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Example sentences for "disease"

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disdainfully; disdaining; disdains; disdayne; dise; diseased; diseases; disegno; disembark; disembarkation
  1. And now--the night before, she had been taken ill: there was a disease about amongst the horses.

  2. Evidently he has severe inflammation; the symptoms are those of the worst form of the disease now about.

  3. Harry Ironside is on the spot, and he can watch every turn of the disease which he came to master, and devote his whole attention to this example.

  4. It was too terrible to think of her associated with disease and death, she whom her father and mother would have sheltered from every rough wind.

  5. William contracted disease in the army, came home sick and died.

  6. The worst epidemic of smallpox ever recorded in the South Pacific was started in Nukahiva by a maroon from a whaler, and the present-day prevalence of blood and skin disease is directly traceable to similar sources.

  7. This was hard to answer--to the satisfaction of the questioners--and the upshot of the matter was that a half dozen of the cases least liable to spread the dread disease were allowed upon the stage at the next performance.

  8. He gives a strychnine tonic when we others would merely pour ourselves into the gap, and fight disease with mind.

  9. Disease is a coward, we are told, a coward who leaves us, when it knows we feel no fear of it.

  10. She fought the disease most valiantly; she even stayed at home for two entire days, holding the baby in one arm, a fat black volume in the other hand, reading and pondering by turns.

  11. Mr. Opdyke, little as you may believe it, physical disease has no real existence.

  12. We now are quite convinced that disease is but another name for sin and unbelief; that the universal cure lies in the submission of one's will to the dictates of the Universal Mind.

  13. It's a species of disease, Opdyke, and when a patient takes his disease seriously, as a general rule it's all up with him.

  14. His disease had made such progress that he was subject to chilly sensations, even when the thermometer stood very high.

  15. The morning after the deed of sale had been signed, the former possessor of Schneeburg was found dead in his bed--heart-disease had delivered him from misery.

  16. The disease is of a malignant and contagious character; it is quite unnecessary that you should expose yourself to it, Schmidt and I can take care of him.

  17. Hubbell died from this disease and was buried at that spot.

  18. It also gives the names of a number of people who died from disease and were buried at the "Half-Way Brook.

  19. Even him, when sore disease or sluggish eld Now saps his strength, pen fast at home, and spare His not inglorious age.

  20. From Stygian darkness launched into the light Comes raging pale Tisiphone; she drives Disease and fear before her, day by day Still rearing higher that all-devouring head.

  21. From hapless mortals; in their place succeed Disease and dolorous eld; till travail sore And death unpitying sweep them from the scene.

  22. Disease Resistance Probably one of the most important limiting factors in walnut production in California, and especially in the older walnut sections, is the bacterial disease commonly known as walnut blight.

  23. From our present knowledge it is very apparent that the disease resistance of individual trees varies considerably from year to year and under different soil and climatic conditions.

  24. The extreme variation of different seedling trees in their susceptibility to this disease is well illustrated in some of the following observations which were made the present year.

  25. Recently I have learned of the ease with which the disease may be controlled, and now feel very comfortable in its presence.

  26. Its freedom from disease in the past has no doubt been due largely to its dormancy during the most favorable weather conditions for the spread of blight.

  27. And now disease claimed Jonson, and he was bedridden for months.

  28. I rather pity their folly and indiscretion, than their loss of time and money; for these may be recovered by industry: but to be a fool born, is a disease incurable.

  29. Meanwhile, the same remedy, so infallible in the eyes of legislators, was not forgotten to be applied to the opposite disease of protestant dissent.

  30. He had known of this outbreak of small-pox for two days, had stifled his qualms, and had taken his own peculiar methods of keeping the disease hidden, and securing money profit for his ship.

  31. Islam is not impious enough to check the spread of any disease which Allah may see good to send for its chastening.

  32. The sick recovered or died; the sound sickened no more; it seemed as though the disease microbes on board the ship were glutted.

  33. He was now able to walk, the excitement of the battle and the satisfaction of the victory having enabled him partially to shake off the disease which afflicted him.

  34. By this time some of the people of Marblehead had become impressed with the fear that by the establishing of the hospital the dread disease would become a prevailing pest amongst them.

  35. I must treat her as if she had a violent disease and take care of her.

  36. She has had a terrible misfortune, and it was the outcome of a disease from which all of us 'advanced' women are suffering.

  37. This refers to the appearance of the Midē´ stone which it is believed absorbs some of the disease and assumes a change of color.

  38. By a strange coincidence the person against whom vengeance was aimed died of pneumonia the following spring, the disease having resulted from cold contracted during the preceding winter.

  39. Brother Kimball was also sick with the same disease (ague) but after the fever went off he climbed upon his house and was trying to finish the roof, when his brother missionary (Brigham) came out to walk a little to try his strength.

  40. I went to Liberty, to the house of Brother Peter Whitmer, which place I reached with difficulty, being much afflicted with the disease that was among us.

  41. Shortly after, having an opportunity to secretly lay hands upon the child, I did so, and in the name of Jesus Christ rebuked the disease which preyed upon its system.

  42. After he had cut off every avenue of help or hope, he sat quite still and waited, for he knew that death and disease were on his side, and that against inevitable starvation no city in the world could stand for long.

  43. A lady, who spoke some English, kindly showed me through the hospital, and explained that the disease is not contagious, but hereditary, and that some lepers refuse to enter the hospital because they are forbidden to marry.

  44. The patients were of various ages, and showed the effects of the disease in different stages.

  45. So heaven punishes him by afflicting him with the horrible disease of leprosy.

  46. The disease seems to have been introduced into Europe from Asia--perhaps by the Crusaders.

  47. To comprehend what followed, you must know that there was one horrible superstition of the Middle Ages--the belief that by bathing in human blood the disease of leprosy might be cured.

  48. The potato is commonly affected by a fungous disease which causes the stalks to blacken and die before the tubers have matured.

  49. This disease may be prevented in large measure by the use of a fungicide known as Bordeaux mixture.

  50. He told me if I did that whatever disease was laid down there by the owner of the stick would cleave to me.

  51. The doctor had declared her illness heart disease brought on by a shock, and her death imminent.

  52. Land hunger is a disease that does not attack the tenants alone.

  53. I have noticed disease in the potatoes appearing on the dinner table, a kind of dry rot, only to be noticed after cutting the potato.

  54. Were they white, frosty weather would follow; if yellow, disease and pestilence; while red predicted war and bloodshed: and a mottled sky in the springtime was ever the harbinger of a good corn season.

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