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defind; define; defined; defines; defining; definitely; definiteness; definitio; definition; definitions
  1. Senor de Bereute, in spite of the very definite history of the picture given by Palomino, attributes the whole work not to Velazquez but to his pupil and son-in-law, J.

  2. The Madonna's expression has a certain tenderness and charm which is characteristic of Bellini, but it lacks the definite realisation of a mood which he almost invariably compassed" (The Pilot, Jan.

  3. If, which was rare, definite portraitures of living men were introduced, these real characters formed a kind of chorus or attendant company, taking no part in the action.

  4. Miss Hilton, voice semi-vowels; in the primitive order by nature, governed by a queer looking definite article.

  5. Miss Russel, an index to point out disagreeables; make her an article, and she will prove a bad one of the definite order.

  6. The impression of Andrew Johnson which this book gives us is that of a deep, powerful, impassioned nature, inflexible, but inflexible rather by definite determination of character and fixity of conviction than by obstinacy of will.

  7. We find here the image of a very honest, patriotic man, vigorous in mind, resolute in will, definite in character, and bearing deeply the impress of a special and marked experience.

  8. Then by classification the vast number of existing animals and plants are grouped so as to give each individual a definite place.

  9. The frond is usually sac-like at first, then breaks apart, leaving a thin, semi-transparent membrane of no definite shape.

  10. In some species the filaments grow straight and in tufts from a definite base; in others they are twisted together and are prostrate.

  11. Algae, as has been said above, grow in definite zones, and each zone has also a definite animal life which finds there its food.

  12. They do not erect definite structures as bees do.

  13. On the Pacific coast the divisions, without definite names, are from the Isthmus to Acapulco, Acapulco to the Gulf of California, Cape Lucas to the Strait of Fuca.

  14. They are the first animals to show definite bilateral symmetry, or two similar sides, and to carry the same part of the body always in front.

  15. The cells form thin membranes, which sometimes are broad surfaces of no definite shape, sometimes are narrow and ribbon-like, or they may be simple or branched tubes.

  16. Some of them are gelatinous in texture and shapeless, others have more definite forms; but all are too small to classify without the aid of a powerful glass, and are not of special interest except to the botanist.

  17. But Tennyson's real master was Theocritus, whose influence pervades these poems not so much directly in definite imitation as indirectly in colour and tone.

  18. Without any system or any definite scope they have nothing of that unity in diversity which is so perceptible in the lyrics and minor poems of Goethe and Wordsworth.

  19. Had Uncle Bernard come to some definite conclusion during those quiet days upstairs?

  20. He won't risk anything definite until matters are decided between you and Mr Farrell, and then he shall learn his lesson.

  21. If she had concentrated her energies on one definite thing, and learnt to do it, not pretty well, nor very well, but just as well as it could possibly be done, what a different prospect would have stretched before her now!

  22. She did not know what to say, or how to say it, only one definite thought stood out distinctly in the confusion of her mind, namely, that Dr Maclure was standing unprotected in the damp and cold.

  23. The first definite wish which he had expressed was in connection with her name; his last remarks virtually sanctioned with his approval any aspirations which Victor might secretly treasure.

  24. At one time I made sure--a good many people made sure--that you had a very definite preference.

  25. At any rate it was Mr. Fyshe who first gave the idea a definite utterance.

  26. Within a week or two the public movement had found definite expression and embodied itself in the Clean Government Association.

  27. It is extremely difficult to find much definite information as to the condition of industrial women in this period.

  28. The success of the Women's Trade Union League is very largely due, not merely to the personality of its leaders, though no doubt that has been a considerable asset, but to the fact that it has a national policy and a definite aim.

  29. In one excursion the ex-lama got the first definite news of the pursuit.

  30. A second law for these mutual transformations is that when they take place without loss of homogeneity, for example, in the liquid state, the definite transition point disappears and the change is gradual.

  31. No lost work of Isocrates is known from a definite quotation, except an "Art of Rhetoric," from which some scattered precepts are cited.

  32. The Sardinian army, reconstituted by La Marmora with the definite object of a war for union and rehabilitated by its conduct in the Crimea, was eager and willing.

  33. It is not merely a most valuable help to the memory, but it educates the eye and the hand, and enables us to cultivate the faculty of definite observation.

  34. Like many others, he had encountered great difficulties in arriving at definite conclusions on this mysterious subject.

  35. My father reduced Miller's ideas to a definite form, and prepared a series of drawings, which were afterwards engraved and published.

  36. He had some sort of definite plan--a vacation place to go--but he never told me what it was.

  37. He remembered that he had given these particular Indians definite orders to stay away from the district.

  38. Virginia had told Bill that her lover seemed to have some definite place in view for his prospecting: he had simply come to search for the same lost mine that Bill had discovered the previous day.

