means were ample, and his love of pleasure very much in evidence.

  23. He had still the use of his uninjured eye, and he had recovered from his temporary physical prostration; but he now went about his work in a different spirit, and was resolved to win at least an honourable rank for scholarship.

  24. Farnsworth, Fine Crockery and Glassware," and still prouder of his engagement to Miss Ware.

  25. Poor Mr. Peaslee sank still lower in his chair; his head fell still lower on his chest.

  26. His imagination had been still further fed by certain local legends and happenings, highly colored enough to excite the keenest interest.

  27. I always aim to be neighborly," said he, nervously lowering his voice, for he was conscious of his wife, still standing on the veranda.

  28. Suffering still with the splitting headache which he had been trying to sleep off, angry with Jim for his carelessness, concerned lest the man were really injured, Mr. Edwards was in his least compromising mood.

  29. A still anger was beginning to burn in him against this man who accused him of a deed which he himself had done, and he felt rising within him a stubborn will to endure, not to surrender.

  30. Pretending still to examine the knife which Willie had given him, he squinted past it at the contents of the glass show-case on which his elbows rested.

  31. Recovered from their amusement, the grand jurors had become gradually impressed with the idea that Mr. Peaslee's confession still left some awkward questions unanswered.

  32. She impulsively stopped to ask if the misguided father still held to his resolution about Jim.

  33. Once or twice he felt sure that the next instant he would find himself on his feet, but the minutes passed and he still was seated.

  34. As a matter of fact, although good-humored and not without a still surviving capacity for generous impulse, he was only less "near" than his wife.

  35. He thought that Jim would not be going to school, but would wait at home for the threatened coming of the constable; but still he was not sure, and he wanted to keep the boy under his eye.

  36. The sun still shone on the green pines and the sparkling waters of the creek, and above the high-tossed crags the eagle still circled, but the thrill of joy in these things was gone.

  37. And then, still holding them in her hand, gazed once more over the valley.

  38. Her horse was still running, but very slowly.

  39. And the gold is still in the hills, and we are no nearer to it than we were last fall.

  40. If you had, you wouldn't still be huntin' it, would you?

  41. And her lurking doubt of Bethune still remained despite the excuses she invented to account for his unpopularity, nor had her opinion of Vil Holland been altered in the least.

  42. He will still be asleep, and I can take one more look at the far snow mountains from the spot that might have been the porch of--our cabin.

  43. Downey recounted this jibe in the barracks, and the officers redoubled their vigilance, but the Indians still got their whisky, and new horses appeared from the southward.

  44. They were still wet with the heavy dew, and the dampened ashes showed that no fire had been built that morning.

  45. The man's assumption angered her: "You still persist in assuming that I have a map," she answered.

  46. Slowly she turned and, still holding the glove, mounted, and headed for the cabin on Monte's Creek.

  47. I once belonged to your fraternity, and my heart is still knit towards you.

  48. The Butterfly received this invitation with pleasure; indeed he had only pretended to be going that he might observe if he was still of so little consequence in the eyes of the Bee, as for him not to wish his stay.

  49. The flowers then are more admired than you are my friend," observed the Bee, "for you see the maid will not let them be injured, not even to procure a sight of your still more beautiful wings.

  50. I will return and tell him what I have seen, and that though for the future I shall reside with more suitable associates, we may still often meet.

  51. This Swabian story has preserved the decapitation [155] in much better form than Bohemian, though the reason for its introduction is still hard to understand.

  52. At Montluisant the hero won the favour of the Princess Florentine, and, before the tourney, obtained from a White Knight the charger which he still lacked, on condition of sharing his winnings, the princess excepted.

  53. His father is still more angry, and casts him off; but Juan has a portrait of Marie Louise painted for the figure-head of his ship, and sets off with her for her own land.

  54. Soon he met two unsatisfied creditors, who still cursed the dead landlord, and to them he gave his two horses.

  55. Nevertheless, its existence could be proved, even though no example still remained, for the various independent compounds would be inexplicable on any other theory.

