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  1. Just as we were about to destroy the apparatus it reported 'Careful.

  2. The German soldiers were equipped with apparatus for the purpose of firing dwellings, incendiary pastils, machines for spraying petroleum, etc.

  3. A ship of the Iron Duke class had earlier received a torpedo hit, and one of the Queen Elizabeth class was running around in a circle, its steering apparatus apparently having been hit.

  4. But the records and repeating apparatus had been removed to the safe-deposit vaults, and my unknown opponent had drawn another blank.

  5. Back of the musicians' platform was a small wall cupboard holding the usual apparatus for controlling the incandescent lights with which the hall was illuminated.

  6. I had taken the liberty to sequestrate the remarkable phonographic apparatus of your quondam friend Dr.

  7. Blackboards, maps and apparatus are furnished to all schools.

  8. They are amply furnished with libraries, apparatus and all the modern requirements of first-class educational institutions.

  9. Swinging on to the jetty, we had to take notice of a shop advertising to rent life-saving apparatus for the trip across the Channel.

  10. A community may be decked out with a complete apparatus of representative institutions and yet remain little better than an autocracy.

  11. Clearly, all will depend on how many of us, and how much of the apparatus of civilization, our time-machine is able to accommodate.

  12. It is more than half the battle to have willed the victory; and the picture-charm as a piece of moral apparatus is therefore worthy of our deepest respect.

  13. He walked up and down before Spolander's shop in the Vesterlanggata and looked at the various sets of chemical apparatus there displayed.

  14. The unusual instruments and apparatus fascinated him.

  15. He takes from their hiding-place some chemical apparatus he had purchased long before.

  16. The mind on to which they fell was equipped with a complicated apparatus of faculties which could organize the chaotic manifold of sense and turn it into the connected world which common sense and science recognize.

  17. These cost only a penny each, and, if strict economy is the order of the day, can be dispensed with should the apparatus not have to be disconnected frequently.

  18. Telegraphic apparatus mounted on baseboard] Contact M is a small piece of brass attached to the base by a screw at one end and by T1 at the other.

  19. Signalling is so interesting, and on occasion can be so useful, that no apology is needed for introducing signalling apparatus into this book.

  20. This arrangement makes the apparatus very compact and self-contained.

  21. The above description covers apparatus for working two or more targets simultaneously on a long roller, or separately on separate rollers mounted on a common baseboard.

  22. Come, tell me all about this," and he looked critically at the apparatus before him.

  23. Perhaps so," he returned, looking with pride at a complicated electric apparatus on the table beside him, "but I have worked it all out!

  24. Crossett spoke gravely, "your life's work was depending upon the delivery of your apparatus in time for demonstration to-morrow.

  25. Crossett, as his keen eyes fell upon the complicated electrical apparatus on the table.

  26. Would you be willing to call at Karn & Company's, on Thirty-first Street, and pay my bill and see that my apparatus is sent to the Medical Society?

  27. That money was borrowed by me to pay for the electrical apparatus that is to repay me for all the work of my whole life.

  28. This," he touched the electrical apparatus almost tenderly, "will bring fame and wealth.

  29. I will suppose that for the education of this fortunate young citizen whose case we are considering we have limitless means, the best possible tutors, the best apparatus and absolutely the most favourable conditions.

  30. No school, however rich and prosperous and however enthusiastically run, can hope to make for itself all the plant and diagrams and apparatus needed for a fully efficient modern education such as we have sketched out.

  31. In nearly every school nowadays you will find a lot of more or less worn and damaged scientific apparatus which is supposed to be used for demonstrating the elementary facts of chemistry, physics and the like.

  32. Containing practical directions for operating Induction Coils and Tesla Coils; also showing how to make the apparatus needed for the numerous experiments described.

  33. It was impossible to disengage the remains of the balloon-envelope and suspension apparatus except in strips and pieces.

  34. The mechanism is exceedingly simple and cheap; a button turns the light on or off; the remaining apparatus is not more complex than that of the ordinary incandescent light.

  35. The apparatus is not only cheap, light, and simple, but it is also a great saver of electrical power.

  36. It was, indeed, simple enough to start these waves travelling through space, to jar the etheric jelly, so to speak; but it was far more difficult to devise an apparatus to receive and register them.

  37. The apparatus now in use is cumbersome, expensive, and wasteful.

  38. The difficulty lay in making an instrument which would produce a peculiar kind of wave, and in receiving and registering this wave in a second apparatus located at a distance from the first.

  39. The receiving apparatus was of unusual sensitiveness, so that it would catch even the faintest evidence of the signals.

  40. A three-pound Hewitt converter will do the work of a seven-hundred-pound apparatus of the old type; it will cost dollars where the other costs hundreds; and it will save a large proportion of the electricity wasted in the old process.

  41. So simple and easily arranged is the apparatus that in three days' time the inventor was prepared to begin his experiments.

  42. Up to this time no one had ever thought of using this for balloons intended to carry up an aeronaut, but only for little balloons carrying light registering apparatus for investigations in the upper air.

  43. Who has not sympathised with his effort to perfect his devices, to produce a tuning apparatus by means of which messages flying through space could be kept secret?

  44. In some cases it may be necessary to use a larger printing frame than the ordinary carte frame, in which case the operator should be able to make a vignetting apparatus raised at a proper height from the glass.

  45. At one time there was a rage amongst photographers to produce cameos, and, for this purpose, a special piece of apparatus was required to produce the embossing.

  46. Vignette glasses are not so common as they used to be, but they certainly are useful in some instances; we almost think that the methods of producing vignetting apparatus which will be described shortly, superior to them.

  47. This is characteristic of all electric waves, as no single sparking apparatus will produce anything but waves parallel to the spark gap.

