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Example sentences for "calamity"

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  1. The black ox hath trod on his foot, he has married and is hen-pecked; calamity has befallen him.

  2. Every calamity he smoothed over, every unkind remark of their snarling employer he called a merry jest; so that the poor blind girl lived in a castle of the air, “a bright little world of her own.

  3. When the calamity could no longer be concealed, the people charged him with being an impostor: but Stratocles saved his life and mollified their anger by the pleasant turn he gave the whole affair.

  4. Treason had been a political calamity with the Seymours.

  5. The young lady was a waitress, and her intimates called her "Calamity Carry" for the crockery that she broke.

  6. But whatever is Calamity to onderstand by them totems?

  7. She's due to grade as cornfed, my Calamity is, or I'm a shorthorn!

  8. Dodge wants those nuptials to come off, and if you'll give Calamity time to round on herself, they will.

  9. Before them two has been married a week, that Calamity girl'll t'ar into pore Rattlesnake with her ten nails an' make saddlestrings of him.

  10. Now when Rattlesnake and Calamity are married, they may do something to repair our loss.

  11. Rattlesnake's of full age, free, and half white, and if he wants to wed Calamity it's his American privilege.

  12. But whatever has that got to do with Calamity ropin' up this yere innocent Rattlesnake?

  13. Calamity says you're to wash off your warpaint an' report at the agency.

  14. But Calamity allows she'll throw me down about that weddin'.

  15. Black omens" announced that some misfortune would befall Belinda, but the precise calamity had been "wrapped by the fates in night.

  16. It is, in fact, a spontaneous burst of indignation against the authors of the calamity which it records.

  17. I never saw it without fear; some heavy calamity always followed it.

  18. When such news was brought us, we could not possibly, in hearing of so great a calamity to that sorely afflicted people, but be moved with extreme grief and compassion.

  19. Altogether the idea that Morus should be admitted as one of the pastors of the most important Protestant church in France was, we can see, horrible to him; and he hoped the calamity might yet be averted.

  20. The man who loses the use of his eyes suffers a terrible affliction; yet this calamity does not completely destroy his usefulness.

  21. With this practical advice the Princess Chiaromonte swept from the room and Angela was left alone to ask herself whether such a sudden calamity as hers had ever before overtaken an innocent girl in her Roman world.

  22. Human destiny is most tragic when the men and women concerned are doing their very utmost to act bravely and uprightly, while each is in reality bringing calamity on the other.

  23. But his last calamity was so evidently miraculous that even the grief of the father was nearly absorbed by the contrition of the sinner.

  24. On such wise the Assessor ordered the case and carried out the forgery and feigned marriage with the woman; and thus escaped calumny and calamity by the seemliness of his stratagem.

  25. Al-Muradi, "I will cast him into a calamity for thee.

  26. No personal calamity could have thrown me into deeper affliction; nor had I even the sad consolation of learning any of the circumstances of this misfortune.

  27. Your calamity is a heavy one, but mine is harder to bear up against.

  28. They seemed as if they had no heart to resume their wonted life of labour, but were waiting for some calamity to close their miserable existence.

  29. Whatever might have been the original source of his misfortunes, I had very little doubt that now his mind had been shaken by their influence, and that calamity had deranged him.

  30. Sir Henry Middleton's piratical exploits, and the company's factories were to be protected by law in event of any calamity overtaking its servants.

  31. So hardly was Nicias believed to have suffered the calamity which he had often predicted.

  32. All which was evidently unpleasing to Metellus; but what more especially grieved him was the calamity of Turpillius.

  33. Bajazet's misguided efforts against Tamerlane brought the Ottoman Empire, which had been gaining strength so steadily, to the verge of ruin, and calamity after calamity fell upon the House of Othman after the disaster of Angora.

  34. I feel for you, and would gladly aid you to any extent which my duty might allow, in averting the possible calamity that may hang over you.

  35. They were glad to be rid of "this great gloomy house," over which the shadow of calamity still brooded.

  36. He could not face the City without it, could not endure the calamity and the ruin which the loss of it would mean.

  37. Calamity held up a torch to light his wandering feet.

  38. They were constantly asking themselves whether they had not been too strict with Charley, and whether the calamity might not have been prevented if they had encouraged him to confide in them more, and to bring his difficulties to them.

  39. Between the remorseless alternatives of calamity and degradation her mind oscillated in helpless indecision.

  40. From the moment she had agreed to go to Caylesham for the money, her forebodings had told her that calamity would come.

  41. One picture meant a gradual ascent from out of all his troubles; the other, a fall into a gulf of calamity unfathomable.

  42. The Courtland calamity had touched her deeply too, but touched her to bitterness--if, indeed, her outward bearing could be taken as a true index of her mind.

  43. Happy he who can so look and yet look without bitterness, who can see calamity without despair, and accept partial success without peevishness.

  44. Her fierce defiant fury rose yet once more; the temper which had wrought all the calamity was not tamed by it in the end.

  45. Had such a calamity happened to Wellington, then in the prime of life, no one can hardly picture the consequences.

  46. What a fearful picture did he draw of the calamity that assailed his trade!

  47. I had taken in about a thousandth fraction of my great calamity by that time.

  48. No vicissitude, no calamity of this mortal state, no experience that may be to come, can ever have the force, the magnitude of this.

  49. By the sword shall die all the sinners of My people, they who say, The calamity shall not reach nor anticipate us.

  50. Or shall calamity happen in a city and Jehovah not have done it?

  51. Still, the calamity had happened before, and had been survived; a nation so vigorous and wealthy as Israel was under Jeroboam II.

  52. In the above exposition we have omitted two very curious verses, 9 and 10, which are held by some critics to interrupt the current of the chapter, and to reflect an entirely different kind of calamity from that which it predicts.

  53. Nor is it strange; for one of freshest and firmest spirit would falter, approaching near to so bright an object: but I am one whom a cruel habit of calamity has prepared to receive strong impressions.

  54. Croesus was plunged into inconsolable grief, and into extreme dejection and misery for a period of two years, in consequence of this calamity, and yet this calamity was only the beginning of the end.

  55. Come in, and forget the calamity which has befallen you, instead of distressing yourself with it as if it had been a crime.

  56. Spargapizes was intoxicated when he was taken, and was unconscious of the calamity which had befallen him.

  57. This second calamity was more, he said, than he could bear.

  58. It is by no means for lack of attempts to invade her that England has been spared the calamity of invasion for more than eight hundred years.

  59. The Battle of the Nile, wrote a Frenchman in Egypt, "is a calamity which leaves us here as children totally lost to the mother country.

  60. That calamity was unparalleled in point of extent, and has, in two years, swept away at least one half of the whole commercial and manufacturing wealth of the kingdom.

  61. These verses are descriptive of the calamity which will befall the enemies of Israel.

  62. A greater calamity happened of course later when at the same time Jerusalem was destroyed by the Roman armies, the temple and the city burned to the ground and not a stone left upon another.

  63. The question arises, What conquest and calamity is this?

  64. Against these, Syria, Phoenicia, and the cities of the Philistines, a great calamity and overthrow is prophesied by Zechariah.

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