  56. Let us now consider the tales where a thankful beast plays the part of the grateful dead through at least a portion of the narrative, and where there is still no trace of either The Poison Maiden or The Ransomed Woman.

  57. He follows the advice, but is interrupted, while the lady is singing, by the king of the castle, who tells him that he must get a white horse from still another king.

  58. There was no use in getting her aunt's permission to go to Boston until she had found out whether the opportunity of going were still open to her.

  59. At last they discovered a house further up, but still below the bend of the elevated road, around which, the girls felt sure, they would never be able to persuade their mother to travel.

  60. Bab spent the minutes bathing the still swelling face, soothing the poor little patient, and trying to keep her own nerves under control.

  61. But the following spring, when I heard of the failure of the Wyndham Corporation, and that your family had lost everything, practically, while Abbott was still prosperous, I began to think seriously.

  62. To think that if I had heeded Mr. Hurd we should still have enough," she moaned.

  63. As to that, if we failed we could have one servant and still spend no more than we do now.

  64. Phyllis grew so excited she could not stand still as the boat crept down past the lower east side of the city, under the Brooklyn Bridge, swung around the Battery, and drew near her pier on the North River.

  65. She lay still in a trance of delight, looking from one dear picture to another, letting the soothing green tone of the room sink into her brain and rest her as if a quiet hand had been laid upon her nerves.

  66. It is better for the hair; but if it weren't, it would still require doing.

  67. Looking for dead men's shoes" is still an every-day phrase denoting those who are continually expecting some advantage which will accrue to them on the death of another.

  68. In this respect, happily, we are not worse than our Continental neighbours; for there are many districts in Germany where the child's horoscope is still regularly kept with the baptismal certificate in the family chest.

  69. However childish this system may be, it still has its numerous votaries, and can often be seen in full force at our provincial fairs.

  70. In Sussex it is still customary for little children to wear a necklace of beads made from the root of the peony, as this is supposed to act as a charm in assisting the cutting of their teeth.

  71. Hence we find various devices still resorted to for the purpose of counteracting the supposed hurtful influences of this baneful power, instances of which we subjoin.

  72. It has been pointed out that it is very singular that this prayer should have survived the great change which took place in religious opinion in the sixteenth century, and that it even still remains in use.

  73. These odd fancies vary in different localities, and in out-of-the-way districts where the railway has not yet penetrated, they still retain their hold on the primitive and uncultivated minds of our agricultural peasantry.

  74. Although this form of superstition has been gradually dying out for many years past, yet it still retains its hold in certain country places.

  75. While Meg was still at work, Jack returned, somewhat flushed from hurrying.

  76. Jack's head still ached from the rough treatment it had received.

  77. The remembrance of that awful scene in the old mill still hung in his mind.

  78. She was still terribly frightened and ran on as if some great demon was after her trying to clutch her shoulder.

  79. But if they are still hanging around I want to know it.

  80. Perhaps the patent is still ours, or a royalty on it.

  81. We don't know what to do with those two men," he said, after taking a look at Pooler, who still rested quietly.

  82. Still the silence continued, and now her heart arose within her.

  83. About midway of the distance to Corney stood an old mill, abandoned several years before, whose disused water-wheel still hung idly over the swiftly flowing river beneath.

  84. He clung fast as never before, and to secure himself still further, tied the rope fast to the tree and to his own body.

  85. He was chagrined to find that the other craft was still out of sight.

  86. With his hands still bound tightly behind him, he felt himself sink many feet, and then a few seconds later he regained the surface, and shook the water from his face.

  87. His weight threw the tree still more on its side, and this placed him high and dry several feet above the surface, and about a rod above the falls!

  88. Come on," and taking up the lantern, which in spite of its rough usage still remained lit, he led the way up stairs followed by Mosey.

  89. The master of the island glanced at the table, where a good portion of the food still remained.

  90. A child of this type, transplanted suddenly while still in childhood to the realistic atmosphere of prosperous New York, must inevitably have much to suffer.

