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persona; personable; personae; personage; personages; personalities; personality; personalized; personall; personally
  1. The value of an experience depends upon what has been called the ``personal attitude'' sustained during the experience.

  2. This personal touch, however, is not necessarily limited to the small organization.

  3. Increase in wages may well be made a personal matter.

  4. All other personal habits are like the use of language in that they are acquired during the early years and are not easily changed.

  5. The Effect of Personal Relations in creating Loyalty in a Force It is on this personal relationship, this platform of mutual interests and helpfulness, that the success and fighting strength of many one- man houses are built.

  6. We classify individuals largely by means of their personal and social habits.

  7. So far as personal habits are concerned, but little change need be anticipated after the twentieth year.

  8. He has no personal interest in the pecuniary advantages attendant on any situation; and his only question is--whether it be one in which he may best serve and glorify his Master.

  9. Cleopatra, on the other hand, had given herself up to him in the most absolute and unconditional manner, under the influence solely of a personal affection which she could not control.

  10. Archelaus, the husband of Berenice, had been, in former years, a personal friend of Antony's.

  11. She appeared, also, to take a great pride and pleasure in exercising over him, herself, a great personal control.

  12. Cleopatra was the oldest child, and she was a princess of great promise, both in respect to mental endowments and personal charms.

  13. Her beauty, her accomplishments, and a certain indescribable charm which pervaded all her demeanor, combined to give her great personal power.

  14. In this instance, however, his ardent interest in the pursuit of Pompey overruled all considerations of personal safety.

  15. In fact, while the people pitied Arsinoe, Cleopatra, notwithstanding her beauty and her thousand personal accomplishments and charms, was an object of general displeasure, so far as public attention was turned toward her at all.

  16. In his personal habits, too, he was as different as possible from other men.

  17. They used to call her 'Dirty Kate,' because she wasn't always very neat in her personal appearance.

  18. But whatever his lacks in personal beauty or moral character may have been, he at least had a most persuasive tongue.

  19. The bullets, however, had all gone over his head, and the lad was unharmed, although he was so frightened that even the thoughts of his own personal safety were almost driven from his mind.

  20. But Tom's fears had departed now, and although he never fully understood the cause of the change in his feelings, the sight of his suffering friend and his determination to aid him had banished all thoughts concerning his own personal safety.

  21. The Author is uncertain whether it is worth while to mention, that he had a personal opportunity of observing, even in his own time, that the king's writ did not pass quite current in the Brass of Balquhidder.

  22. The warning which I had already received seemed to intimate, that my own personal liberty might be endangered by an open appearance in Owen's behalf.

  23. Through the whole night, the voice, and even the features of this man, though imperfectly seen, haunted me with recollections to which I could assign no exact local or personal associations.

  24. I acquainted my father with my wish to offer my personal service to the Government in any volunteer corps, several being already spoken of.

  25. But I see you will draw on yourself the personal chastisement your boyish insolence so well merits.

  26. Since I came here, I have had opportunities of knowing his extreme personal worth, and his losses by the late war.

  27. As to the opposition which the English expect from the personal character of the King, it proves they do not know what his personal character is.

  28. There are persons, however, who doubt the truth of this discovery, founding their doubts on some personal circumstances relating to the person who says he has this translation.

  29. Besides the interest of the confederacy and of the State, I have a personal interest in it.

  30. In these countries, personal favors weigh more than public interest.

  31. The admitting it in this case, is a singular proof of the King's friendly dispositions towards the States of America, and of his personal esteem for the character of the Marquis de la Fayette.

  32. I enclose herewith the several schemes successively proposed between us, together with the copies of the written observations given in with them, and which served as texts of discussion, in our personal conferences.

  33. Your personal knowledge of this gentleman renders it unnecessary for me to say any thing of him.

  34. The line I have observed with him has been, to make him sensible that nothing was more desired by Congress than his return, but that they would not willingly press it, so as to defeat him of a personal advantage.

  35. These guides were a set of blackmailers, but once you had engaged one he looked on you as his personal property, and would let no one rob you but himself.

