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Example sentences for "destroy"

Lexicographically close words:
destre; destrier; destroie; destroied; destroieng; destroye; destroyed; destroyer; destroyers; destroyest
  1. Wherefore did they not That howre destroy vs?

  2. Within this halfe houre will he be asleepe, Wilt thou destroy him then?

  3. Thou lyest, thou iesting Monkey thou: I would my valiant Master would destroy thee.

  4. He was tempted to destroy that, too, but he reflected, permitting a sentimental thought to deter him.

  5. He simply must destroy that letter, or Mary, comparing it with the letter her brother had written would discover the deception.

  6. To confess to her would be to destroy her; to withhold the confession and to continue to impersonate her brother was to act the rôle of a cad.

  7. He had already offended Mary Bransford more than he had a right to, and to destroy her brother's letter would be positively heinous.

  8. It was the primitive lust to destroy an unprincipled rival that had seized Sanderson, for he saw in Dale's eyes the bold passion of the woman hunter.

  9. This Jesus, against whom he was raging, came to him, not with corresponding rage, to take vengeance and destroy him, but with winning words of truth and with the call to a high and blessed vocation.

  10. It was to shatter and destroy these falsehoods, to sweep them away from the mind and heart of humanity, that Jesus came into the world.

  11. Fear not them which kill the body," said he, "but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

  12. An exhalation, a drop of water, suffice to destroy him.

  13. He thought best to prepare August for the coming of Julia, lest joy should destroy a life that was so far wasted.

  14. The night of the battle Jackson sent out strong working parties to destroy all bridges and culverts and to block all roads by which Frémont could reach the Valley.

  15. General Franz Sigel was sent to the upper Shenandoah Valley, both to guard that approach on Washington and to destroy the resources on which Lee's army so greatly relied.

  16. The victory, effective in itself, was completed by sending the ironclad Carondelet several miles upstream to destroy the Memphis-Ohio railway bridge, thus cutting the shortest line from Bowling Green to the Mississippi.

  17. Grant quietly broke in: "I should be very much surprised and mortified if one of my subordinate officers should allow information which he could destroy to fall into the hands of the enemy.

  18. But his object was to destroy the Georgian base of supplies without inflicting more than incidental hardship on civilians.

  19. Johnston did come early enough, but not in sufficient force; so the next best thing was to destroy all stores, abandon Vicksburg, and save the garrison.

  20. On the twentieth Jackson's brigade marched on Martinsburg to destroy the workshops of the Baltimore and Ohio Railway and to support the three hundred troopers under J.

  21. Not only does he destroy the purity of his soul; before long he must yield up his body for punishment.

  22. If all men resorted to lying, they would soon begin to destroy each other, because it is an instinct of human nature to preserve one's self from the attack of enemies.

  23. There is even a worse stage, when the foul imagination results in secret acts of filthiness, which eventually will destroy body, mind, and soul.

  24. Experience teaches us that disobedience will, in time, destroy the character altogether.

  25. Let a young man give way a few times to impure imaginations and thoughts, and he will soon be in danger of a habit that will destroy him, body and soul.

  26. For the Son of Man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them.

  27. He also said: 'You must not be seen as many as five together, if you are, the citizens will be upon you and destroy you, but you should flee immediately out of the state.

  28. However he did not destroy all the seed, for after my return I was instrumental in building up a branch in Ribchester.

  29. They told us that sixty men were coming from Richmond, who had sworn to destroy us, also seventy more were coming from Clay County, to assist in our destruction.

  30. Mobs were organized around Kirtland, who were enraged against us, ready to destroy us.

  31. He met with considerable opposition from his own kindred, as well as from ministers of the different denominations, who sought every opportunity to destroy his influence.

  32. But they sought every opportunity to try to destroy our characters, and propagate their lies concerning us, thus showing that they loved darkness rather than light.

  33. They were determined to destroy me, but I had power of mind to pay no attention to them, and let them curse all day without heeding them any more than possible.

  34. At first it seemed as though they came but to destroy what the crickets had left.

  35. For when they are in retreat we will fall on them and destroy them, and declare you, O Prince, Pharaoh of Egypt, though what will happen afterwards I do not know.