  91. The little starving London savage was still snatching and devouring when she turned away.

  92. The instant he heard it the Lascar disappeared, and left Sara still holding the monkey.

  93. A piece of silver--a tiny piece trodden upon by many feet, but still with spirit enough left to shine a little.

  94. The child was still huddled up on the corner of the steps.

  95. And somehow Sara felt as if she understood her, though the girl said nothing more, and only stood still and looked, and looked after her as she went out of the shop and got into the carriage and drove away.

  96. The little pale olive face twitched nervously, but the green-gray eyes did not move from Miss Minchin's, and still Sara said nothing.

  97. Emily lay upon the floor, with her legs ignominiously doubled up over her head, and a new flat place on the end of her nose; but she was still calm, even dignified.

  98. To still the pangs of hunger, I took a handful of powder and ate it with some shoots of a young tree which grew near the water; but they were very bitter.

  99. The nights grew still warmer and warmer as we sailed on.

  100. A poet still blows his bugle-notes across the three streams that braid its garment in silver; a painter has left there the shadow of cherubs cleaving the clouds; but till Fauntleroy Verrian came, music had owned there no apostle.

  101. This was certainly doing well; at the same time we had acquired the reputation of having made still greater gains, so true is it that 'to him who hath shall be given.

  102. As in the old days, it was my custom still to look at the memorials of my lost friends, when times went hard with me, and my spirits fell.

  103. Two or three times during the morning his wife looked in, and he was still working away at it; and at dinner-time, when she came to call him, she ventured to ask how he was getting on.

  104. You will be still more surprised to feel that this is the case, when you know that I lodged in the same house with Miss Brentnall a whole year.

  105. The June passed into the harvest moon, October began to array herself in all the beautiful decadence of the year, and still his new pleasure had not palled upon Fauntleroy.

  106. Still were we in this side prosperous; still taking in gold for food at high prices; still counting on more gold at higher prices.

  107. It was one of those quiet still nights when there was scarcely a ripple on the water; every star was plainly reflected on its surface, and the moon hung in the sky like a huge globe of silver.

  108. I do not know why still I felt as if I must have my wife and children around me.

  109. Many who had taken an active part in the great struggle still survived.

  110. Hour followed hour, and the moon sank to rest and still I followed the winding road.

  111. Ere long I came to the place where the black remnants of the dragoons' fire still lay like an ugly splash upon the moor.

  112. Still I searched, and still my search was vain.

  113. Hour after hour went by, and still he did not come, and at last sleep overcame me and I sank into dreamland again.

  114. So still she lay that I could hear the beating of my heart.

  115. I tried, with comforting words, to still the turmoil of Jean's heart.

  116. I opened them slowly, for even to lift my lids was an effort, and I looked above me to see if the carrion crows were still watching me.

  117. A second time I tried, but still without avail.

  118. Peat embers still glowed on the hearth, and when Luckie had lit two more candles which stood in bottles on a long deal table I was able to make some note of my surroundings.

  119. My heart sank, the hour was late--far later than I had thought, and I had still far to go.

  120. The slow-footed moments dogged each other by and still he did not come.

  121. Week after week found my quest still fruitless, and at last I stood upon the confines of the land where the sea expends its futile thunder upon the black rocks by Corsewall point.

  122. I sprang up--my clenched left fist smashed into his face, and the blood streamed from him--but still he held me.

  123. Russia) long ago, and in seven years could never see one berry ripe on all sides, but still the better part rotten, although it would flower abundantly every yeare, and beare very large leaves.

  124. It was the name of the privy attached to the Priory of Holy Trinity in Dublin; and still is to be seen in old leases of that religious house (now Christ Church Cathedral), spelled sometimes as above, and other times coolfabioos.

  125. I cannot answer the question as to whether there still exist any descendants of Witte van Haemstede; but as late as 1740, Hendrik van Haemstede was appointed pastor to the Dutch congregation in London.

  126. This word is put forward as an instance of how new words are still formed with a view to similarity of sound with the sound of what they are intended to express, by Dr.