  48. The waves which are produced in a modern wireless telegraphy apparatus are miles in length.

  49. This piece of apparatus is well known to students and partly known to general readers.

  50. The earlier Middle Ages improved not at all; but with the Renaissance there was an added elegance in the apparatus of illumination.

  51. It appears that the German scientists regarded their telegraph as simply the tangible expression or apparatus to illustrate scientific facts and principles.

  52. Much progress has been made toward the utilization of the phonograph as a practical addition to the civilizing apparatus of our time.

  53. He made careful notes of the lecture, and afterward transcribed them neatly into a book and illustrated them with drawings of the apparatus used.

  54. These matters were fully mastered in the Edison invention, and the apparatus rendered as completely subject to management as are the other varieties of illuminating agencies.

  55. His experimentation led him directly to the discovery of the important fact that no photographic apparatus of any kind is needed to enable an observer to use the X-rays in the delineation or inspection of objects through opaque substances.

  56. Upon this simple principle all the apparatus for the production of electric light is produced.

  57. In the course of the following year the apparatus for lighting, by means of carbon candles was introduced into many of the principal factories of France and other leading countries of Europe.

  58. We can but remember, however, that until the present age many of the old forms of illuminating apparatus have been retained.

  59. Nor may we fail to note the improved apparatus for this kind of signaling now employed in military operations.

  60. But after the castings are made they are sent to America, to be made into those wonderful objectives which constitute the glory of the apparatus upon which the New Astronomy relies for its achievements.

  61. But meanwhile, other agencies have been discovered, and other forms of apparatus invented, until the branch of knowledge relating to illumination has become both a science and an art.

  62. To prevent the possibility of communicating by an electrical or other apparatus concealed under the carpet, I requested Mr. Zancig to raise his feet from the floor.

  63. Further, there is, so far as we are aware, no case of any public performers (including certain recent examples) where the use of a code or apparatus has not been more or less readily discoverable or clearly to be inferred.

  64. Each number written on the paper is thus conveyed, and the confederate communicates the total to the blindfolded performer by means of an electrical apparatus or otherwise.

  65. If you can remove your criminal apparatus by that time we'll not interfere with you.

  66. In earlier times an open wood fire place was the only heating apparatus people had, and they managed very well with it.

  67. She does not carry fresh water for drinking and cooking use, because she has a distilling apparatus capable of producing all needed fresh water from the salt water of the sea.

  68. As each of these candles was one foot long, and burned three inches in an hour, it follows that it would last four hours; when this time was expired, the attendant who had the apparatus in charge lighted another.

  69. Having thus completed his apparatus for the correct measurement of time, Alfred was enabled to be more and more systematic in the division and employment of it.

  70. One may note the luster rapidly, without apparatus and without damage to the stone.

  71. To make sure of getting an accurate result for the weight of water displaced the following apparatus is used.

  72. The whole apparatus must weigh about two-thirds as much as the hawk which is to be flown to it.

  73. A more elaborate apparatus made of iron, with three spikes and a padded top, is shown in Fig.

  74. To enable you to do this and devote your whole attention to it, a special apparatus is provided.

  75. In other words, the moulting of hawks naturally takes place in summer, just when they are most able to dispense with a part of their flying apparatus and of their energy.

  76. One more particular, and the whole apparatus is complete.

  77. In such cases it is unnecessary, unless in exceptional winters, to have any heating apparatus in the hawk-house itself.

  78. But a special apparatus is required for catching the smaller hawks, which will not usually come to the same lure as a peregrine.

  79. A cadge is a most necessary apparatus when a man is the possessor of more than one hawk.

  80. The box-cadge is a very simple apparatus used for the transport of hawks by train or other wheeled conveyance.

  81. The actual condition of being hooded is not disagreeable to many hawks--it is the indignity and discomfort involved in the process of putting on the apparatus that give rise to the trouble.

  82. Eagles are carried to and in the field on a crutch, which is formed of an upright pole with a cross-bar at the top, the lower end of the apparatus being fitted into the saddle, and the staff of it attached by a strap to the rider's girdle.

  83. She should be hooded and held on the fist, while on the "operating table" is placed a cushion and the apparatus required, including tweezers and a sharp penknife.

  84. Your apparatus thus being ready, through the funnel pour some vinegar, or better still, some sulphuric acid.

  85. If you are about to perform a conjuring trick, you will, of course take great care that your apparatus is ready.

  86. A most interesting class of experiments can be made with an air pump, a piece of apparatus unfortunately beyond the pocket-money supply of the average boy.

  87. The caravan used for conveying the prisoners to the Guildhall, was launched into the water entire, and thither also were consigned the governor's books, and the apparatus for constructing the drop.

  88. The "new-invented machine" referred to in the advertisement, appears to have been an apparatus for washing linen, as an article of that description was found in his possession at the time of his being taken into custody.

  89. The apparatus is, in addition, provided with a seat, a brake, and prop rods before and behind to keep it horizontal when in operation.

  90. The apparatus is easily and rapidly taken apart.

  91. Illustration: Titrating apparatus] The author also describes the apparatus he employs for storing and titrating with baryta solution.

  92. With but one apparatus, the pressure in the Flamboyante's boiler rose in a few minutes from 6 to 25 pounds, and about a quarter of an hour after leaving the wharf the apparatus had been so regulated that there was no sign of smoke.

  93. It was in this way that Mr. Dietrich arranged his apparatus in an experiment made upon a stationary boiler belonging to a Mr. Corpet.

  94. As is shown in the plan, two sets of apparatus are worked side by side at Westminster, the seventy-two retorts shown in the drawings being divided into two systems of thirty-six.

  95. However efficacious such a method might prove, the apparatus as we have described it can be very easily applied to any generator.

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