  36. They destroy it, they drive it into the Nile; the Nile runs red with blood.

  37. Take it if you can,' he said, 'and use it to injure or destroy that accursed one.

  38. Before she could speak, Peroa went on, "See how the King seeks a quarrel against me that he may destroy me and bray Egypt in his mortar, and tan it like a hide to wrap about his feet.

  39. Then he would return and destroy Egypt when perchance there were no Ethiopians to help her, and perhaps after all drag Amada to his House of Women.

  40. My plan is to destroy the armies of the Great King and to relieve the city of Amada.

  41. And mounting the same he set out to destroy the idols.

  42. And rejoicing in the knowledge of the worship of the true God, he commanded his companions to destroy the temple, with all its enclosures, by fire.

  43. This part was his war; destroy the destroyers, but not the producers.

  44. You can destroy five wrong tools that were built to wreck the right tools.

  45. If he admitted the Queen's appeal, he would lose the devotion of the King and of England to the See Apostolic, and would destroy Wolsey for ever.

  46. She was believed, justly or unjustly, to have endeavoured to destroy the Princess Mary.

  47. The Pope's captivity, however, would destroy the value of any judgment which he might give while he continued in durance.

  48. Rumours were flying that the Emperor was coming to waste England, destroy the Royal family, and place a foreign Prince on the throne.

  49. Had her health been strong, the treatment which she received would destroy it, and, if she died, there would be a double sin.

  50. Both Anne and Rochford were bold, able, and unscrupulous, and Cromwell, with a secret in his hand which would destroy them, saw that the time was come to use it.

  51. There is joy in our life if we will but enjoy it; But the most of us do what we can to destroy it.

  52. Let peaceful compacts, bloodless victories, grow Till hideous war, with ruthless devastation, Destroy no more the beauty of thy land, Nor raise against thy homes its bloodstained hand.

  53. The principle of Roman law that, as custom can make law, so disuse can destroy it has never been adopted in the United States.

  54. They swore to support the Constitution of the United States at the very time they were meaning to destroy it.

  55. The Governor ordered out a company to march from the city to La Fitte's island, and to burn and destroy all the property, and to bring to the city of New Orleans all his banditti.

  56. It is not made in the mean spirit which would spare ourselves but ruin our posterity, which would save ourselves but destroy our country.

  57. So be it; but do not then destroy the effect of it by your railway.

  58. But then we shall be told, "destroy the sophism; prove that machines do not injure human labor, nor importations national industry.

  59. To explain the laws under which societies prosper or decay, is virtually to destroy all sophistry at once.

  60. About forty years ago Lord Cockburn published a pamphlet on How to Destroy the Beauty of Edinburgh!

  61. At a first view, there appears to be one serious objection to this process, and that is, that it requires but a small quantity of oily or fatty matter to destroy the fermentation of any guile of beer.

  62. No sooner did Kutoyis hear this than he determined to seek the village, for his mission was to destroy evil beings who were a danger to his fellow-men.

  63. Poia lived very happily in the lodge of the Sun, and having on one occasion killed seven birds who were about to destroy Morning Star, he earned the gratitude of his grandparents.

  64. In this he was correct, and on consideration he resolved to destroy Coyote.

  65. But Malsum resolved to learn his brother's secret and to destroy him at the first opportunity.

  66. So he made up his mind to kill the youth and destroy his beautiful white horse.

  67. Even as to animals that we may destroy when they injure us, we should not forget the good they also do: as an instance, the RAT may be mentioned.

  68. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil; and pray to him now to deliver you from the power of that evil one.

  69. Then he began to ponder and plot how best he could destroy the brother who had been so good to him.

  70. He surely is the man we want," said he; "go and call him immediately to come and destroy the snake.

  71. When he finds out also that we have reported his presence to the king his mind will become hot against us, and he will without doubt return and destroy all our houses and kill everybody in our village.

  72. When it is all over, do not let that wicked woman destroy me altogether, but bury me in the jungle," and in a few minutes she was dead.

  73. But the question is, whether they have any right to destroy you, after that is done?

  74. I fancy when they have taken the most accurate survey, they could not make either a Bee, or a Butterfly; it is a pity therefore that they should destroy that life which they can never give.

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