  127. While we were still in the waiting-room, I was sent for by myself for a preliminary interview with Mr. Asquith's private secretary.

  128. In February, 1919, the hospital was closed; but the organization of the Scottish Women's Hospitals still exists.

  129. If Lord Curzon and his twelve followers had voted against the clause, it would still have been carried by a substantial majority.

  130. Our success at Crewe was followed by a still more notable victory in Midlothian, the famous seat won by Mr. Gladstone in 1879, and from that date looked upon as an impregnable stronghold of Liberalism.

  131. A joint deputation of women's societies and the Labour Party was organized on November 14th, but still Sir George Cave held out no hope that the Government would accept the amendment.

  132. Jennie still would not let Peter touch, her, but she consented to sit down quietly in a chair, and figure out what they were going to do.

  133. I still can hardly use this wrist like I used to.

  134. He twisted the wrist again, the sore wrist which still ached from the torture.

  135. She still hung on to her manicurist job, for she had figured it out that the Red movement must be just about destroyed by now, and pretty soon Peter might find himself without work.

  136. There was a chair near the bedside, but it seemed to Peter too close to be respectful, so he pulled it a little farther away, and sat down on the front six inches of it, still holding his hat in his hands and twisting it nervously.

  137. And they were still happier when they saw how they were to be treated in jail.

  138. Guffey hadn't got credit in the papers, but he had got it with his employers, all right, and he would get still more if Peter stood by him with the king of American City.

  139. Also he was old, and Nell happened to know he was a coward; he was sick in bed just now, and when a man is sick he is still more of a coward.

  140. She had not looked Peter's way, so there was time for him to start back and hide himself behind a pillar; there he stood, peering out and watching her profile, still arguing with his eyes.

  141. The marbles which you now hold in your hand are substitutes of still more modern invention.

  142. But I am still at a loss to understand how the vision I witnessed in the valley could have been conjured up,” said Miss Villers.

  143. I have here a toy for you, which will serve to explain still farther the causes of rotation to which I have alluded.

  144. The other end is burnt, to make it still harder, and wild cotton is put round it for about an inch and a half.

  145. I still require one more piece of paper to complete my task, and let it be double.

  146. Certainly it does: but to render this subject still more intelligible, I have prepared a diagram.

  147. The profit which rewarded my poetry soon convinced me, notwithstanding all that had been said to the contrary, that there were still some gold mines in Parnassus.

  148. And here let me note that the company in the private boxes, even when most heartily laughing, were still in tiers.

  149. They brighten up again, but are evidently still far from clear that they are not travelling with an impostor.

  150. Still the brethren stood firm, and these attempts were defeated, while a constitution threatening with imprisonment all who should speak indiscreetly and disrespectfully of John XXII.

  151. After this we hear little of the Fraticelli, although the sect still continued to exist for a while in secret.

  152. He had maintained his loyalty to the Roman obedience, but that obedience had been still further fractioned between Gregory XII.

  153. Now I am old, I am poor, and I still have the same purpose, which, with the help of God, I will retain till I die.

  154. Still the question would not remain settled, for the honor of the Dominican Order and the Inquisition was at stake, and again, in 1419, another investigation was held.

  155. That of penitence, indeed, still exists, but it is purely internal, for heartfelt contrition works forgiveness of sins without sacerdotal intercession or the imposition of penance.

  156. Templars were still in possession of the greater portion of their property.

  157. On the island of Majorca there were still nine whose total pensions were three hundred and sixty-two livres ten sols.

  158. Still the stern, malicious face held her spellbound, and even when Harlan came in with his load of wood, she could not turn away.

  159. Princess," said a voice at her doorway, "thou art surely still awake.

  160. Dorothy was still wiping blood from her face and might not have been wholly unprejudiced.

  161. May I hope, my dear madam, that at the first opportunity you will apprise me of ensuing events in this connection, and that in any event I may still faithfully serve you?

  162. How is one to know that only a small part of it has been written, that the best of it, far past writing, lingers still unborn?

