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Example sentences for "disprove"

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disproportion; disproportionably; disproportionate; disproportionately; disproportioned; disproved; disproves; disproving; disputable; disputant
  1. Science is the High Priestess of Nature and Nature's oracles, and no single revelation of Science can disprove or contradict the simplest truth of Nature's God.

  2. It is impossible to either prove or disprove the nature of a miracle by physical demonstration.

  3. Such persons were in a position to disprove from their personal knowledge false statements made by the Evangelists.

  4. I observe, then, that if two or three men in the fourth century are sufficient, against the general voice of the Church, to disprove one doctrine, then still more are two or three of an earlier century able to disprove another.

  5. It has been suggested that the warmth of the Tertiary climate was simply the effect of the residual heat of a globe cooling from incandescence, but many facts disprove this.

  6. They will, I trust, provoke further discussion, which may tend to prove or disprove them.

  7. To disprove this doctrine, it might be sufficient to point out that there is a vast mass of mathematical science which includes the notion of infinites, and leads to a great body of propositions concerning Infinites.

  8. Therefore that any axioms are not evident without patient thought and continued study of the subject, does not disprove their necessity.

  9. This is perfectly true: but does not at all disprove what has been said.

  10. This year the women proposed to disprove that assumption.

  11. I trust you'll allow me to disprove them.

  12. He makes no attempt to disprove the facts, first brought together in the Siege of Boston, (pp.

  13. But that I mistook Prospect Hill for Bunker Hill is one fancy; that this case of Callender is cited to disprove that Putnam was the commander, is another fancy.

  14. But Arcesilas and Carneades would not have attempted to disprove this; they never tried to show that things in themselves were incognisable, but that human faculties do not avail to give information about them.

  15. The cases of Ennius and his Alcmaeon, of your own relative Tuditanus, of the Hercules of Euripides disprove your point (88, 89).

  16. Instead of condemning their Text, why do you not disprove their Theory?

  17. For you have now no alternative but to come forward and disprove my statements as well as refute my arguments: or to admit, by your silence, that you have sustained defeat in the cause of which you constituted yourself the champion.

  18. The mere power of asking such questions can prove or disprove nothing; for it is a power which must equally subsist, whether the human inhabitants of the earth be or be not the only rational population which the universe contains.

  19. So vain and groundless are these and the like evasions and subterfuges of our modern sceptics and unbelievers, and so certainly do thorough inquiries and authentic evidence disprove and confute such evasions and subterfuges upon all occasions.

  20. If I had any fortune of my own, I would willingly pay it to any one who could disprove what you have told me.

  21. I am not prepared with any arguments to disprove them, and much better, cleverer fellows than I am go in for them entirely.

  22. Name the authority, and make him name the man of whom I borrowed the money, and then I can disprove the story.

  23. The whole scene was one eminently calculated to disprove that stale Whig slander which purports to affirm that "all the decency" was in their ranks:--nothing could be more striking than this refutation of it.

  24. The child having been brought to the police, a searching and protracted inquiry was held, which, however, determined nothing, though it did not disprove his story.

  25. Unless the owner succeeds by a protracted search or by accident in finding the animal he cannot disprove the herdsman's statement, and the only remedy is to dispense with the latter's services if such losses become unduly frequent.

  26. If a man disprove his godship out of his own mouth, we shall not be convinced by a coin in a fish's mouth or by his raising Lazarus, four days dead.

  27. You see the world has demonstrated facts that disprove the Godship of your God and your Saviour.

  28. To disprove their partial statements it is only necessary to say that Gianluigi himself had prevented the assassination of the two nobles who had refused to follow him.

  29. I do not say this to beg pardon for what I have done, but to disprove unjust charges heaped upon my name.

  30. In this speech the Earl of Salisbury did show great zeal to defend His Majesty from the least touch of breach of his promise, and therein to disprove that which he thought would be conceived of Sir Everard Digby's words.

  31. He told us that it was of his own writing, that he had been able to compose it in five days; and he now gets five persons to contradict his own assertions, and to disprove on oath his most solemn declarations.

  32. Our design, my Lords, in making such references, is not merely to disprove the prisoner's defence, but to vindicate the rights and privileges of the people of India.

  33. His denial of any intention of again sending Colonel Hannay does not disprove either the justness of their suspicions or the existence of the terror which his very name excited.

  34. The example of the eloquent and erudite Paul suffices to disprove such a fallacy.

  35. Thus it does not disprove the reality of the existence of a force which carries bodies near the surface of the earth towards its centre, that we see them sometimes compelled, by the operation of local causes, to move in the opposite direction.

  36. The result of the three years' work was to effectually disprove this opinion by showing that in place of a continent there was only a group of small scattered islands.

  37. To prove or disprove their fears they commenced to cross the ice in the bay.

  38. No amount of reasoning can disprove it, any more than it can prove it.

  39. Because certain individuals, through the effects of disease or abuse, lose their sight, does that disprove a purpose for the eye?

  40. I have challenged my opponents to disprove my statement that none of Mr Freeman's own authorities says anything here of a palisade.

  41. I shall be able to prove, further on, that knights' fees existed in cases where Domesday does not mention them, but even the incidental notices found in the Great Survey are quite sufficient to disprove its alleged silence on the subject.

  42. One cannot disprove the first proposition without reading through all Domesday for this purpose.

  43. Now, it would involve no very burdensome undertaking to disprove this theory; but I should not expect a cordial approval of my efforts on the part of my colleagues if I carried through the investigation.

  44. The second point relates to the status of the obligation to disprove the telepathic position.

  45. Some absurd hypotheses may be readily disproved and others not; but are scientists really called upon to disprove them?

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