  36. Every American has a chance to-day of signing a far greater declaration than that great one of '76--the declaration of personal willingness to sacrifice all on the altar of liberty.

  37. There may be beings who could see daughter violated or brother mutilated without taking personal vengeance, but such should not be permitted to breathe the air with MEN.

  38. In these great and wonderful times there has been given to us the glorious opportunity to earn our own liberty, to prove our own personal right to citizenship in a free country.

  39. Our brigadier was very popular because of his personal bravery.

  40. Australia and New Zealand's part does not, in actual accomplishment or in personal daring and endurance, outclass the doings of these others, the larger half of the army.

  41. He began to perceive how void of personal hopes and joys her life was.

  42. I feel only more anxious now, when I know, and have a personal interest in the nearest relatives of this unhappy young man, whom men call my father's murderer.

  43. This most sad history, Alice felt, was the preface of some personal evil to herself, some misfortune to Lewis.

  44. Nevertheless, he was quite as ready as usual to take everything that was given to him, and give nothing in return except flattery, well-rounded sentences and a good deal of his personal attention.

  45. How could he look at his own reflection in the looking-glass if, for reasons of his personal admiration of Kenyon and disinclination to force things to an issue, he let him escape without finding out the truth?

  46. At the very hour when he was arranging his personal photographs a cable addressed to him was delivered at Dr.

  47. The same is claimed also in regard to the rank of brave or soldier, but this position is more dependent on personal bravery.

  48. There are certain gentes that exchange personal names (jaje kik’übe au), as among the Osage.

  49. The personal property of these tribes consists chiefly of horses.

  50. Vallière was unable to say on which side of the tribal circle each gens camped, but he gave the personal names of some members of most of the gentes.

  51. Everything except loss of life or personal chastisement can be compensated among these Indians.

  52. Mr. Black had therefore brought his sister home with him, and threatened to inflict personal chastisement upon Edwards if he ever crossed his path again.

  53. So long a time had elapsed since he had been able to transmit me any definite information about his movements, that I had begun to grow alarmed, not only for the successful termination of his pursuit, but for his personal safety.

  54. So thoroughly determined had he been to secure his prisoner, that no consideration of personal comfort, or even necessary rest, had been allowed to interfere with his movements.

  55. His personal habits were unexceptionable, so far as known, and every one with whom John Manning conversed upon the subject, were loud in his praises.

  56. In the second place, there are other indiscretions that have no such basis in the mere senses, and refer solely to the mental attitude or to the mere personal pride of our neighbours.

  57. There is one side of personal manners, however, in which there has been much change.

  58. In France, odorous greatness was the rule, and contemporary chronicles record the filthy personal habits of Henry of Navarre, the great Condé, and Louis XIII.

  59. But even in this Italy was in advance of her neighbours, if personal cleanliness represents social advance.

  60. His nobles feared him, his people loved him, and he had no need to punish or forgive any personal enemy.

  61. His son, Anemas, was converted to Christianity, and distinguished himself in the campaign of John Zimisces against the Russians, to fall in a personal encounter with Swiatoslav, the Russian king.

  62. There is a mosque close by whose Hodja is counted among the Artist's personal friends.

  63. These, and far worse, were becoming public property; and even personal fabrications in regard to the faculty, intended solely for undergraduate consumption, were reaching the ears of the faculty themselves.

  64. It was a canon of her college philosophy, gained by three and a half years' of personal experience, that the day before examinations is not the time to begin to study.

  65. No," said Patty, with dignity; "I think I owe him a personal explanation.

  66. The changing features of the city were reflected in his own personal history.

  67. A volume of personal experiences might be written, but I will give here but a few incidents.

  68. In a published sketch a personal friend says: "He was so full of humor that it was impossible to conceal it, and his very presence became a mirth-provoking contagion absolutely irresistible in its effects.

  69. At that time an estimate of his resources was made by a close personal friend, who yesterday said that the amount was considerably over three million dollars, which included his valuable stock in the traction companies.

  70. Of a striking personal appearance, her fair complexion with a deep rose flush in the cheeks, sparkling eyes, masses of heavy black hair, small and perfect figure, would have attracted marked attention in any circle.