  163. It was Harlan's house, as he had said, but so powerful and penetrating was the personality of the dead man that she felt as though it was still largely the property of Uncle Ebeneezer.

  164. Crushed as she was in spirit by her uncongenial surroundings, Dorothy still had enough temper left to be furiously angry.

  165. Deeply troubled, Harlan went to the window, where the outer world still had the curious appearance of unreality.

  166. The afterglow faded and the moon rose, yet still they rode with Elaine and her company, through mountain passes and over blossoming fields, past many dangers and strange happenings, and ever away from the Castle of Content.

  167. The old, immortal beauty is still there, for any one who seeks it in the right way.

  168. I know it's foolish, but I'm afraid she's going to dig in the cemetery to see if Uncle Ebeneezer is still there.

  169. Outside, the storm still raged and the old house shook and creaked in the blast.

  170. But it seems that the plaiting of vegetable fibres and grasses, as it is still practised to-day with esparto grass, must have preceded true weaving.

  171. Most of the Melanesians still live in the stone age, but the former fine axes of polished serpentine, artistically hafted, are disappearing more and more.

  172. But most primitive peoples are still content to burn fat pine-knots or resinous torches for lighting purposes.

  173. Lastly, among Red Indians it seems to be still more rare than among Negroes.

  174. In any case, let us remember in regard to this point, that at birth man still bears traces of his quadrupedal origin; he has then scarcely any curves in the vertebral column.

  175. From the ninth or tenth century, the Normans or Northmen (Danes, Scandinavians) established themselves in the north and east of the British Isles as well as the north of France, a part of which still bears their name.

  176. Many peoples are unacquainted with flour: they eat the grain either roasted or cooked, as we do still the most anciently known perhaps of the graminaceae, rice and millet.

  177. The waggons of the ancient Germanic peoples, also employed in war, resembled those which are still met with at the present day among the peasants of central and western Europe.

  178. Various researches made with the object of elucidating this question leave it still unsettled.

  179. The peoples living between the Hausa on the east and the Mandingans on the west are still little known, and seem to be much mixed.

  180. There may still be distinguished among them traces of the ancient divisions into various tribes (Haiduks, Yazigs, Kumans, etc.

  181. He denied that he had given orders to fire; he denied he had fired with his own hand; he even produced the fusee which he carried as an officer for examination; it was found still loaded.

  182. This custom of making a mark by folding a leaf in the party's Bible, when a solemn resolution is formed, is still held to be, in some sense, an appeal to Heaven for his or her sincerity.

  183. But, for the termination of the story, and the conduct of the woman whom he had placed about the person of Euphemia Deans, it is still more difficult to account.

  184. Although it was the month of April, the winter mists still rose at evening and swept seawards from the marshes of Leyden.

  185. It seemed still possible that Von Holzen had swum away in the darkness--had perhaps landed safely and unperceived on the other side.

  186. The surface of the canal was quite still and glassy in those parts that were not covered by the close-lying duck-weed.

  187. She looked at him still with a smile, which he did not understand.

  188. While the three were still talking, a carriage rattled up to the door of the hotel, and then another.

  189. While his feet were still off the ground, Cornish let him go, and he staggered away into the darkness of the trees.

  190. Madame still lingers at The Hague," he said.

  191. It is still coming in, and nobody is trying to stop it.

  192. The privileges of her sex were still new enough to her to afford a certain pleasure in pouring out beverages for other people to drink.

  193. It means that if you had been a hundred times in the right and he always in the wrong, I should still have believed in him and distrusted you--should still have cared for him and hated you.

  194. She was still sitting and thinking over the fire when her brother came into the room.

  195. Still Major White was only in his normal condition of mild and patient surprise.

  196. The house," he said placidly, "is still watched, but I have no doubt that Tony has outwitted them all.

  197. It made a board already too large, still larger by the addition of five members elected by Congregation.

  198. You might lend and lose half the books at Goettingen, and still be able without very much trouble or expense to replace them to the satisfaction of that University.

