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  1. Baedeker’s Guides are so printed that each principal portion can be detached entire from the volume.

  2. These Guides do =not= profess to supply practical information.

  3. The guides spoke of a similar volcanic outcrop above Point Abú Madd to the south; and of a third close to Yambá' harbour.

  4. We would willingly have spent here another day, but water and forage were absolutely wanting; and the guides assured us that even greater marvels, in the shape of ruins and quartz-reefs, lay ahead.

  5. Before leaving Badá I was careful to make all manner of inquiries concerning stone-coal; and the guides confirmed the suspicions which had long suggested themselves.

  6. The guides spoke of wild figs, but we failed to find them.

  7. The guides had accidentally mentioned a "Jebel el-Marú," and I determined to visit it next morning.

  8. On the very eve of our departure the guides pointed northwards (350° mag.

  9. After covering six miles in an hour and three-quarters, exaggerated by the guides to three, we suddenly sighted the inland fort.

  10. The guides spoke of a furnace near the summit of these remarkable cones; excellent landmarks which we shall keep in sight during several marches.

  11. The guides seemed to ignore its existence, so we christened it Mashghal Alá'l-Gezáz.

  12. On the 16th Lieutenant Hoppner and his party returned to the ships, having only been enabled to travel to the south shore of Cockburn Island, on account of their guides not yet proceeding any farther.

  13. On gaining its summit the guides pointed out the elephants; they were standing in a grove of shady trees, but the wounded one was some distance behind with another elephant, doubtless its particular friend, who was endeavoring to assist it.

  14. Having thus decided, I directed the guides to watch the elephants from the summit of the hillock, and with a beating heart I approached them.

  15. Our Bedouin guides had here a long quarrel with the Malays.

  16. The copious rains were a sure prognostic of a plentiful year, and the ever-recurring questions put to our guides by the people they passed on the road were, whether such and such a spot in the upper country was well drenched with rain.

  17. I bought from them a lamb for a few piastres and some tobacco, and divided it among our guides and those who accompanied us on foot.

  18. The guides had bargained in the market for two camels, to replace two that were unfit to continue the journey; but not having money enough to [p.

  19. Most hadjys of any consequence who pass here, form an acquaintance with some of these men, their guides over the holy places.

  20. A Bedouin cloak, fastened to four poles, was erected as a tent, barely sheltering me from the sun, while my two guides and my slave wrapped themselves in their mantles, and lay down and slept in the sun.

  21. The guides wired this morning that the ice is out.

  22. I whip one pool after another and drag myself wearily over portages and chase about in boats, and my guides fable wisely but I get next to nothing.

  23. We sent four guides on tule rafts to see whether the boats could get through.

  24. We left this place at two o'clock in the afternoon in order to attack a village which the guides said was to be found in the meadow along the San Joaquin River.

  25. The two guides whom we carried with us managed to make them be quiet, and performed good services in this respect.

  26. The best guides to the titles of old books, which, of course, include modern books other than recent publications, will be found in Appendix II.

  27. In some libraries the charges thus made are simply sorted by book numbers and arranged behind projecting date guides in the issue trays.

  28. Reference Guides that should be Known, 1916.

  29. Reference Guides that Should be Known and How to Use Them.

  30. A simple form of tray is one divided by means of projecting guides to indicate the contents of each compartment (Fig.

  31. Each tray will hold with its guides approximately 1000 cards, and, when divided up into hundreds, any number can be found quite rapidly.

  32. The guides are generally made of steel, enamelled and figured, or from vulcanized fibre, xylonite or aluminium, bearing the numbers stamped upon them.

  33. Hopkins’s Reference Guides that Should be Known, and How to Use Them (as showing a practical method in one part of library teaching), will repay such study.

  34. It forces our minds out of the fogginess of vague thinking, it makes us see things sharply, it guides us away from the taint of superficiality, it makes a solid base for our opinions.

  35. In this way he guides the reader's emotions in the way he wishes them to go--and makes successful writing.

  36. When I had read thus far, Harris broke into the room in a noble excitement and said the ropes and the guides were secured, and asked if I was ready.

  37. But I told him to retain the guides and order them to follow us to Zermatt, because I meant to use them there.

  38. He went at once to tell the guides to follow us to Zermatt and bring all their paraphernalia with them.

  39. About the middle of the afternoon the seventeen guides called a halt and held a consultation.

  40. We were in the post of danger in the extreme rear, and tied securely to five guides apiece.

  41. The guides were naturally unwilling to go alone and seek a way out of the difficulty; so we all went together.

  42. Guides ARE necessary, for none but a native can read those finger-boards.

  43. Many fragments of clothing which had belonged to the lost guides were discovered; also, part of a lantern, and a green veil with blood-stains on it.