  39. In general these streams lose themselves as little threads of water upon the hillsides; but sometimes you may trace a river to a definite spring.

  40. Then I notice that these cells begin to take a definite shape, and blood vessels appear in them.

  41. The allied nations have won a complete, decisive, definite victory.

  42. What we want is a definite standing as owners; to begin with--owners!

  43. And that night, in the security of their own parlour, where she and her husband spent all their leisure now that there was a coolness between George and herself, she gave Albert definite orders as to the future.

  44. Jeckie herself, had she been Mortimer, and bearing in mind the conversation of the previous evening, would have insisted on a proper and definite understanding as to the ownership of the forty acres.

  45. One wanted, very badly, a little precise, definite knowledge of What Happens--after.

  46. The rain began to fall in torrents, and somehow the memory of crouching under the mess-cart to get shelter has left a far more definite and indelible impression upon the Subaltern's mind than the actual moments of danger and excitement.

  47. The only thing to do was to keep on until an order came, or something definite happened.

  48. The sensation that this produced--it is very difficult to give any definite idea of it--was an impression of physical and mental incompetence and uncertainty.

  49. This was the first definite news they had had from "home" since leaving in mid-August.

  50. If you wish to know all the mysteries of animal-training, an art based upon definite rules which vary very little in their application to the instincts of the different pupils, I recommend you to read a book which will surprise you.

  51. In the time of Watteau the poor masks had already lost their definite outlines, and their idiosyncrasies had become misty and dim.

  52. I desired Mr. Alton kept away from Somasco--for a time, and now I want a definite promise from you that he will be free from any further molestation.

  53. Seaforth had no definite purpose, but he was glad to stretch his stiffened limbs, and instinctively turned towards the spot where he had found his comrade.

  54. There was no sound; scarcely a definite motion.

  55. He never has anything definite to do, nor any place to go to; yet stop him at any moment and he will risk his life to go just a foot farther.

  56. To many, indeed, even to some Indians, he has no other name and no definite presence.

  57. What was the meaning of pain without any definite illness?

  58. Tatiana Markovna had given no definite answer to the suggestion, saying that it must be "as God wills.

  59. Unfortunately, there was no one to guide him in a definite direction.

  60. She read books from the library in the old house, taking from the shelves at first without choice or system as a pastime whatever came into her hands; then she began to experience curiosity, and finally a definite desire for knowledge.

  61. Following on this Vera had fallen ill, then Tatiana Markovna, no one was admitted to the house, Raisky wandered about like one possessed, and the doctors gave no definite report.

  62. There is nothing definite to find fault with in them, but we feel that strength is wanting.

  63. Letters, therefore, were seldom written unless the writer had something definite to say, and had leisure in which to say it.

  64. In any explosion, the positive pressure exerted by the blast lasts for a definite period of time (usually a small fraction of a second) and is then followed by a somewhat longer period of negative pressure, or suction.

  65. Although the general measures instituted were of some benefit no definite effect of any of the specific measures on the course of the disease could be demonstrated.

  66. Wrongs to become crimes must measure up to certain definite and technical standards.

  67. Camden Gerard doubtless wrote the entire paper and signed the name of Bartholdi & Banks, and presented it to you for a definite purpose.

  68. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "definite" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    absolute; articulate; assertive; assured; audible; bound; categorical; certain; clean; clear; coherent; committed; complete; conclusive; concrete; connected; consistent; conspicuous; crisp; crystalline; decided; decisive; dedicated; defined; definite; definitive; detailed; determinate; determined; devoted; different; direct; distinct; distinctive; distinguished; downright; earnest; emphatic; encircled; entire; esoteric; especial; evident; exceptional; explicit; express; extraordinary; final; finite; firm; fixed; flat; formal; glaring; global; graphic; hard; implicit; incontrovertible; indisputable; individual; individualistic; ineluctable; inevitable; inner; intimate; limpid; lucid; luminous; manifest; minute; necessary; noteworthy; obstinate; obvious; outright; particular; patent; pellucid; peremptory; perfect; persevering; persistent; personal; perspicuous; plain; plump; positive; precise; predestined; predetermined; private; prominent; pronounced; purposeful; qualified; relentless; resolute; respective; ringed; round; secure; serious; several; simple; sincere; singular; special; specific; staring; stated; straight; straightforward; strong; sure; surrounded; tenacious; total; translucent; transparent; true; unambiguous; unavoidable; unconditional; undisputed; undoubting; unequivocal; unhampered; unhesitating; univocal; unlimited; unmistakable; unmitigated; unqualified; unquestionable; unquestioning; unreserved; unrestricted; utter; whole; wholehearted

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