  199. That Convocation still retained the right to lend is beyond question; but did anybody else, Curators or Librarian, acquire the right to do so?

  200. These Blue books contain an immense amount of information on all the libraries of Europe, and although the information is some forty years old, it is still indispensable to all who wish to acquaint themselves with the subject.

  201. Even had it been carried, it would still have been unlawful to lend books to women, for, as was pointed out at the time, vir means a man; but the minority was in no mood to be affected by philological facts.

  202. It does not give the Curators the power to invest any person or persons with the right or privilege of borrowing books, still less does it convey the power of creating a class of persons who have such a right or privilege.

  203. A heavy sea was still running, and the vessel, close hauled on the wind, and under short sail, being light, was knocking about at a great rate.

  204. Still struggling against the unwelcome truth, he replied, after a long pause, “But a mackerel keeps on his bottom.

  205. Still these surmises afforded not a shadow of proof.

  206. The great body of wild geese were now gone; but a few stragglers from broken flocks still remained, and were not considered worth the attention of gunners.

  207. She paused again, but still he was mute and immobile.

  208. They threaded the cluster of buildings that, their usefulness outlived, still encumbered the bluff bordering upon the beach.

  209. Their relative positions were unchanged: still the Trouble retained her hard-won advantage.

  210. And still I can't help feeling, somehow, the wretched injustice of it to you.

  211. But when he turned back, she was still hesitating in the doorway.

  212. And then, while still he was trying to think how this could have happened, he sustained a murderous assault.

  213. But he heard no sound in that still house, and there was no longer the night to affright the woman with hinted threats of nameless horrors lurking beneath its impenetrable cloak.

  214. The storm was passing in convulsive gasps ever more widely spaced, but still the girl lay with her back to him.

  215. Now as their glances met, hers keenly inquiring of Whitaker's still bewildered eyes, she pulled up abruptly and stood astare.

  216. They still had moonlight, but it was more wan and ghastly and threatened presently to fail them altogether, blotted out by the thickening weather.

  217. Though for my part, I'm quite convinced Drummond still lives.

  218. As has been indicated, he arrived at his conclusion through no such detailed argument; his mind leaped to it, and he rested upon it while still beset by a half-score of tormenting considerations.

  219. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "still" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    again; albeit; allay; already; also; although; apparatus; appease; asleep; atomizer; balm; bear; breathless; brewery; but; calm; choke; cloistered; collected; compose; composed; cool; cradle; crucible; dead; deceased; defunct; demised; departed; distillery; dormant; dwindling; ease; even; ever; fallen; finished; fixed; gag; gentle; gone; halcyon; heretofore; however; hush; hushed; idle; immobile; impassive; inactive; inanimate; inaudible; indeed; inert; isolated; kill; late; lifeless; lull; martyred; mitigate; moldering; mollify; motionless; muffle; mug; muzzle; nevertheless; noiseless; nonetheless; notwithstanding; pacific; pacify; passive; peace; peaceable; peaceful; peacefully; photo; photograph; picture; placid; placidly; portrait; quell; quiescence; quiescent; quiet; quietly; quietude; rather; released; reposeful; reposing; rest; restful; retort; rock; sainted; secluded; sequestered; serene; settle; sheltered; shot; silence; silent; sleeping; slide; smooth; smoothly; snap; snapshot; soften; soothe; soundless; spray; squash; squelch; stabilize; stagnant; standing; static; stationary; steady; stifle; still; stillborn; stillness; stolid; subdue; subsiding; though; throttle; tranquil; tranquilize; tranquillity; transparency; undisturbed; unemployed; unmoved; unperturbed; unruffled; untroubled; unuttered; unvoiced; waning; when; winery; yet

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    still better; still existing; still exists; still extant; still farther; still greater; still keeping; still kept; still larger; still later; still laughing; still life; still loved; still others; still preserved; still remain; still remained; still retained; still retains; still seen; still speaking; still standing; still the; still upon; still water; still worse