  44. Guides have no feeling for science, and this one would not consent to be made uncomfortable in its interest.

  45. The cross-head jammed in the guides leered at them drunkenly, but offered no help.

  46. He changed guides at the next native village, fearing that Binhart might have grown too intimate with the old ones.

  47. It was while they sat waiting for the guides and mules that Blake addressed himself to the prisoner.

  48. When they had quickly forced this guard they passed the river, and again marched on to another river called Erineus, for that was the way which the guides directed them.

  49. He gave his guides but one order: "Take me to the house the Gabours call the Glory of God.

  50. It was his preference to be taken to the eastern front of Sancta Sophia, and in going the guides led him by the corner of the Bucoleon.

  51. It despises dress, shows itself but little in society, knows thoroughly guides and hotels.

  52. Look how the servants and the guides dance; such cuts and pigeon wings!

  53. On reaching the valley he was unable to walk, but was carried by his guides to the inn, where his feet proved to be so much frozen, that on drawing his boot, the skin peeled off and remained in it.

  54. The guides asserted that the stars can be seen, in full day, by a person placed in the shade.

  55. We therefore engaged Marie Coutet, an experienced guide, who had been three times on the summit, as leader, and eight other guides to accompany us.

  56. Most of our guides stretched themselves on the snow in the sun, and yielded to the strong inclination to sleep, which we all felt.

  57. In fact, while two of the guides were looking down on our path over the glacier, they saw a bridge of snow which we all crossed the day before, suddenly sink into the chasm beneath.

  58. We however fell in with the track of two chamois, which our guides followed with confidence, relying on the instinct, which they attribute to these animals, of finding a practicable path over the most difficult glaciers.

  59. One of our guides was of the number of those who placed it, and designated to us its position.

  60. We left our hard bed without reluctance, and were impatient at the slowness with which the guides made their preparations in packing up their numerous articles.

  61. Our guides stretched the ladder from one point of the rock to another, and, throwing over it a couple of sheets they had brought for the purpose, formed a kind of tent, just large enough for Dr.

  62. As the guides approached they shouted out that we were friends, and that as we were friends of the Baruga tribe, we must be friends of the Agai Ambu tribe as well.

  63. We at length came to the entrance of a long chain of eaves, through which we passed, going down a very steep grade, and our guides had to carry lights.

  64. They talked to me as if they had known me all their lives, acted as my guides and showed me all there was to see.

  65. Close to us were our two Baruga guides in a canoe with one of the Agai Ambu tribe, who directly he saw us plunged into the lake and disappeared under the tangled masses of water lilies.

  66. As a last resource we sent over our two Baruga guides in a canoe to speak with those of the tribe who had not fled.

  67. The four families, with their slaves, servants and three Indian guides made a total of thirty-two persons.

  68. They, with one shout, proclaim their law my will, 47 And veer the prow from northern snows afar, Soon gentler winds the murmuring canvas fill, Fair floats the bark where guides the western star.

  69. Type of the glorious souls that are The lamps our wandering barks to light, With storm and cloud round every star, The Fire-Guides of the Night!

  70. Where the screen'd portal from the embattled town 94 Opes midway on the hill, the lonely King, Forth issuing, guides his barded charger down The steep descent.

  71. Moved by the sight of that renowned chief, Joy stills the shout that might insult the brave; And princeliest guides the stately foeman bring, Where Odin's temple shrines the Christian king.

  72. P] It is supposed by many of the commentators on Dante, that in the form of his lost Beatrice, who guides him in his Vision of Heaven, the poet allegorizes Religious Faith.

  73. The pieces taken from the first ear will answer as guides in cutting the other.

  74. Besides these external ocular evidences of morbid action, we have, as in the human subject, guides to direct us in forming a just opinion as to the nature of a dog's indisposition.

  75. Provisions and guides were immediately sent out to the regiment, but before the relief could reach Crawford his remaining horses were pretty much all gone, though the men were brought in without loss of life.

  76. At last Nesmith reached the summit, and there found a depth of about six feet of snow covering the plateau in every direction, concealing all signs of the trail so thoroughly that his guides became bewildered and took the wrong divide.

  77. Another important matter was to secure competent guides for the different columns of troops, for, as I have said, the section of country to be operated in was comparatively unknown.

  78. On seeing our canine friends they rushed forward, barking a welcome, though I am not certain how they would have treated us had not our Esquimaux guides driven them off.

  79. Our guides having delivered us over to their friends, immediately set off to rejoin the party we had met proceeding northward.

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