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Example sentences for "three times"

  • The princess was herself a great traveller; two or three times a year Samuel Brohl received a visit from her.

  • He did not see her often, two or three times a year, that was all.

  • Three times I have married hunger to thirst, and, thank God, I once decided a millionaire to marry a poor girl who had not a sou, but I never aided a beggar to marry a rich girl.

  • But Lancelot rushes upon him, and strikes him so violently upon his body and shield whenever he tries to get around him, that he compels him to whirl about two or three times in spite of himself.

  • Upon this gong the vavasor struck three times with a hammer which hung on a post close by.

  • You surely heard me challenge you at least two or three times, and you entered in spite of me, though I told you I should strike you as soon as I saw you in the ford.

  • Two or three times he made this voyage in company with the Tagarin already mentioned.

  • Three times in the year all thy males shall appear before the LORD God.

  • Don't you remember when you first began to threaten the lawyers, and the peace was sworn against you two or three times a week?

  • But the melted snow had found its way into the carriage, and I had got out two or three times when a fallen horse was plunging and had to be got up, and the wet had penetrated my dress.

  • Ezra Jackson could buy me out two or three times over.

  • He shifted about two or three times before he was satisfied.

  • He had sent the relaxed head skidding against the tunnel wall, once, twice, three times, until the sweat-stained arms fell away and left him free.

  • Pedro gets it three times in special and treasured portions of his carcass.

  • The action of a horse, when he throws himself on his haunches two or three times, bending himself, as it were, in very quick curvets.

  • Three times ternate; -- applied to a leaf whose petiole separates into three branches, each of which divides into three parts which each bear three leafiets.

  • The act of marrying, or the state of being married, three times; also, the offense of having three husbands or three wives at the same time.

  • Hunting the Woodchucks Cornmeal and potatoes, with tea and apples, three times a day, are apt to lose their charm.

  • Three times a day, Quonab rubbed that blackened ankle.

  • So went he three times round to the chant in three sun circles, dancing a sacred measure, as royal David might have done that day when he danced around the Ark of the Covenant on its homeward joumey.

  • Two or three times in the course of the night, attired in a long flannel wrapper in which she looked seven feet high, she appeared, like a disturbed ghost, in my room, and came to the side of the sofa on which I lay.

  • Two or three times, by the way, I thought I observed in the indistinct light the skirts of a female figure going up before us.

  • She repeated it to herself, two or three times, in a low tone.

  • I only know the one about the sun and the beautiful garden, and some of the verses of the long one, which are favorites with her, and she always likes me to read them to her two or three times over," replied Heidi.

  • And Heidi read the words over two or three times, for she also found pleasure in this assurance of all things being arranged for the best.

  • Peter was made to spell out the first sentence two or three times over, for Heidi wished him to get it correct and fluent.

  • I will say, then, that we have seen him two or three times, and that my friends here are very much struck with his gentlemanlike appearance.

  • How often do I pace it three times a day, early and late, ay, and in all weathers too, and say nothing about it?

  • He called you Mother two or three times before he dropped off," murmured Jude.

  • He thrashed his boys two or three times a week and some weeks a good deal oftener, but in those days fathers were always thrashing their boys.

  • I had often wished to go there, but had shrunk from doing so though my sister had been two or three times.

  • Let him do this two or three times, not more, before he goes to the Zoo.

  • Saint Pavin, whom he had only seen two or three times in the Rue St. Gilles, and execrated M.

  • He proposed to get up for me some of those costumes which are sure to attract attention; and two or three times a week he would send me a fine carriage, and I would go and show myself in the Bois.

  • Two or three times he came up to me and deliberately kicked my shins.

  • In answer to the alphabet from Carrie the table spelt "NIPUL," then the "WARN" three times.

  • Carrie and I read the invitation over two or three times.

  • I knocked at the door with my stick two or three times.

  • Three times in the night Link got up to give the collie fresh water and to moisten and re-adjust the bandages.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "three times" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    filled away; mean time; three and; three days; three equal; three families; three fourths; three francs; three hours; three hundred thousand dollars; three judges; three knots; three lemons; three minutes; three others; three ounces; three points; three quarts; three species; three squadrons; three stitches; three teaspoonfuls; three things; three waters; three women; unto life