  71. Finally, he took a personal share in the administration of justice at Rome, checked the activity of the informers (delatores), and exercised a jealous supervision over the governors of provinces.

  72. He also insisted, however, upon personal conviction in writers on dogmatic.

  73. In personal character he is credited with temperance and modesty; but, besides his want of sociability, he became somewhat suspicious, and jealous of his master.

  74. It borrowed much from tragedy, but it retained the phallic abandonment of the old rural festivals, the licence of word and gesture, and the audacious directness of personal invective.

  75. Lycophron, by using the satyr-drama (in his Menedemus) as a vehicle of personal ridicule applied it to a purpose resembling that of Old Attic Comedy.

  76. No loans are granted to political or personal friends, at the risk of the Government, and all temptation to needless and hurtful expansion is thus destroyed.

  77. There is no mammoth institution, under the control of one or a few individuals, liable at times to be prostituted to political and personal ends of an objectionable character.

  78. Or what mattered the rivalry of parties, except as they might serve my own personal ambitions and desires?

  79. There awaited me the pleasures of which I had known only by report, there the advancement, the triumphs in personal quarrels; and, above all else, the great love affair of my dreams.

  80. But the 'Romance of Monte Beni' has the additional charm for me, that it is the first book of yours that I have read since I had the privilege of making your personal acquaintance.

  81. The eagerness which admirers of such a genius show, to learn all permissible details of his personal history, is, when freed from the vulgar and imbecile curiosity which often mars it, a sort of homage that it is right to satisfy.

  82. But they could not discover his personal identity.

  83. He shields an actual veneration and a sort of personal attachment for those brave earlier generations under a harmless pretence that he does not think at all too tenderly of them.

  84. A gentleman who was with him at Brook farm, and knew him well, tells me that his presence was very attractive, and that he inspired great esteem among all at the farm by his personal qualities.

  85. Often these obstacles are viewless to others, and the combat is unsuspected; the site of many a Penuel remains untraced; but none the less these are the pivots on which entire personal histories turn.

  86. I have no personal knowledge of what happened after this, for even before the cheering had ceased, I should have sunk fainting on the deck, had not the boatswain caught me.

  87. Taking the matter up only in a personal point of view, how can a man tell how he will behave when he has allowed liquor to steal away his wits?

  88. Their personal appearance was not prepossessing, and their voices were so loud that I could hear every word they uttered, though of course I could not understand their language.

  89. Tis a strange thing so distinctly to see One's Self as he looked of yore--to lose one's present frail personal identity in that of the powerful past.

  90. With all these fearful apprehensions--in his mind, Dr Kitchiner must have been a man of great natural personal courage and intrepidity, to have slept even once in his whole lifetime from home.

  91. To hear the Present Generation speak, such an elderly gentleman as the Past Generation begins to suspect that his personal origin lies hid in the darkness of antiquity; and worse--that he is of the Pechs.

  92. They could not be traversed without strong personal exertion; and a solitary pedestrian excursion through the Grampians was seldom achieved without a few incidents that might almost have been called adventures.

  93. The same is true in regard to personal decoration.

  94. Of anecdote or gossip, glimpses of "life and manners" or personal details, there is nothing.

  95. His cicerone robbed him of his gold watch and all his personal effects and disappeared.

  96. He was a man of great personal magnetism; with large abilities, and he held a place in the affections of the people of this State which has scarcely been equaled by any of our citizens since his time.

  97. The records of the State show that these men, while building up a compact and powerful political organization, did not neglect their own personal and political advancement.

  98. He was a ready debater but of impulsive temper, and at one time engaged in a personal rencounter with Colonel Young on the floor of the Senate chamber.

  99. I have not been able to obtain any particulars of Prideaux's personal history.

  100. If so, at what period and for what time, and what is known of her personal history?

  101. As in a court of law, I hear both sides of a case, and do not permit myself to be biased by personal charms.

  102. If Miss Florence Moreland is still provoked, she may have revenge by telling me exactly what she thinks of my personal appearance and character as interpreted by my features.

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